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    Tollywood Box Office Collections in May: List of Top-Grossing Films
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    May is typically a significant month for the Tollywood industry, often marked by the release of major films starring top heroes as part of the summer lineup. These releases usually shake up the box office and set new records. However, this summer, it was the smaller films that made a significant impact in theaters. Below is a detailed list of the films that excelled at the box office. Take a look!

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    1 . Prasanna Vadanam(May 03 , 2024)
    Surya, who works as a radio jockey, has his life turned upside down by an accident that leaves him with face blindness. He becomes unable to recognize faces or voices. One day, a murder occurs right before his eyes, and unexpectedly, Surya finds himself entangled in the case. Who framed Surya? Did he manage to clear his name? That is the story.

    The film "Prasanna Vadanam," starring Suhas, was released in the first week of May and introduced a unique concept, receiving positive responses. It grossed ₹3.65 crores worldwide in the first seven days, and ₹2.8 crores in the Telugu states, and continued to perform well in the following days, reaching its break-even target of ₹4 crores as reported by film circles.

    2 . Aa Okkati Adakku(May 03 , 2024)
    Ganapathi (Allari Naresh), a bachelor in his forties, has experienced numerous unsuccessful matchmaking attempts, totaling a "half-century." Despite his attempts, his age and the presence of a married brother have kept him single. One day, he falls in love with Siddhi (Faria Abdullah) from her profile on a matrimonial site, only to discover that she has been misleading men. What is the reality behind her actions? Do Ganapathi and Siddhi find a way to be together? That is the story.

    Allari Naresh's recent film "Aa Okkati Adakku" was released last May and received a flop status. In its first week, the film managed to gross only ₹5.85 crores, achieving ₹4.8 crores in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The film's break-even target was ₹4.5 crores.

    3 . Krishnamma(May 10 , 2024)
    Bhadra (Satyadev), Koti (Laxman Meesala), and Shiv (Krishna Teja) are close friends who, being orphans, rely on each other. Facing financial difficulties, they plan a crime but end up in a predicament. Following the death of one among them, the hero seeks revenge on those responsible.

    Starring Satyadev, "Krishnamma" was released in May and quickly turned into a flop, surprisingly arriving on OTT platforms within a week. It grossed only ₹3.9 crores worldwide in six days, with its break-even point at ₹3.50 crores, and it fell short in share, leading to losses for the producers.

    4 . Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga(May 24 , 2024)
    UA|148 minutes|Action,Adventure
    The story revolves around Furiosa, who is kidnapped by Dementus's gang from her mother, Mary. In front of Furiosa, Dementus horrifically murders her mother. As part of a deal, Furiosa is handed over to the Citadel's ruler by Dementus. Escaping from there, how does Furiosa avenge her mother's death? That forms the rest of the story.

    This year's most anticipated Hollywood film, 'Furiosa,' was a disappointment at the box office. Produced on a budget of approximately ₹1,410 crores, it only managed to collect ₹950 crores worldwide, grossing around ₹15 crores in India.

    5 . Love Me(May 25 , 2024)
    Arjun (Ashish) and Pratap (Ravi Krishna) run a YouTube channel focused on ghosts and spirits. Pratap's lover, Priya (Vaishnavi), talks about a ghost named Divyavathi in her run-down apartment. Intrigued, Arjun visits and falls in love with Divyavathi's spirit. What happens next? Who is Divyavathi? That's the story.

    This recent film featuring young hero Ashish was released on May 25 and was a flop, causing losses for the producers. It only managed to gross ₹6.30 crores with a share of ₹2.75 crores, failing to meet its break-even target of ₹5.5 crores.

    6 . Gam Gam Ganesha(May 31 , 2024)
    A young thief's life takes a turn when a politician and a group intent on stealing a statue make their entrance. What problems do they create for him? And how does the hero manage to escape from these predicaments? This forms the plot of the story.

    Starring Anand Deverakonda, brother of star hero Vijay Deverakonda, this comedy entertainer premiered on May 31. In the first six days, it achieved a gross of ₹5.25 crores worldwide, with ₹4.35 crores from the Telugu states. The trade circles reported that the film garnered a share of ₹2.41 crores and still needs to collect another ₹3.19 crores to break even, given its theatrical business of ₹5.3 crores.

    7 . Bhaje Vaayu Vegam(May 31 , 2024)
    Venkat, orphaned at a young age, is adopted by Rajanna. He raises Venkat alongside his son Raju. Due to certain circumstances, Venkat places a bet with a villainous gang. After being cheated, he decides to seek revenge. What challenges does he face in this endeavor? That forms the story.

    This film starring young hero Karthikeya also released on May 31 and brought in hit talks. In six days, it grossed ₹7.1 crores worldwide, with ₹5.6 crores from the two Telugu states. The movie's break-even point is ₹4.5 crores. According to six-day totals, the film has earned a share of over ₹3.5 crores.

    8 . Gangs Of Godavari(May 31 , 2024)
    A young man named Lankala Ratnam, who idles around without a job, cannot bear the injustices happening in his village's politics. He decides to enter politics with the aim of changing the system. The story revolves around the unexpected challenges he faces and how he deals with them.

    Viswak Sen's latest movie "Gangs of Godavari" released on May 31 and received positive reviews. Six days after its release, it grossed ₹18 crores worldwide and earned a share of ₹9.85 crores. The film's break-even target is ₹11 crores, indicating it still needs to earn another ₹1.15 crores.

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