• Malini & Co. (2015)

    Malini runs a massage parlor in Mumbai. At the same time, a group of militants from Sri Lanka plans a massive bomb blast in Mumbai to attack some Tamilians living there. A team arrives in Mumbai to execute the plan and is shocked to see Malini running the massage parlor.

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    Poonam Pandeyas Malini
    Samrat Reddyas Dharmendra
    Samba Siva
    Ravi Kaleas Ravi Kale
    Kavya Singh
    Veeru K.Director
    Mahesh RathiProducer
    S. N. UppalapatiProducer
    Kishore RathiProducer
    Veeru K.Writer
    V. GopalMusician
    Poonam Pandey Dies: Self made star ‘Poonam Pandey’ is No More. Read more about her.
    Poonam Pandey Dies: Self made star ‘Poonam Pandey’ is No More. Read more about her.
    Controversial actress and internet sensation Poonam Pandey has passed away. Her family announced that she died due to cervical cancer. For some time, she had been suffering from cervical cancer and breathed her last at her residence in Uttar Pradesh. At the young age of 32, her death has left her family and friends in a deep state of mourning, casting a shadow of sorrow over the film industry as well. Poonam Pandey often made headlines more for her controversial statements than her acting. She captivated everyone with her style and bold looks. A video made by Poonam Pandey before the 2011 World Cup final had created a huge stir at the time. Her announcement that she would strip if the Indian team won the final match had attracted the attention of the entire nation. These bold statements created a sensation at the time, reflecting her bravery and bold decision-making, as commented by some. Regarding Poonam Pandey's personal life, she started her career as a model. She was a top-9 contestant in the ‘Gladrags Manhunt & Mega Model Contest’. In 2013, Poonam made her entry into Bollywood with the bold film ‘Nasha’. She also acted in a Kannada film in 2014 titled 'Love Is Poison'. Poonam Pandey did a film in Telugu too. In 2015, she acted in the film 'Malini & Co'. Later, Poonam Pandey performed a special song in the movie 'Aa Gaya Hero'. Most recently, she acted in the Bollywood film 'The Journey of Karma' (2018). It's noteworthy that she participated as a contestant in the first season of 'Lockup', hosted by Bollywood star heroine Kangana Ranaut. During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Poonam Pandey married her boyfriend Sam. Their wedding was a simple affair due to quarantine regulations. However, just 11 days into the marriage, Poonam made headlines by filing a complaint against her husband with the Mumbai police, alleging that he subjected her to mental harassment and physical abuse.
    February 02 , 2024
    Inspector Rishi OTT: A crime thriller series making waves on OTT, trending nationally!
    Inspector Rishi OTT: A crime thriller series making waves on OTT, trending nationally!
    OTT platforms often see a surge in viewership for genres such as crime, horror, suspense, and thriller. Films and series within these genres quickly attract a large audience once they gain a little traction. Against this backdrop, Naveen Chandra's new crime thriller web series has emerged. "Inspector Rishi," starring Naveen Chandra and available on Amazon, is swiftly climbing the charts. The series is garnering significant interest from OTT watchers. Let's delve into what makes this series so engaging. Trending Nationwide Directed by Nandini JS, the web series "Inspector Rishi" features Naveen Chandra in the lead role as 'Inspector Rishi,' unraveling a string of murders in a forest setting. The cast includes Sunaina Ella, Sreekrishna Dayal, Elango Kumaravel, Kanna Ravi, and Malini Jeevarathnam, among others, in pivotal roles. Since its launch on Amazon Prime on March 29, the series has captured a vast audience, quickly becoming the most-watched show in India on the platform. With its ascent to the top spot, it has surpassed recent movies and series, drawing viewers with its compelling storyline and positive reviews. What's the Story? Set against the backdrop of Thenkadu, a lush forest 50 kilometers from Coimbatore, home to a tribe living in close communion with nature, the series begins with a chilling discovery. The body of a photographer named Robert is found suspended, bizarrely entangled in a spider's web, igniting a web of suspicions. Enter Inspector Rishi (portrayed by Naveen Chandra), who takes on the task of demystifying this enigma. His investigations reveal a disturbing pattern of similar deaths in the past. As he delves deeper, the presence of a shadowy entity lurking in the forest looms over, spreading a veil of terror. The quest to crack the case leads Rishi through a maze of challenges. The narrative weaves questions that hook the audience: How will Rishi piece together this puzzle? What hurdles lie in his path? The enigma of bodies found ensnared in spider webs, the nature of the shadowy forest dweller—be it a demon or a deity—and its tie to the string of murders, unravel as the core of the plot. Thrilling Twists This series, steeped in the genres of crime, thriller, and mystery, masterfully keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The director has woven the narrative with no shortage of suspense and unexpected turns, ensuring that each of the 10 episodes is replete with intrigue. The tension escalates without waning, culminating in a gripping horror-thriller ride. Naveen Chandra shines in the role of Inspector Rishi, and Sunaina, portraying a forest guard, offers an authentic and captivating portrayal. The background score flawlessly enhances the atmosphere, while the stunning forest locales are a visual treat, with the cinematography earning well-deserved accolades. For those yet to dive into "Inspector Rishi," this weekend presents the perfect opportunity to immerse in a truly enthralling experience. Telugu.yousay.tv Rating : 3/5
    April 05 , 2024
    Surbhi Puranik: Embracing the Rose.. Revealing Her Charm.. Surbhi's Cheeky Trap!
    Surbhi Puranik: Embracing the Rose.. Revealing Her Charm.. Surbhi's Cheeky Trap!
    Young beauty Surbhi Puranik has captured social media's attention with her glamorous photos, making heads turn with her beauty. Recently sharing some photos, Surbhi is seen caressing a rose, simultaneously flaunting her figure, casting a playful charm on the youth. In white attire, Surbhi’s display of elegance has left netizens spellbound, with some commenting she looks like a celestial beauty. Born and raised in Delhi, Surbhi honed her acting skills at the Imago Acting School, even before venturing into movies, she was a model for commercials. She made her cinematic debut in Tamil with 'Ivan Veramathiri', impressing the audience with her role as Malini. In 2015, she entered the Telugu film industry with 'Beeruva', captivating Telugu audiences with her glamour. The following year, she starred opposite Sharwanand in 'Express Raja', achieving a super hit, which opened up more opportunities in Tollywood. In 2016, she acted in 'Attack' with Manchu Manoj and 'Gentleman' with Nani. However, these films did not perform as expected at the box office. In 2017, despite acting in 'Okka Kshanam' with Allu Sirish, the expected success was not met, leading to a decline in opportunities in Telugu. Her subsequent movies 'Voter' and 'Sashi' also did not meet her expectations. Post-2021, Surbhi hasn't done any Telugu films, which is noteworthy. Recently, she acted in the Tamil horror-comedy 'DD Returns' with star comedian Santhanam, which was a success in Tamil and is available in Telugu on OTT platforms. Currently, with no film offers in hand, Surbhi has turned her focus to social media, sharing her glamorous photos in an attempt to captivate everyone.
    February 08 , 2024
    OTT Suggestion: Looking for the Best Investigative Thriller This Weekend? Check Out This Malayalam Film 'Iratta' !
    OTT Suggestion: Looking for the Best Investigative Thriller This Weekend? Check Out This Malayalam Film 'Iratta' !
    In the era of OTT platforms, crime and suspense thrillers have gained significant popularity. As the weekend approaches, Telugu audiences are increasingly eager to explore such films, often searching OTT platforms for thrilling content. For those looking for a top investigative thriller to watch this weekend, YouSay recommends a successful Malayalam film, which is also available in Telugu. Where is it streaming? Malayalam directors are frequently ahead of their counterparts from other Indian languages in creating crime and suspense thrillers. The film 'Iratta' is a prime example. Having achieved success in Tamil, it is now available for streaming on Netflix. Directed by Rohit M.G. Krishnan, the film stars Joju George and Anjali in key roles. Released in 2023, watching this film over the weekend might leave you questioning why it took you so long to discover it. What's the story? A ceremony is organized at a police station in Kerala with the Forest Minister as the guest of honor. Suddenly, a gunshot disrupts the event, and everyone rushes to the site. There, they find ASI Vinod (played by Joju George) dead, with no clear suspect. In response, the police station is immediately locked down, preventing everyone from leaving while an investigation unfolds. Upon hearing of the incident, Vinod's twin brother, DSP Pramod (also portrayed by Joju George), hurries to the scene. The mystery deepens: Who is responsible for Vinod's death? What sparked a conflict between the twin brothers, Pramod and Vinod? And who is Malini (Anjali) within this story? Why watch it? 'Iratta' means 'two' in Malayalam, and the director has intertwined a family drama with a crime and suspense thriller. The presence of three policemen at the time of Vinod's death and their conflicts with him heightens the intrigue of the investigation. What were the three policemen doing when Vinod died? What is their conflict with him about? These aspects are intriguingly portrayed while introducing more complexities, making the viewing experience thrilling. The flashback scenes involving Pramod and Vinod's father are particularly gripping, offering a realistic touch. Overall, 'Iratta' is a superb thriller, and those sensitive to intense scenes should proceed with caution. Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 3/5
    April 20 , 2024

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