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    Hari falls in love with Vasudha, a wealthy woman in Hyderabad. During their relationship, Hari becomes attracted to Vasudha's sister and starts a secret affair with her. The story then unfolds around the consequences of this relationship and what happens next.
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    Shravan Reddy
    as Hari
    Ruhani Sharma
    as Vasudha
    Simrat Kaur
    as Jasmine
    Roshan Basheer
    as Akash
    Surekha Vanias Prameela
    Appaji Ambarisha Darbaras Ravishankar
    M. S. Raju
    Guduru Sateesh BabuProducer
    Guduru Sai PuneethProducer
    Mark K. RobinMusician
    Ruhani Sharma: Did you know these facts about 'Sreeranga Neethulu' fame Ruhani Sharma?
    Ruhani Sharma: Did you know these facts about 'Sreeranga Neethulu' fame Ruhani Sharma?
    Young heroine Ruhani Sharma is making waves in Tollywood. Recently shining in Venkatesh’s 'Saindhav' and Varun Tej's 'Operation Valentine', she is now ready to captivate Telugu audiences once again with the movie 'Sriranga Neethulu'. Her rapid rise has surprised cinema circles, while the youth are enchanted by her beauty and acting skills. Let's delve into the details about this actress. Who is Ruhani Sharma? Ruhani is a prominent heroine known for her roles in Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam films. Where was Ruhani Sharma born? Solan, Himachal Pradesh When was Ruhani Sharma born? September 18, 1994 Who are Ruhani Sharma's parents? She was born to Subhash Sharma and Praneshwari Sharma. How tall is Ruhani Sharma? 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) How old is Ruhani Sharma? 30 years (as of 2024) Does Ruhani Sharma have any siblings? She has a sister named Subbi Sharma. She has no brothers. What did Ruhani Sharma study? She studied BA in Public Administration. How did Ruhani Sharma start her career? Before entering films, Ruhani worked as a model. During this time, her Punjabi song 'Kudi Tu Pataka' became a hit on YouTube. What was Ruhani Sharma’s first film? She made her film debut in the Tamil film 'Kadaisi Bench Karthi' in 2017. What was Ruhani Sharma’s first Telugu film? She was introduced to the Telugu audience with 'Chi La Sow' in 2018. What Telugu films has Ruhani Sharma done so far? 'Chi La Sow', 'HIT: The First Case', 'Dirty Hari', 'Nootokka Jillala Andagadu', 'Har: Chapter 1', 'Saindhav', 'Operation Valentine' What is Ruhani Sharma’s latest film? 'Sriranga Neethulu' What are the other language films Ruhani Sharma has acted in? 'Kadaisi Bench Karthi' (Tamil), 'Agra' (Hindi), 'Kamal' (Malayalam) Who is Ruhani Sharma’s favorite actor? She likes Venkatesh in Tollywood and Shahrukh Khan in Bollywood. What are Ruhani Sharma’s favorite colors? Black and Grey What is Ruhani Sharma’s favorite travel destination? Florida What is Ruhani Sharma’s favorite sport? Cricket What is Ruhani Sharma’s Instagram link? https://www.instagram.com/ruhanisharma94/?hl=en https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTdgQNy8BxI
    April 12 , 2024
    A Comprehensive List of Adult Telugu Films Over the Past 25 Years Now Streaming on OTT Platforms
    A Comprehensive List of Adult Telugu Films Over the Past 25 Years Now Streaming on OTT Platforms
    There's a distinct fan base for romantic, adult, and bold content films, primarily targeting the youth. These movies often prioritize visual appeal, particularly the beauty of the heroines, over logical storytelling. Scenes of intimacy, including kisses and more explicit bedroom scenes, have become commonplace in films today. Let's take a look at films that have been made in Telugu over the past 25 years. [toc] Mix Up This recent movie has become well-known for its daring content. While it did not achieve significant success in theaters, it gained popularity on OTT platforms. Available on the Aha OTT platform, the story centers on two couples dealing with problems in their romantic and sexual relationships. Upon a psychologist's recommendation, they organize a trip to Goa, which leads to them swapping partners. The movie begins with bold content and is not appropriate for family viewing. Siddharth Roy This film has enthralled viewers with its steamy scenes from its recent release and was eagerly awaited for its OTT debut. It is now accessible on Amazon Prime. The narrative centers on Siddharth, who, by the age of 12, had read all the philosophy books and leads a life void of emotions, guided solely by logic. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with Indu. The film explores what Siddharth learns from his love and why Indu breaks up with him, tracing Siddharth’s romantic exploration.This is the story. Aata Modalaindi The film offers an abundance of bold content, surpassing expectations regardless of the plot, and is sure to satisfy enthusiasts of the genre. When Srinu's niece is diagnosed with a heart condition, he chooses to provide financial assistance out of kindness. To achieve his own dreams, Srinu enters a Taekwondo championship. The narrative progresses from this point. Bhakshak Despite its bold scenes, this film conveys a powerful social message. It centers on journalist Vaishali, who operates a local news channel on YouTube. She uncovers instances of sexual abuse at a girls' orphanage overseen by a politically powerful individual. The film delves into how Vaishali exposes these heinous acts and the obstacles she encounters along the way. Bubblegum The recently released film "Bubblegum" captivates the youth with its bold content, including numerous passionate Lip lock scenes. The narrative begins with Adi (Roshan Kanakala), a young man from Hyderabad who aspires to be a DJ. During a visit to a pub, he becomes enamored with Janvi (Maanasa Choudhari). He starts to follow her, only to discover that she comes from an affluent family. Janvi, who generally has a disdain for love and relationships and views men as mere diversions, unexpectedly finds herself falling for Adi. The movie delves into the difficulties they face given their differing perspectives, and whether they ultimately come together. This film is currently available for streaming on Aha. Animal The movie "Animal" has captivated audiences nationwide with its intense violent sequences and equally fervent romantic scenes. The lip-lock moments between Rashmika Mandhana and Tripti Dimri especially engage viewers. The plot revolves around one of the nation's richest men, Balbir Singh (Anil Kapoor), and his son Ranvijay Singh (Ranbir Kapoor). Despite his deep affection for his father, Ranvijay's aggressive demeanor causes a rift between them, leading him to relocate to America. When Ranvijay hears about an assassination attempt on his father, he rushes back to India. What unfolds next? How does Ranvijay seek retribution for the assault on Balbir? This film is available for streaming on Prime. Perfume A man, fixated on the scent of women, abducts them and indulges in monstrous delight. What measures did the police undertake to apprehend him? What led him to behave in this manner? This forms the crux of the story. Mangalavaaram In this film, Payal Rajput appears stunningly attractive and performs in bold scenes more daringly than ever before. For those who appreciate sexual scenes, this film will certainly not disappoint. The movie's plot unfolds with graffiti on the village walls of Mahalakshmipuram, hinting at an illicit relationship between a couple. Tragically, this couple meets their end under mysterious conditions. Subsequently, another couple experiences the same mysterious demise, instilling fear throughout the village. These murders consistently occur every Tuesday. SI Nandita Shweta steps in to unravel the mystery. The quest to discover who is behind these killings drives the remainder of the narrative. This movie is available on Netflix. The Kerala Story While this film delivers a message, it also features substantial bold content. The storyline follows Shalini Unnikrishnan (Adah Sharma), a Hindu, who enrolls in a nursing college in Kerala. She shares a room in the hostel with Geetanjali (Siddhi Idnani), Nima (Yogita Bihani), and Asifa (Sonia Balani). Unknown to others, Asifa is secretly working undercover for ISIS, attempting to indoctrinate the girls and convert them to Islam. The narrative reveals the challenges Shalini faces as she becomes entangled in Asifa's schemes. This movie is available on the Zee5 OTT platform for those who missed it in theaters. Odela Railway Station The film showcases quite daring content. Hebbah Patel and Poojitha Ponnada were sure to enchant you with their allure. Regarding the plot, Anudeep (Sai Ronak), an IPS officer, travels to Odela for training. During his visit, a string of murders creates a wave of panic in the town. Was Anudeep able to apprehend the murderer? How did Radha (Hebbah Patel) assist him in the investigation? This film is available for streaming on the Aha OTT platform. Heads and Tails This film is an excellent pick for those who appreciate steamy scenes. What's the plot? It follows three young women as they navigate difficulties in their marriages. How did they resolve these issues? What unfolds in their story? This film is available for streaming on the Zee5 OTT platform. Crush Three young men aspire to travel to America for higher education. Their lives shift unexpectedly following guidance from a senior who has returned from America. Ek Mini Katha This film will certainly satisfy fans of bold content. Regarding the plot, Santosh Shobhan (Santosh) is plagued by the belief that his genitalia are small and opts for surgery despite the associated risks. Amidst this, he marries Amrutha (Kavya). How did Santosh manage to keep his issue confidential? What obstacles did he encounter? What was the outcome? This forms the storyline. The movie is currently streaming on Prime. Dirty Hari Hari falls in love with Vasudha, a wealthy woman from Hyderabad. As their romance progresses, Hari finds himself drawn to Vasudha’s girlfriend, captivated by her beauty. He secretly maintains a relationship with both, without the knowledge of the other. What unfolds next is the crux of the story. This movie is available on Prime. Enjoy watching it. RDX Love This film showcases Payal Rajput’s beauty at its finest. Alivelu (Payal Rajput) actively promotes government welfare schemes in an effort to secure a meeting with the state's Chief Minister, employing her hero (Tejas) to achieve this goal. Who is Alivelu, and what motivates her desire to meet the CM? This is the essence of the story. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. Chikati Gadilo Chitakotudu This film contains all the bold content you might desire. The storyline unfolds as a group of friends travels to a remote villa for a bachelor party, only to find themselves in bizarre situations. Soon, they are haunted by an unseen force. Nathicharami In this film, Poonam Kaur's hot expressions will thrill you. It's a bold film about the desires and emotional struggles of single women. This movie is available on MX Player. 24 Kisses Anand (Adith Arun), a socially conscious film director, chooses to date and share his life with Srilakshmi (Hebah Patel). Unfortunately, their relationship eventually leads to a breakup. What follows after their separation? Do they get back together? And what is the mystery behind the 24 kisses? These questions form the narrative of the film. You can stream this movie on Prime. RX 100 In this film, Payal Rajput's charm is captivating. Indu (Payal), returning home for a vacation, falls for Shiva (Karthikeya) from her village. Their relationship quickly becomes physical before marriage. Unexpectedly, Indu marries an American and departs. What happens to Shiva? Why does Indu marry another man? This forms the remainder of the story. Dandupalyam 3 Identified as the Dandupalyam 3, a gang of psychotic killers causes chaos in the city for their pleasure, mercilessly killing for both lust and greed. A determined police officer (Ravi Shankar) relentlessly pursues them, aiming to capture them. How did he manage to establish their guilt legally? Were they eventually brought to justice, or did they escape punishment? This forms the remainder of the story. Julie 2 Julie, a simple girl who dreams of becoming an actress, lands a role as a heroine in a movie and rises to stardom. However, a series of dramatic events lead her down a dark path. What happened to Julie after she became a star? This is the story. Arjun Reddy This film features captivating kiss scenes between Vijay Deverakonda and Shalini Pandey. Arjun Reddy, a talented young surgeon, passionately loves a woman named Preethi. But after a life-altering incident, he turns to alcohol. The story explores whether Arjun can overcome his challenges and reunite with his love. This film is available for streaming on Prime. Babu Baga Busy This film is notable for its bold content within Telugu cinema. Madhav, who has been involved with multiple women, starts to reconsider his lifestyle when he meets his dream girl, Radha, and attempts to change his ways. Guntur Talkies Giri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddu) work in a medical shop and sometimes engage in petty thefts. They decide to pull off a major heist, stealing five lakh rupees from a house, which changes their lives in unexpected ways. What ultimately happens to them? That is the story. Avunu 2 This is a sequel to the movie "Avunu." Mohini and Harsha move to a new house where strange events start to occur again. A vengeful spirit in the house attempts to exact its revenge on them. Ice Cream 2 Five friends go to a guest house in the forest to shoot a short film. There, they experience bizarre sensations. During this time, some of them are kidnapped. What happened next? What causes each of the friends to die one by one? This is the story. You can watch this movie directly on YouTube. Na Bangaru Thalli Durga (Anjali Patil) is a highly intelligent student from Amalapuram who aspires to complete her higher education in Hyderabad. However, her father does not approve. Secretly traveling to Hyderabad, she is kidnapped by thugs and forced into prostitution. During this ordeal, she discovers a shocking truth about her father. What is this truth? How does she escape from the brothel? This forms the rest of the story. This movie is available on Hotstar OTT. Green Signal This film will captivate you with all the spicy scenes you desire. The narrative centers around the lives of four couples and the events that unfold among them. What complications emerge from misunderstandings in their journey? How are these issues resolved? This forms the storyline. Prema Oka Maikam Mallika (Charmy Kaur), a stunning prostitute, lives her life under the influence of alcohol and engages only with men she prefers. One day, she accidentally causes an accident, rescuing Lalith, the injured party, and bringing him to a hospital. After saving him, she offers him shelter in her home. However, Lalith loses his sight due to the accident. Upon reading Lalith's diary, Mallika learns about his life post-accident and must decide what to do next based on this new information. The continuation of this tale can be viewed directly on YouTube. Pavitra To appreciate Shriya's allure, this film featuring bold content is essential viewing. It narrates the story of a woman involved in prostitution who surmounts numerous challenges to transform her life, demonstrating unwavering determination throughout her journey. This movie is available for streaming directly on MX Player OTT. Dandupalyam A brutal gang commits robberies and murders in the city, atrociously raping and killing women. How did Police Officer Chalapathi track down this gang? How did he hold them accountable under the law? This is the story. You can watch this movie directly on YouTube. The Dirty Picture In this film, Vidya Balan, playing the role of Silk Smitha, gives a bold performance without holding back any of her charm. The movie is filled with erotic scenes. Regarding the story, Reshma comes to Chennai aspiring to become a leading actress and soon lands a role. Initially, she often gets cast as an item girl. Eventually, she transforms into Silk Smitha, reaching a level where she dominates the industry with her glamour. She maintains extramarital affairs with South superstar Surya Kanth and Rama Kanth. Becoming addicted to alcohol, she soon loses everything. The movie reveals how her life tragically ends. Shweta 5/10 Wellington Road Shweta, a college student, resides in a bungalow with her family. With her parents away, she invites her boyfriend Krish over. Unexpectedly, an unknown man shows up at her house and threatens her, demanding sexual favors or he will leak private videos of her with her boyfriend on the internet. What unfolds next? Does Shweta comply with his demands? The continuation of this story reveals these outcomes. Arundhati Anushka shines with glamour in various scenes of this film. After many years, Arundhati returns to her ancestral village and realizes she bears a striking resemblance to her great-grandmother, Jejamma. Her visit turns into a battle against an evil spirit determined to destroy her and her family. This film is available for viewing on YouTube. Operation Duryodhana Mumaith Khan offers a lavish display of glamour in this film, appealing to those who appreciate bold content. The narrative focuses on Mahesh (Srikanth), an upright police officer whose integrity leads to political leaders targeting him, causing the loss of his wife and children. Mahesh then alters his identity and entures into politics to reveal the corruption within the system and enlighten the public. Ra Sridhar is a playboy renowned for charming women only to disappoint them eventually. His journey to becoming a misogynist is rooted in a profound backstory. However, his life takes a significant turn when he meets a woman named Shanti. You can watch this film on YouTube. Samudram In this film, Sakshi Shivanand exceeds expectations in showcasing her allure, making it an enticing choice for fans of bold content. This movie is available on the SunNxt OTT platform. 10th Class This film captures the allure of youth, featuring scenes filled with captivating sensuality. The plot centers on Seenu and Anjali, who fall in love during their tenth grade. They secretly get married and choose to live independently from their parents. As their life unfolds, a tragic event profoundly impacts Seenu's life. Aaruguru Pativratalu This film provides a strong dose of bold content and has scenes that cater to a dedicated fan base. The narrative centers around six childhood friends who reunite after many years. Together, they reflect on the triumphs and challenges of their marital lives. This film achieved box office success and is available for viewing directly on YouTube. 4 Letters Regardless of the plot, this film is rich in bold content. It chronicles the story of Viju, a wealthy businessman's son, who falls in love with Anjali during their college days. After their breakup, Viju finds love with another girl. Unexpectedly, Anjali re-enters his life. The climax revolves around which girl Viju ultimately chooses to be with. This is the story. Romantic Criminals rewrite This film also contains an excess of adult content. As for the story... Karthik and Angel, a young couple, engage in numerous crimes with the help of a drug peddler. When they decide to change their ways, they face numerous challenges. This movie can be watched on Prime. Ee  Rojullo This film also features captivating romantic scenes. As for the story, the hero (Sri) falls madly in love with a girl and ends up being deceived. From then on, Sri harbors a hatred towards women. Shreya, on the other hand, has no fondness for men. How did these two individuals fall in love? How did they ultimately come together? That is the story. This movie can be watched on Disney Hotstar. Allari Allari Naresh starred as the hero in this last film. In this film, some hot scenes entertain the audience. However, the story does not have much depth or logic. Ravi and Aparna have been friends since childhood. Ravi falls in love with Ruchi, who comes to the neighboring flat. Aparna helps Ravi to impress her. In this process, Aparna falls in love with Ravi. What happens next is the story. This movie can be watched directly on YouTube.
    May 10 , 2024
    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (24th & 25th May)
    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (24th & 25th May)
    For the past several weeks, Tollywood has seen a surge in small-budget films, and this week (This Week Movies) is no exception. These films are poised to cause a buzz in theaters, promising to captivate audiences with engaging content. Additionally, various OTT platforms are set to release a selection of intriguing films and series. Let's explore the lineup of films and web series scheduled for release this week. Movies Releasing in Theaters Raju Yadav Featuring Getup Srinu in a leading role, the latest film "Raju Yadav" co-stars Ankita Kharat with direction by Krishnamachari.K. Produced by Prashanth Reddy and Rajesh Kallepalli, this film is set to meet the audience on May 23. It was originally scheduled to release on May 17 but was postponed. Love Me Starring Ashish and Vaishnavi Chaitanya, the new film "Love Me," directed by Arun Bhimavarapu, is marketed under the tagline "If You Dare." The filming has completed, and the movie is set for release on May 25. The production team has crafted an intriguing narrative that explores why a young man would fall in love with a girl despite knowing she is a ghost, and what ensues thereafter. Dirty Fellow Directed by Adari Murthy Sai, the film "Dirty Fellow" stars Shanti Chand, Deepika Singh, and Simriti Pradhan in leading roles. Supporting them are Satyaprakash, Naginedu, and Jayashree, among others. This action drama, brimming with novelty, is scheduled for release on May 24. Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga This week's Hollywood release, "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga," features Anya Taylor and Chris Hemsworth in key roles. Set to premiere on May 23, the film will be available in English, Telugu, and Hindi. Originating from the successful "Mad Max" franchise, the movie comes with substantial expectations. OTT Releases: Films and Series Please check for More OTT movie & web series releases https://telugu.yousay.tv/en/tfidb/ott TitleCategoryLanguagePlatformRelease DateToughest Forces on EarthSeriesEnglishNetflixMay 22AtlasMovieEnglishNetflixMay 24CrewMovieHindiNetflixMay 24The Test 3SeriesEnglishAmazon primeMay 23Veer SavarkarMovieHindiZee 5May 23The Kardashians S 5SeriesEnglishDisney+HotstarMay 23The Goat LifeMovieTelugu / MalayalamDisney+HotstarMay 26The Beach BoysSeriesHindiDisney+HotstarMay 24Aqa Men 2MovieTelugu/EnglishJio CinemaMay 21Dune 2SeriesEnglishJio CinemaMay 21Trying 4SeriesEnglishApple TV PlusMay 22Wanted Man MovieEnglishLions Gate PlayMay 24
    May 21 , 2024
    Best Hollywood Romantic Movies: Dive into the World of Love with These Amazing Hollywood Films!
    Best Hollywood Romantic Movies: Dive into the World of Love with These Amazing Hollywood Films!
    Movie enthusiasts, regardless of the language, always seek out new films to watch. Especially the youth of this generation enjoy Hollywood films as much as they do Telugu cinema, finding pleasure in watching action movies with fantastic storylines and narratives. However, Hollywood isn't just about action films. There are also romantic movies (Best Hollywood Romance Movies) that touch the heart. Let's now take a look at some of the top romantic films that have come out of Hollywood. When Harry Met Sally (1989) Starring: Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal Director: Rob Reiner Harry and Sally, who graduated from the same university, meet in New York. Having both experienced failed relationships, a friendship develops between them. However, they face the question: Can a man and a woman remain friends without sexual involvement? What answer did they find? That is the story. Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Starring: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan Director: Nora Ephron Following the death of his wife, Sam lives a solitary life with his son. One day, he participates in a TV show. Reporter Annie Reed becomes attracted to his words. Even though she is engaged, she invites him for Valentine's Day. What happened next? Did they meet or not? That is the story. The Notebook (2004) Starring: Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams Director: Nick Cassavetes A young man named Noah Calhoun falls in love with a wealthy young woman, Allie. During World War II, he goes to fight for his country. Thinking their love has ended, Allie becomes fond of another man. Years later, Noah's return takes the story in an unexpected direction. Titanic (1997) Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet Director: James Cameron Rose is engaged to a wealthy man. While traveling on the Titanic ship with her fiancé, she falls in love with a young man named Jack. A disaster separates them. Jack faces a situation where he must sacrifice his life for Rose. Titanic (1997) Directed by James Cameron Shown from left: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet La La Land (2016) Starring: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone Director: Damien Chazelle Musician Sebastian and actress Mia fall in love with each other. They achieve fame and fortune in their careers. However, as their fame grows, their love starts to diminish. Some people undermine their love. In the end, are they together or not? Carol (2015) Starring: Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara Director: Todd Haynes In the 1950s, a photographer named Therese meets a beautiful woman, Carol, and notices her sadness. Learning about Carol's divorce, Therese becomes closer to her, facing severe consequences and moral battles as they become intimate. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) Starring: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet Director: Michel Gondry Joel and Clementine, after falling in love and then parting ways for some reasons, attempt to erase their memories of each other. However, realizing they are still deeply in love, the story takes a turn. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) Starring: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett Director: David Fincher Benjamin Button is born with a rare condition, aging in reverse. He deeply loves Daisy, a dancer. As years pass, their ages move in opposite directions, making the story intriguing. 500 Days of Summer (2009) Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel Director: Marc Webb Tom, a greeting card writer, reflects on the 500 days he spent with his lover, Summer, after they part ways. Through this reflection, he realizes his true goals in life. ‘Before’ Trilogy (1995 – 2013) Starring: Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy Director: Richard Linklater The ‘Before Trilogy’ is considered one of the best romance film franchises in Hollywood, consisting of ‘Before Sunrise,’ ‘Before Sunset,’ and ‘Before Midnight.’ These movies revolve around the love story of Jesse and Celine. Never Let Me Go (2010) Starring: Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley, Ella Purnell Director: Mark Romanek Ruth, Kathy, and Tommy study at an English boarding school and face the pains related to love. The story unfolds how circumstances affect their lives. Pride & Prejudice (2005) Starring: Keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen, Carey Mulligan, Rosamund Pike, Simon Woods Director: Joe Wright The story revolves around Mrs. Bennet and her four daughters who are in search of wealthy husbands. How do their dreams come true, and what kind of husbands do they find? That is the story. Brokeback Mountain (2005) Starring: Heath Ledger Director: Ang Lee Two sheepherders, Ennis and Jack, fall in love and have a sexual and emotional relationship. Their bond becomes complicated as they both marry their girlfriends. Dirty Dancing (1987) Starring: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey Director: Emile Ardolino Frances falls in love with a dance instructor at a resort while on vacation with her parents. Her father disapproves of their relationship. Did they end up together? Call Me By Your Name (2017) Starring: Timothée Chalamet, Armie Hammer Director: Luca Guadagnino Set in the summer of 1983, 17-year-old Elio Perlman falls for Oliver, his father's assistant. They spend a joyful summer together, but an event turns their lives upside down. Shakespeare in Love (1998) Starring: Joseph Fiennes, Gwyneth Paltrow Director: John Madden William Shakespeare, a theater artist, finds inspiration in a beautiful young woman and decides to write a play. They become physically close, but the woman's actions turn their lives upside down. The Fault in Our Stars (2014) Starring: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort Director: Josh Boone Hazel and Augustus, two cancer patients, meet through a cancer support group and soon fall in love. They support each other during tough times, but fate has a cruel twist in store. Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) Starring: Hugh Grant, Andie MacDowell Director: Mike Newell Charles, an introvert, considers himself unlucky in love. At a wedding, he meets Carrie, a beautiful woman he believes could be his lucky charm. How did they come together, and what challenges did Charles face in the process? That is the story.
    February 10 , 2024

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