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    Top Hit Films in Adivi Sesh's Career
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    4 months ago

    Among the heroes currently making films in different genres in Telugu, Adivi Sesh holds a prominent position. He keeps bringing good stories to the audience regardless of the outcome. Let's take a look at the films that captivated the audience in Adivi Sesh's career.

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    1 . Balupu(June 28 , 2013)
    A|143 mins|Action,Comedy,Romance
    The hero, working as a recovery agent at a bank, teaches a lesson to Shruti who had deceived his friend. In the process, Shruti falls in love with him. However, their engagement is obstructed by a villain, leading to a significant turn in the story. What happens next and the revelation of Ravi's past forms the narrative.
    2 . Baahubali: The Beginning(July 10 , 2015)
    UA|158 minutes (Telugu)159 minutes (Tamil)|Action,Drama,History
    In the kingdom of Mahishmati, Shivudu, a brave young man, falls in love with a young warrior woman. As he courts her, he learns about his family and his true heritage.

    In this film, he played a prince with negative shades and was well-received.

    3 . HIT: The Second Case(December 02 , 2022)
    A|118 minutes|Crime,Mystery
    In Visakhapatnam, the brutal murder of a young woman becomes a sensation. SP Krishna Dev (Adivi Sesh) arrives as a special officer to crack the case. The story unfolds around the mystery of who the killer is and why he targets only women.
    4 . Major(June 03 , 2022)
    UA|146 minutes|Thriller,Action,Biography
    Sandeep Unnikrishnan (Adivi Sesh) works hard to join the army and eventually rises to train NSG commandos. When terrorists attack the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, it's up to Sandeep's team to neutralize the threat. The film narrates the events that follow this incident.

    This film was not only a success but also brought nationwide recognition to Adivi Sesh.

    5 . Evaru(August 15 , 2019)
    UA|118 minutes|Crime,Thriller
    In an attempt to assault Sameera, senior officer Ashok is killed. Vikram investigates the case and discovers shocking details about Sameera. What is the relationship between Sameera and Ashok, and what is the twist in the story?
    6 . Goodachari(August 03 , 2018)
    UA|147 minutes|Action,Drama
    Gopi (Adivi Sesh) joins RAW as an agent and is involved in a mission called 'Trinetra.' An unexpected incident leads to Arjun being accused of treason. How does Arjun clear his name? What truth about his father, a former RAW agent, does he uncover?

    This film provided Adivi Sesh with his first commercial success.

    7 . Ami Thumi(June 09 , 2017)
    U|124 minutes|Comedy,Romance
    Gangadhar Rao (Tanikella Bharani) opposes the love between his daughter (Eesha) and Ananth (Adivi Sesh) and decides to marry her off to Sreechilipi (Vennela Kishore). Meanwhile, Gangadhar's son (Srinivas Avasarala) falls in love with his enemy's daughter, Maya (Aditi). Distressed by his children's choices, Gangadhar locks his daughter in a room and throws his son out of the house. The story unfolds what happens next.
    8 . Kshanam(February 26 , 2016)
    UA|118 minutes|Drama,Thriller
    A man returns to India to search for his ex-girlfriend's missing daughter. What challenges does he face during this quest? Who wanted to harm Netra?
    9 . Dongaata(May 08 , 2015)
    An actress collaborates with a few kidnappers to stage a fake abduction to extort money from producers.
    10 . Panjaa(December 09 , 2011)
    A|156 minutes|Action,Crime,Drama,Romance
    Jai, an orphan, is sheltered and given a new life by the gangster Bhagawan. Bhagawan's son Munna is ruthless, and Jai ends up killing him for a reason, turning Jai into Bhagawan's enemy. What happens next? That's the story.

    In this film starring Pawan Kalyan, Adivi Sesh impressed in a villain role, fitting perfectly into a psycho character.

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