• Masthu Shades Unnai Ra (2024)

    Manohar (Abhinav Gomatam) is an ordinary painter who aspires to own a flex designing unit after learning Photoshop, driven by a reason. What challenges Manohar face in this journey, and did he ultimately achieve success? That is the story.

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    1 month ago

    Vaishali Rajas Uma Ravi
    Ali Rezaas Rahul
    Nizhalgal Ravias Jaggu Mama
    Tharun Bhasckeras M.L.A Veeradas
    Lavanya Reddyas Vidhya
    Moin Mohammadas Shiva
    Thirupathi RaoDirector
    Bhavani KasulaProducer
    Sanjeev TWriter
    Masthu Shades Unnai Ra Movie Review: Abhinav Casts Magic as a Hero.
    Masthu Shades Unnai Ra Movie Review: Abhinav Casts Magic as a Hero.
    Cast: Abhinav Gomatam, Vaishali, Raj Muyin, Ali Reza Director: Tirupati Rao Music: Sanjeev Thomas Cinematography: Siddhartha Swayambhu Producers: RM Reddy, Prashant V, Bhavani Kasu Release Date: 23-02-2023 The film "Masthu Shades Unnai Ra!", featuring comedian Abhinav Gomatam in the lead role, is directed by Tirupati Rao. Alongside Ali Reza and Vaishali in significant roles, the film is produced jointly by Bhavani Kasu, RM Reddy, and Prashant V. Presented as a comedy entertainer, this movie hit the screens today (February 23). So, how is the movie? Did Abhinav Gomatam impress as the protagonist? Let's find out. Plot Manohar (Abhinav Gomatam) is a simple painter whose life hasn't settled down, leading his prospective bride to abandon him at the altar. Determined to change his fortunes, Manohar decides to learn Photoshop and start his flex designing unit. In this journey, he crosses paths with Umadevi (Vaishali Raj). How did the penniless Manohar achieve success in this journey? What problems did he face from Rahul (Ali Reza), and how did he overcome them? That forms the crux of the story. Performance  Abhinav Gomatam, recognized for his comedic role in "Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi", has showcased his versatility as a lead actor in this film. He captivated with his natural performance, excelling in both comedic timing and emotional scenes, proving his mettle as a complete actor. Vaishali Raj, the female lead, did an adequate job, although her role didn't offer much scope for performance. Ali Reza, known from Bigg Boss fame, managed to attract attention with his acting. The rest of the cast performed well within their roles' limitations. Direction Director Tirupati Rao chose a promising story. His homework on the story is apparent and adds value. However, the screenplay faltered, especially in the first half, filled with unnecessary scenes, delaying the story's progression. Nevertheless, a twist at the interval built curiosity among the audience. The real story begins in the second half, which is much more enjoyable than the first. The director managed the main sequences well, generating good humor. The second half's engaging narrative somewhat salvaged the film. Technical Aspects On the technical front, the film's execution felt subpar. The music by Sanjeev Thomas failed to captivate. Siddhartha Swayambhu's cinematography was merely satisfactory. The editing needed more precision. Better production values could have enhanced the overall output. Positive Points - Abhinav's acting - Comedy - Second half's engagement Negative Points - First half's drag - Unnecessary scenes - Technical department's performance Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 2.5/5
    February 23 , 2024
    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (23rd Feb)
    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (23rd Feb)
    Just like every week, this week (This Week Movies) too, several movies are ready to create a buzz at the theaters. They are set to entertain the audience with delightful experiences. OTT platforms are also bringing interesting films this week. Let's look at the movies and web series ready for release this week. Movies Releasing in Theaters Sundaram Master The film 'Sundaram Master,' starring comedian Harsha Chemudu in the lead role, features Divya Sripada as the heroine. Heroes Ravi Teja and Sudheer Kumar Kuru jointly produced the movie, directed by Kalyan Santhosh. 'Sundaram Master,' which has already completed its shooting, is set to be released in front of the audience on February 23. Masthu Shades Unnai Ra! The film 'Masthu Shades Unnai Ra!' stars comedian Abhinav Gomatham in the lead role and is directed by Tirupati Rao Indla. With Tarun Bhascker, Ali Reza, and Vaishali playing significant roles, Bhavani Kasula, R.M. Reddy, and Prashanth V. jointly produced this comedy entertainer. The film, which blends emotional elements with comedy, is set to release on February 23. Siddharth Roy Deepak Saroj, who has entertained in various films as a child actor, is being introduced as a hero in the Telugu industry with 'Siddharth Roy.' Tanvi Negi plays the heroine, and V. Yashasvi is the director. This new-age love story, whose promotional images have captivated the youth, is also scheduled for release on February 23. Mukhya Gamanika The film 'Mukhya Gamanika,' shot by cinematographer Venu Muralidhar and starring Viran Muttamsetty as the hero, features Lavanya as the heroine. Produced jointly by Rajasekhar and Saikrishna, the film team describes it as a family emotional drama with thrilling elements. This movie is also slated for release on February 23. Siren The action drama 'Siren,' featuring Jayam Ravi, Anupama Parameswaran, and Keerthy Suresh in lead roles, is directed by Antony Bhagyaraj. This Tamil movie, dubbed into Telugu under the banner of Ganga Entertainments by Maheshwar Reddy Mooli, is set to entertain the audience on February 23. Keerthy Suresh plays a police officer, and Jayam Ravi has taken on two distinct roles in this film. Article 370 The latest film 'Article 370,' starring beauty Yami Gautam in a lead role, is directed by Aditya Suhas. Based on the situations in Kashmir following Article 370, the film aims to depict the conditions there. This movie is also scheduled for release on February 23. OTT Releases Please check for More OTT movie & web series releases https://telugu.yousay.tv/en/tfidb/ott Title CategoryLanguagePlatformRelease DateApartment 404Series English/KoreanAmazon PrimeFeb 23PoacherMovieTelugu Amazon PrimeFeb 23Will Trent Series EnglishDisney+hotstarFeb 21Malaikottai VaalibanMovie MalayalamDisney+hotstarFeb 23The Buried TruthAvatar the Last AirbenderSeriesEnglish Netflix Feb 23 The Buried TruthSeries HindiNetflix March 17
    February 19 , 2024
    What to watch on OTT this weekend March 5th?
    What to watch on OTT this weekend March 5th?
    Every week, new movies are released on OTT platforms. Some of these are theatrical releases making their way to OTT, while others are direct releases online. From love and family dramas to crime, thriller, and suspense, movies across various genres entertain OTT viewers. Let's look at some films that have recently made their way to OTT and gained popularity, allowing you to pick one that suits your taste for a weekend watch. Lambasingi The film 'Lambasingi' stars Bigg Boss fame Divi as the heroine and is directed by Naveen Gandhi. Released on March 15, it garnered a hit talk and started streaming on Hotstar from April 2, trending rapidly. The plot revolves around constable Veerababu, who falls in love with nurse Harita, only to discover she is the daughter of a Naxal leader, Konappa. A sudden attack on Veerababu's police station by Konappa's gang, which includes Harita, shocks him. The story unfolds with what happens next. Tantra Starring Ananya Nagalla, the horror thriller 'Tantra' began streaming on Aha from April 5. Directed by Srinivas Gopishetty, it was released in theaters on March 15. The story follows Rekha, played by Ananya, who can see ghosts and falls in love with her childhood friend Teju. However, Teju learns that someone has performed black magic on Rekha. The film explores what happens next and the connection between Rekha and other characters, Vigath and Rajeshwari. Katha Venuka Katha Featuring Vishwant Dudumpudi and directed by Krishna Chaitanya, 'Katha Venuka Katha' has been garnering views on the ETV App since its release on March 28. It's a tale of a young man aspiring to become a film director, whose actors start disappearing before the film's release, leading to a sensational investigation. The mystery behind the disappearing actors and the revelations during the investigation form the rest of the story. Hanu Man The Tollywood sensation 'Hanu Man' also made waves on OTT after its release, streaming on Zee5 from March 17. Within hours, it achieved millions of minutes of views. The story involves Michael, who dreams of becoming a superhero, and Hanumanthu from Anjanadri village, who acquires unexpected powers and becomes Anjaneya Swami. The film explores how Hanumanthu got his powers and what Michael does upon learning about them. Anweshippin Kandethum This movie is currently streaming on Netflix with a high number of views. It is sure to appeal to those who enjoy crime thrillers. Starring Tovino Thomas and directed by Darwin Kuriakose, this movie's plot revolves around SI Anand Narayan who gets suspended for a reason. The murder case of a young woman turns into a mystery, leading to Anand being called back into action based on his track record. How did the hero solve the case? Why didn't people cooperate with Anand during the investigation? That's the story. Lootere Among recent web series, 'Lootere' can be said to top the list. Directed by Jai Mehta, this series about sea pirates and ship hijacking started streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from March 22. It is based on a real incident that occurred in 2017, where Somali pirates hijacked an Indian cargo ship demanding a ransom of 5 million dollars. What happened next? Did the hostages escape with their lives or not? That's the story. Masthu Shades Unnai Ra The latest movie featuring comedian Abhinav Gomatam as the lead, 'Masthu Shades Unnai Ra,' has been streaming on Amazon Prime since March 29. Although it received an average talk in theaters, it has been receiving a good response on OTT. The story is about Manohar, a common painter who aspires to learn Photoshop and start his own flex designing unit. How did Manohar face challenges in his journey, and how did he finally succeed? That's the story. Murder Mubarak This suspense crime thriller series is also receiving a good response on OTT. Starring Sara Ali Khan, Karisma Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Vijay Varma, and Pankaj Tripathi, and directed by Homi Adajania, the series creates a stir with a dead body found in the Royal Delhi Club. ACP Singh enters the scene to unravel the mystery, suspecting club members Bombi (Sara Ali Khan), actress Shehnaz Noorani (Karisma Kapoor), royal Ranvijay (Sanjay Kapoor), and lawyer Akash (Vijay Varma). Who committed the murder and what were the revelations during the investigation? That's the story. Kajal Karthika Starring Kajal Aggarwal and Regina Cassandra, the horror thriller 'Kajal Karthika' will be streaming on Aha from April 9. Nearly a year after its theatrical release, this film is coming to OTT, and viewers are eagerly awaiting it. The plot revolves around Karthik (Regina), who visits an old library for leisure and starts reading a century-old book. The characters of five ghosts from the book begin to appear before her one by one. Who is Karthika (Kajal), and why did the villagers cause her death? What about the other four ghosts? That's the story. Premalu The Malayalam sensation 'Premalu' is ready to enchant OTT viewers from April 12 on Disney+ Hotstar. This film has set a record as the first Malayalam movie to gross over 15 crores in Telugu, achieving a remarkable feat. The story is about Sachin, who dreams of studying abroad. His visa gets rejected, and he comes to Hyderabad for GATE coaching. He falls in love at first sight with Renu, a software employee. How did Sachin, who had previously failed in love, express his love to Renu? Who is Adi, who also loves Renu? Did Sachin and Renu end up together or not? That's the story.
    April 04 , 2024

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