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    Double iSmart is a Telugu movie starring Ram Pothineni in a prominent role. It is written and directed by Puri Jagannadh.
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    Ram Pothineni
    Sanjay Dutt
    Puri Jagannadh
    Puri Jagannadh
    Charmy Kaur
    Puri Jagannadh
    Mani Sharma
    Shyam K. Naidu
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    Who is the Double iSmart Heroine?  
    Who is the Double iSmart Heroine?  
    The eagerly awaited teaser for "Double iSmart," featuring Ram Pothineni (RAPO), was released today (May 15). Packed with powerful action dialogues, the teaser highlights Ram's unique looks, style, and swagger. Directed by Puri Jagannadh, the film promises intense action sequences tailored for Ram Pothineni. The teaser also introduces Ali in a special role, sporting a distinctive look. Fans can look forward to the revival of the Puri-Ali comedic chemistry in this film. Double iSmart Dialogues The teaser also portrays Sanjay Dutt as the main villain, appearing menacingly. The last dialogue by Ram Pothineni in the teaser is quite massy, saying, “Naaku telvakundaa naapainaa cinema plan cheste..naa guddulo mandutadi” (నాకు తెల్వకుండా నాపైనా సినిమా ప్లాన్ చేస్తే..నా గుడ్డులో మండుతది) This line hints at more mass dialogues to come in Double iSmart. Mani Sharma’s music, as grand as in iSmart Shankar, particularly the superb BGM, raises expectations. The songs are eagerly awaited. https://twitter.com/TheAakashavaani/status/1790604878475301304 Social Media Positive Response The Double iSmart teaser has heightened expectations for the film, with positive responses on social media. A netizen named Krishna commented about the action-packed teaser, noting its excellence at the end. https://twitter.com/warriorkrishnaa/status/1790606705455497645 Another netizen, Sriharsha, praised the teaser, highlighting Ram’s energy, the BGM, and saying it meets expectations. https://twitter.com/NameisSrii/status/1790603578266321121 Double iSmart Heroine Reveal Though the heroine of Double iSmart hasn’t been officially announced yet, the teaser subtly revealed who she is. In the dialogue “iSmart inkarka style ka maloom..kirrak poroste sight maar..katarnak beat vaste.. step maar,"(''ఇస్మార్ట్ ఇంకర్‌కా స్టైల్ క్యా మాలూమ్..కిర్రాక్ పోరొస్తే సైట్ మార్..కతర్నాక్ బీట్ వస్తే.. స్టెపా మార్")  Kavya Thapar is seen, indicating her role in the film. Kavya Thapar, known for her roles in Ek Mini Katha and Eagle, is set to romance Ram Pothineni in this film. Although she only appears briefly in the teaser, her charming look and captivating beauty promise another feast for the eyes. Puri Jagannadh’s films always give a special place to heroines, often crafting characters that resonate well with the youth. Actresses like Nabha Natesh, Asin, Anushka, Nidhhi Agerwal, Hansika, and Adah Sharma have connected well with young audiences in his previous films. Now, it seems Kavya Thapar has been fixed as the heroine in Double iSmart, although no official announcement has been made by Puri’s team yet. Kavya Thapar, a North Indian beauty making waves in the South Indian film industry, has garnered significant attention. She debuted in Telugu cinema with Ek Mini Katha and appeared alongside Ravi Teja in Eagle, proving her ability to blend cute and hot traits seamlessly. In Sandalwood, Kavya Thapar acted as the heroine in Bichagadu 2. The movie was released last year on May 19. Her involvement in the promotions at that time captured everyone's attention. Originally from Maharashtra, this beauty began her career with the short film Tatkal in 2013. Besides films, Kavya is also active on social media, frequently making headlines with her glamorous photo shoots.
    May 15 , 2024
    Stunning Telugu Heroines Tattoos: A Look at the Inked Beauties of Tollywood and Beyond
    Stunning Telugu Heroines Tattoos: A Look at the Inked Beauties of Tollywood and Beyond
    Tattooing has turned into a fashion trend for everyone today. Both fans and the media take a keen interest in the tattoos that celebrities sport. With evolving technology, there have been significant advancements in tattooing. Specially trained artists skillfully ink desired shapes and vibrant colors onto the skin. These tattoos not only accentuate their beauty but also serve as reflections of their personalities. Let’s explore the types of tattoos our heroines have and on which body parts they are inked. Eesha Rebba Eesha Rebba, the beauty from Telugu cinema, is always active on social media. Starting her career as a model, she made her Tollywood debut in 2013 with "Anthaku Mundu Aa Tarvatha." She later acted in films like "Bandipotu," "Ami Tumi," "Savyasachi," "Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava," "Pitta Kathalu," and "Most Eligible Bachelor." Currently, she is busy acting in both Telugu and Tamil films. From this charming lady, you can learn some fashion tips. She has a peacock feather tattoo on her right wrist, which undoubtedly enhances her charm. Yukti Thareja Yukti Thareja, the heroine from "Rangabali," has a lotus flower tattoo at the upper part of her waist. This tattoo makes the already sexy diva look even hotter. Niharika Konidela Niharika Konidela, the mega daughter, is crazy about tattoos. She keeps making news with her trendy tattoos. Recently, she got a tattoo of a raining cloud on the back of her right leg, which looks very trendy. It's a great idea for those looking to get new tattoos. https://youtu.be/FQVYHolKhR0?si=0WfytTlwJwEcd9Lh She also has a bird tattoo on the back of her shoulder, which also gives a good look. Samyuktha Menon From Malayalam cinema, the adorable Samyuktha Menon also follows trendy tattoo ideas. She has a tattoo on her back that reads "Sanchari" in Malayalam letters, with a symbol of a flying bird above it. She also has a tattoo of a great yantra symbol on her left wrist, which also adds to her beauty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-3OJFK1IZs Tripti Dimri Tattoos The new national crush, Tripti Dimri, has a tattoo on the upper part of her right shoulder featuring symbols of the sun and moon. This is also a great idea for tattoo lovers. Samantha  Samantha has three tattoos on her body. The first one is on the back of her back with the initials YMC, representing her first film "Ye Maaya Chesave." Another tattoo is of her ex-husband Naga Chaitanya's name, 'Chay,' located above her waist. The third tattoo is on her wrist, in the form of Roman symbols (double arrows) meaning "create your own reality." View this post on Instagram A post shared by Samantha (@samantharuthprabhuoffl) Shruti Haasan  The beautiful star Shruti Haasan has stylishly tattooed her name in Tamil on the back of her torso. She also has a rose flower tattooed on her right wrist. Shruti Haasan herself shared details about these tattoos in a video. https://youtu.be/p9n950dfSyU?si=3YYtZPTgh4ICnxrh Raashii Khanna  Glamour doll Raashii Khanna has a tiny cat picture tattooed on the upper part of her right leg. These types of tattoos also look simply superb. Anasuya Bharadwaj  Anasuya has two tattoos on her body. The first is her husband's nickname 'Nick' tattooed in English across her chest. She also has 'Keelan' tattooed on her left wrist, which means 'beautiful character' in Greek. Faria Abdullah  Faria Abdullah, known for her beauty and trendiness, has red roots and a blue circle tattooed on her left leg. This symbolizes that a strong foundation is essential for growth in life, as roots show how strongly we can rise. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Faria Abdullah (@fariaabdullah) Ananya Nagalla  Glamorous doll Ananya Nagalla has a 'crazy line' tattooed on her left wrist, which includes the words 'Believe', 'Smiley', and two flying birds. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ananya nagalla (@ananya.nagalla) Mamta Mohandas  Once known as Tollywood's glamour doll, Mamta Mohandas has a tattoo of Lord Ganesh's idol on her left shoulder, with 'Sri Om Ganesh' written below it. Neha Sharma  The beautiful Neha Sharma has tattooed the word 'Excelsior' on her wrist. This term signifies something marvelous or "higher." Sobhita Dhulipala Sobhita Dhulipala has a heartbeat symbol tattooed on her left hand. This type of tattoo is a favorite for many. Shirley Setia The gorgeous Shirley Setia has double arrows tattooed on her right wrist. This tattoo symbolizes the inspiring message that you can achieve anything. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vaidehi [ I Am Hip Hop Kid ] (@vaidehi_theperformer) Ruhani Sharma Ruhani Sharma has a crescent moon tattooed on her left hand. Additionally, she has tiny birds tattooed on the nape of her neck.
    May 18 , 2024

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