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    Telugu Village-Themed Movies: Tollywood's Big Hits with a Rustic Twist
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    8 months ago

    Tollywood seems to be riding a new wave lately. Movies rooted in rural settings are striking gold at the box office. These films, showcasing village life, attire, dialects, and traditions, are resonating big-time with audiences. Here's a look at the top-10 Tollywood films that aced the village backdrop.

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    1 . Rangasthalam(March 30 , 2018)
    U/A|174 minutes|Drama,History,Romance
    For 30 years, the village president Phanindra Bhupathi (Jagapati Babu) has been oppressing the people. Challenging his tyranny, Kumar Babu (Aadi Pinisetty) decides to oppose him by filing a nomination against him. In this process, Kumar Babu is unexpectedly murdered. The story revolves around how his brother Chitti Babu (Ram Charan) seeks revenge for his brother's death.

    Set in the fictitious village of Rangasthalam, this film captured the essence of rural life, from riversides to huts. Directed by Sukumar, it turned out to be a box office sensation, largely due to Ramcharan's standout performance.

    2 . Dasara(March 30 , 2023)
    U/A|156 minutes|Action,Adventure,Drama
    Dharani, along with his friends, indulges in coal theft and drinking, often getting into fights with others, but forgets everything the next day. One day, Dharani gets into a fight at Silk Bar with Chinni Nambi (Shine Tom Chacko) and forgets about it, but Chinni Nambi takes it seriously. One night, masked assailants kill Dharani's close friend. Who killed Dharani's friend, and how did he seek revenge?

    A brainchild of Sukumar's protégé Srikanth Odela, 'Dasara' revolved around 'Veerlapalli' village nestled in the Singareni coal mines. The film vividly depicted local customs, and with Nani delivering dialogues in the Telangana dialect, it raked in over Rs.100 crores.

    3 . Balagam(March 03 , 2023)
    U|129 minutes|Drama
    In a village, a jovial old man named Komurayya (Sudhakar Reddy) lives with his grandson, Sailu (Priyadarshi). Sailu, deep in debt, plans to marry and use the dowry to settle his debts. However, on the day of the Varapuja, Komurayya suddenly dies.

    A surprise hit titled 'Balagam', this village-centric story shed light on common family disputes found in rural areas. Directed by Venu Yeldandi and produced by Dil Raju, the film generated massive buzz, even prompting special screenings in villages. Fans thronged theaters in wagons, buses, and tractors!

    4 . Srimanthudu(August 07 , 2015)
    U/A|158 minutes|Action,Drama
    Harsha, the son of a billionaire, adopts a village plagued by poverty and social issues. He faces several challenges while trying to bring change to the village.
    5 . Mem Famous(May 26 , 2023)
    U/A|150 minutes|Comedy,Drama
    In a village in Telangana, Mayi (Sumanth Prabhas), Durg (Mani Yegurla), and Bali (Maurya Chaudhary) are good friends leading a life filled with arguments in the morning and drinking at night. Mayi loves his cousin Mounika (Sarya Lakshman) who reciprocates his feelings. Together, they start a tent house which burns down due to a short circuit. They then start a YouTube channel and begin making videos. How do these videos benefit their village? This is the rest of the story.
    6 . Pushpa: The Rise – Part 01(December 17 , 2021)
    U/A|179 minutes|Action,Thriller
    Pushpa (Allu Arjun) is a red sandalwood coolie. He rises to a position where he advises Konda Reddy's (Ajay Ghosh) brothers in smuggling. How does Pushpa climb to a level where he controls the syndicate? What is the conflict with Mangalam Srinu (Sunil)? That's the story.

    Another gem from director Sukumar, 'Pushpa' is set against the backdrop of the Seshachalam forest. The film, showcasing the culture of Rayalaseema, won both critical and box office acclaim. Allu Arjun's portrayal of Pushpa Raj was the talk of the whole of India when the movie was released.

    7 . Virupaksha(April 21 , 2023)
    A|146 minutes|Thriller,Horror,Mystery,Action
    In the village of Rudravaram, many people are dying under suspicious and brutal circumstances. The hero, Sai Dharam Tej, sets out to determine whether these deaths are due to witchcraft or if someone is committing murder. What role does Nandini play, and who is truly behind this death mystery?

    A throwback to the 1990s village life, this film delves deep into the superstitions and traditions of Rudravanam. Director Karthik Dandu ensured the film was steeped in rural authenticity.

    8 . Sathamanam Bhavati(January 14 , 2017)
    U|133 minutes|Drama,Family
    "Sathamanam Bhavathi" revolves around an elderly couple longing for attention from their children, who are busy with their lives abroad. They devise a plan to bring their busy children together.
    9 . Soggade Chinni Nayana(January 15 , 2016)
    U/A|145 minutes|Comedy,Drama
    Bangarraju passes away in an accident. He returns to the earth for the sake of his wife in Kondapuram. What happens next? The story.

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