• Dochevaarevarura
    Siddhu Senior and Siddhu Junior are involved in robberies. Senior Siddhu falls in love with Lucky. Meanwhile, Vimal hires PK Satti to kill his wife. What is the connection between Satti and Siddhu? Why does Vimal want to kill his wife?
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    Malavika Satheesan
    Ajay Ghosh
    Bithiri Sathi
    Tanikella Bharani
    Siva Nageswara Rao
    Boddu Koteswara RaoProducer
    Malavika Satheesan: Did You Know These Facts About the 'Paarijatha Parvam' Beauty?
    Malavika Satheesan: Did You Know These Facts About the 'Paarijatha Parvam' Beauty?
    Young actress Malavika Satheesan has captured everyone's attention with her performance in 'Paarijatha Parvam'. She impressed as the leading lady opposite Chaitanya Rao and particularly enchanted audiences with her comedic scenes with comedian Viva Harsha. This has spiked the Telugu audience's interest in knowing more about Malavika. Let's delve into some details about her. Who is Malavika Satheesan? A young heroine in Tollywood. Where was Malavika Satheesan born? She was born in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. What is Malavika Satheesan's date of birth? March 28, 2001 Who are Malavika Satheesan's parents? She is the daughter of Satish Ravindran and Rekha Satheesan. Her father, Ravindran, is an army officer, and her mother, Rekha, is a school teacher. How tall is Malavika Satheesan? 5 feet 4 inches What is Malavika Satheesan's weight? 52 kg How old is Malavika Satheesan? 23 years old Where does Malavika Satheesan currently live? Secunderabad Where did Malavika Satheesan go to school? She studied at an army school in Allahabad. What did Malavika Satheesan study? She completed a BA graduation. What was Malavika Satheesan's first film? She made her debut in Tollywood with the film 'Choosi Choodangaane' in 2020. What are the films Malavika Satheesan has done so far? She has acted in 'Choosi Choodangaane', 'Bommala Koluvu', 'BFH' (Boyfriend for Hire), and 'Docheyvarevarura'. What is Malavika Satheesan's latest film? 'Paarijatha Parvam' (2024) What are Malavika Satheesan's favorite hobbies? Reading books, dancing, and modeling. What is the link to Malavika Satheesan's Instagram account? https://www.instagram.com/malavikasatheesanofficial/?hl=en
    April 20 , 2024

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