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    Adult Content Alert: Exploring Not-Family-Friendly Movies in Telugu Cinema
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    7 months ago

    Movies like 'Aaruguru Pativrathalu' and '7G Brindavan Colony' have a significant fan following. However, when watching these movies with your family, you might find yourself unable to avoid fast-forwarding through some scenes. These are not the only movies in Telugu cinema that fall into the adult category. There are quite a few such films. Let’s take a look at some of these movies.

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    1 . 7G Brundavana Colony(November 06 , 2004)
    U|185 minutes (Tamil) 174 minutes (Telugu)|Drama,Romance
    This narrative revolves around Anita, who moves next door to Ravi, an unemployed man. Ravi, smitten by Anita, tries earnestly to win her heart. Despite initial failures, Anita eventually reciprocates his love. However, their story takes a tragic turn due to an unforeseen event.
    2 . Arjun Reddy(August 25 , 2017)
    A|182 minutes|Action,Drama,Romance
    Arjun Reddy, a talented young surgeon, loves Preethi more than his own life. However, an incident shocks him and leads him into alcohol addiction. The story explores whether he reunites with his beloved or not.
    3 . RX 100(July 12 , 2018)
    A|153 minutes|Action,Romance
    During her holidays, Indu (Payal) falls in love with Shiva (Kartikeya) from the same village and gets physically intimate with him before marriage. However, one day Indu marries an American and leaves. What happens to Shiva? Why did Indu marry someone else? That is the remainder of the story.
    4 . Kumari 21F(November 20 , 2015)
    A|135 minutes|Romance
    Siddhu loves Kumari, a beautiful girl with a bold attitude, which leads him to doubt her love. One day, an incident increases the distance between them.
    5 . Allari(May 10 , 2002)
    Ravi and Aparna, childhood friends, meet Ruchi, who moves into the adjacent flat. Ravi falls in love with Ruchi and seeks Aparna's help to win her over, leading to unexpected romantic developments.
    6 . Guntur Talkies(March 04 , 2016)
    A|158 min|Comedy,Romance
    Giri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddhu) work at a medical shop while occasionally engaging in petty theft. Deciding to commit a major heist, they steal Rs. 5 lakhs from a house, leading their lives to take an unexpected turn. What happens to them in the end?
    7 . Ee Rojullo(March 23 , 2012)
    U|126 min|Romance
    Hero (Sri) falls deeply in love with a girl and ends up being deceived. From then on, Sri develops a hatred for women. Shreya also dislikes men. How do these two people fall in love and eventually come together? That forms the story.
    8 . Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu(March 21 , 2019)
    A group of friends goes to a villa far from the city for a bachelor party. They encounter bizarre situations in the villa, haunted by an invisible force.
    9 . Babu Baga Busy(May 05 , 2017)
    Madhav has sexual relationships with many women. However, when he meets his dream girl Radha, he tries to change his ways.
    10 . Animal(December 01 , 2023)
    A|201 minutes|Action,Crime,Drama
    Balbir Singh (Anil Kapoor) is one of the wealthiest people in the country. His son, Ran Vijay Singh (Ranbir Kapoor), has immense love for his father. However, his aggressive nature leads him to become distant from his father, and he moves to America. One day, Ran Vijay returns to India upon learning about an assassination attempt on his father. What happens next? How does the hero avenge the attack on Balbir? This is the story.

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