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    "Top 10 Films Starring Sharwanand for You
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    Sharwanand, a young hero beloved by family audiences, predominantly starred in family-oriented films. Known for his lover boy roles, he resonated well with the youth. Starting his career with supporting and hero's friend roles, Sharwanand seized opportunities to become a leading hero. Here are his top 10 films for you:

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    1 . Prasthanam(April 16 , 2010)
    U|181 minutes|Action,Drama
    Chinna, envious of his stepbrother Mithra, a renowned political leader, spirals into destructive behavior, jeopardizing Mithra's life.
    2 . Gamyam(February 29 , 2008)
    U|128 minutes|Drama
    Abhiram (Sharwanand) bets with his friends that he will win over Janaki (Kamalini Mukherjee). When she learns about the bet, she leaves him. Realizing that he truly loves Janaki, the hero goes in search of her. What happens next? What is the role of Gaali Seenu (Allari Naresh) in this story? That is the story.

    Abhiram (Sharwanand) bets with friends to woo Janaki (Kamalinee Mukherjee). Learning this, Janaki leaves him. Realizing his true love for her, he sets out to find her. What happens next? What role does Galiseenu (Allari Naresh) play in the story?

    3 . Run Raja Run(August 01 , 2014)
    U/A|137 minutes|Drama,Romance
    Raja, the son of a vegetable seller, falls in love with the police commissioner's daughter, Priya. The commissioner does not approve of their marriage. What happened next? That is the story.

    Raja (Sharwanand), a vegetable seller's son, falls in love with the Police Commissioner's daughter, Priya. The Commissioner opposes their marriage. What happens next?

    4 . Padi Padi Leche Manasu(December 21 , 2018)
    U|156 minutes|Drama,Romance
    Surya (Sharwanand) falls in love with Vaishali (Sai Pallavi). She loves him back. However, Surya rejects the idea of marriage, leading Vaishali to leave him. Why did Surya say no? How did they end up together in the end? That's the story.
    5 . Oke Oka Jeevitham(September 09 , 2022)
    U|157 minutes|Drama,Science Fiction
    Adi (Sharwanand), Srinu (Vennela Kishore), and Chaitu (Priyadarshi) are close friends. They meet Paul (Nazar), a scientist who invents a time machine. Paul offers them a chance to go back in time and correct their mistakes. What did they do in the past?
    6 . Jaanu(February 07 , 2020)
    U|151 minutes|Drama,Romance
    Ram has deep affection for Jaanu. He has loved her since their high school days but never confesses. Fate separates them, but about 20 years later, they meet again at a school reunion. The story then reveals what happens next.

    Ram (Sharwanand) and Jaanu (Samantha) like each other during school days. However, they meet again at a school reunion after 20 years and reminisce old memories. What unfolds next?

    7 . Sathamanam Bhavati(January 14 , 2017)
    U|133 minutes|Drama,Family
    "Sathamanam Bhavathi" revolves around an elderly couple longing for attention from their children, who are busy with their lives abroad. They devise a plan to bring their busy children together.
    8 . Sreekaaram(March 11 , 2021)
    U|132 minutes|Romance,Drama
    Karthik, a software engineer in Hyderabad, has a love for agriculture due to his upbringing in the village with his father. He decides to resign from his job to pursue farming, but his father disagrees, leading to a conflict. The story then unfolds what happens next.

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