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    The hero decides to check the arrogance of a villain who behaves arrogantly with the power of authority. The villain makes plans to eliminate the hero who is causing personal and political trouble. Who succeeded in this battle?
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    Varun Tej
    as Mukunda
    Pooja Hegde
    as Gopika
    Prakash Raj
    as Jaya Prakash
    Rao Ramesh
    as Municipal Chairman
    as DSP Mohan Krishna
    Paruchuri Brothers
    as Mukunda father
    Abhimanyu Singh
    as Ranga
    as Veeraraju
    Raghu Babu
    as Chairman assistant
    as Mukunda friend
    Satyadev Kancharana
    as one of chairman gang
    Krishna Tejaas Mukunda friend
    Deepti Sirdesai
    Sekhar Kammula
    as Mukunda uncle
    Srikanth Addala
    Tagore B. MadhuProducer
    Nallamalapu SrinivasProducer
    Mickey J. Meyer
    Marthand K. Venkatesh
    Do You Know These Facts About Pooja Hegde?
    Do You Know These Facts About Pooja Hegde?
    Pooja Hegde gained recognition through the movie "Oka Laila Kosam" in Telugu (2014). Subsequently, she was noticed in the film "Mukunda". She made her mark with lead roles in hit movies such as "Duvvada Jagannadham", "Rangasthalam", "Aravindha Sametha Veera Raghava", "Gaddalakonda Ganesh", "Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo", "Most Eligible Bachelor", "Radhe Shyam", "Beast", and "Maharshi". Here are some lesser-known facts about Pooja Hegde. What is Pooja Hegde's Full Name? Pooja Hegde's full name is Pooja Hegde. How Old is Pooja Hegde? She was born on October 13, 1990. In Which Telugu Movie Did Pooja Hegde Act First? "Oka Laila Kosam" (2014). How Tall is Pooja Hegde? She is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Where Was Pooja Hegde Born? She was born in Mangalore, Karnataka. Where Does Pooja Hegde Live? She resides in Mumbai. What Did Pooja Hegde Study? She completed her MCom. What are Pooja Hegde's Interests? Pooja Hegde enjoys traveling, dancing, singing, and reading books. What Food Does Pooja Hegde Like? She likes biryani and pizza. What is Pooja Hegde's Favorite Color? Her favorite colors are black and white. Who is Pooja Hegde's Favorite Actor? Her favorite actors are Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan. Who is Pooja Hegde's Favorite Actress? Her favorite actress is Madhuri Dixit. How Much Does Pooja Hegde Charge for an Appearance? She charges between Rs. 3 crores to Rs. 4 crores for a single film. What Are Pooja Hegde's Parents' Names? Her parents' names are Lata Hegde and Manjunath Hegde. What Did Pooja Hegde Do Before Entering Films? She worked as a model. What Is Pooja Hegde's Instagram Link? https://www.instagram.com/hegdepooja/ What is the Net Worth of Pooja Hegde? Her net worth is Rs. 50 crores. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Ep3Hhy2Sk
    April 20 , 2024
    Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Varun Tej
    Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Varun Tej
    Introduced to the industry as the Mega Prince, Varun Tej has carved a unique identity for himself in Tollywood. He won the hearts of mass audiences with the blockbuster hit of Gaddalakonda Ganesh. With successful films like Kanche, Mukunda, and Tholi Prema, he became closer to family audiences. Let’s dive into some intriguing details about Varun Tej, who is currently enjoying his star status among young heroes. What’s Varun Tej’s real name? His real name is Sai Varun Tej. It was shortened to fit the screen presence, and this name is used in all his certificates. How tall is Varun Tej? He stands tall at 6 feet 4 inches. What was Varun Tej’s first movie? He made his acting debut with Mukunda. Later, Kanche brought him recognition. Is Varun Tej married? He got married to Lavanya Tripathi in Italy on November 1, 2023. Who is Varun Tej’s crush? He mentioned that his wife, Lavanya Tripathi, was his crush from the beginning, which later turned into love, leading to marriage. However, he also named Sai Pallavi as his second crush. What were Varun Tej’s first blockbuster hits? Gaddalakonda Ganesh and F2 were blockbuster hits. What is Varun Tej’s favorite color? White What is Varun Tej’s date of birth? January 19, 1990 What is the name of Varun Tej’s mother? Padmaja What are Varun Tej’s businesses? He is involved in art works reselling. How many awards has Varun Tej received? He was nominated in the Best Hero category at the SIIMA Awards for his roles in Kanche, Gaddalakonda Ganesh, and Tholi Prema. However, he did not win any awards. How many movies has Varun Tej acted in? As of 2024, Varun Tej has acted in 13 films as a hero. What is Varun Tej’s favorite movie? Indra What is Varun Tej’s favorite food? He loves Thai and Mexican cuisines. Where does Varun Tej live? Varun Tej resides in a newly built house in Manikonda, Hyderabad, with his wife Lavanya Tripathi.
    March 23 , 2024
    Kotabommali PS Review: 'Kota Bommali' Brings to Life the Struggles of Policemen. Is the Movie a Hit?
    Kotabommali PS Review: 'Kota Bommali' Brings to Life the Struggles of Policemen. Is the Movie a Hit?
    Cast: Srikanth, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekar, Murali Sharma, Benarjee, Praveen, and others. Director: Teja Marni Music: Ranjin Raj, Midhun Mukundan Cinematography: Jagadeesh Cheekati Production House: Geetha Arts Producers: Bunny Vasu, Vidya Release Date: November 24, 2023 Famous actor Srikanth, well-recognized as a family hero, continues to charm in his second innings with a string of films. He picks diverse stories to captivate the audience. His key role in the movie Kotabommali PS' directed by Teja Marni has been noteworthy. Rahul Vijay and Shivani Rajashekar played significant roles in this film, which is a remake of the Malayalam National Award-winning movie 'Nayattu'. Did this film impress the Telugu audience? Did Srikanth add another hit to his list? Did Shivani Rajashekar achieve her first success? Let's see. Story Three constables (Srikanth, Shivani, Rahul Vijay) working at Kotabommali Police Station get entangled in a case for a crime they didn't commit. They become victims of the heinous actions of senior police officials and political leaders and are forced to go into hiding. The government sends officer Varalaxmi to catch them, leading to a situation where police are chasing their own. Why did this situation arise? What did Srikanth, Vijay, and Shivani do to evade Varalaxmi? Did they get caught in the end? That's the story. Performances Srikanth delivers a splendid performance. After a long time, he played a deep character. Rahul Vijay, Shivani Rajashekar, and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar also breathed life into their roles with their acting. Murali Sharma's acting is a plus for the film. The rest of the artists performed well within their roles. Direction Director Teja Marni deserves praise for choosing the major issue faced by police as the film's theme. He beautifully depicted the troubles of police families and how police are manipulated by politicians. However, the constant chasing scenes throughout the movie can feel a bit boring. The story is good, but the screenplay could have been better handled. Some scenes feel dragged and could have been trimmed for a better impact. Overall, the director's work is commendable. Technically Regarding technical aspects, the music by Ranjin Raj is excellent, especially the song 'Lingidi Lingidi' which received a great response. The background score is also a major plus for the movie. Jagadeesh’s cinematography is captivating. The editor could have been more stringent with the cutting, which would have benefited the film. The production values are also top-notch. Positives StoryActing of the lead charactersMusic Negatives ScreenplayBoring scenes Rating: 3/5
    November 24 , 2023
    Pooja Hegde: Never Seen Her This Hot Before!
    Pooja Hegde: Never Seen Her This Hot Before!
    Bold photos and videos related to actress Pooja Hegde are going viral on Twitter. Netizens are sharing hot pictures of Pooja from the past. Photos of Pooja working hard in the gym are trending. Her fans are enthusiastically sharing these images. https://twitter.com/chandrakkala/status/1642863060569427969 With a seductive glance, Pooja appeared in hot poses, and a netizen shared her photo on Twitter. https://twitter.com/brownsdenn/status/1640936367759962113 Entering the gym, Pooja gave some hot clicks. Netizens are commenting on Pooja's stunning looks in her tight dress, calling her "super." Pooja Hegde's stylish look and stunning beauty are shaking up social media. https://twitter.com/imashwini123/status/1641826344664465409 Pooja's gorgeous look in this photo is captivating. In it, she creates a buzz with her stunning curves. https://twitter.com/navelmania/status/1603309893561110528 Introduced to Tollywood with the film "Mukunda," Pooja charmed audiences with her acting and beauty. She later gained fame by starring in a series of successful Telugu films. https://twitter.com/Actresshugs/status/1576809620722843648?s=20 https://twitter.com/babuvetriveeran/status/1642470057208070144 Pooja's latest Bollywood movie, "Kisi Ka Jaan Kisi Ka Bhai," is set to release on April 21st. https://twitter.com/Freak4Salman/status/1642840365282762755?s=20 In this film, Tollywood actor Venkatesh plays the lead role. Bollywood actor Salman Khan stars alongside Pooja Hegde as the heroine. Recently, the film unit released the song "Yentamma" from the movie. In this, Venkatesh, Salman, and Ram Charan appear in lungis, creating a fun atmosphere.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb59o_op8Z0&t=2s
    April 05 , 2023
    Arya @ 20 Years: Celebrating Two Decades of the Film ‘Arya’ – Did You Know These Behind-The-Scenes Secrets?
    Arya @ 20 Years: Celebrating Two Decades of the Film ‘Arya’ – Did You Know These Behind-The-Scenes Secrets?
    Directed by Sukumar, with Allu Arjun in the lead role, ‘Arya’ shook the film industry upon its release. Premiering with a unique concept of one-sided love, the movie initially received mixed reviews but soon rallied to create a box office tsunami. Exhibited in many theaters for over 125 days, it garnered critical acclaim. Released on May 7, 2004, today marks exactly 20 years since its debut. On this anniversary, let's delve into some behind-the-scenes secrets of Arya. Sukumar's Chance Post 'Dil' Success Sukumar, who worked as an assistant director for the film 'Dil' starring Nitin, pitched the story of ‘Arya’ to producer Dil Raju during that period. Impressed, Raju promised Sukumar a directing opportunity if 'Dil' succeeded, advising him to ready the complete story in the meantime. Following the blockbuster success of ‘Dil’, Sukumar was given the green light to direct what would become ‘Arya’. Allari Naresh's Missed Opportunity Initially, Allari Naresh was considered for the lead role in 'Arya', and Sukumar had even tailored the script with him in mind. However, due to certain reasons, the script never reached him. Naresh shared in an interview that during the making of ‘100% Love’, Sukumar told him, “Your acting in ‘Allari’ captivated me, and I had written ‘Arya’ for you.” Despite this, the role was destined for another, and Naresh remarked, “No one could have performed better than Allu Arjun as Arya.” https://twitter.com/i/status/1787548147520061468 Finalizing Bunny for the Role! After finalizing the script for ‘Arya’, there was some uncertainty about who should play the lead. During this search, a special screening of 'Dil' was held, which Allu Arjun attended. His sharp wit and comedic timing convinced the producers that he was the perfect fit for the story. Following conversations with Arjun post the screening, and his impressive performances post 'Gangotri', he was chosen as the lead, much to the satisfaction of everyone involved, including Chiranjeevi and Allu Aravind. Star Director’s Role as an Assistant Srikanth Addala, known for directing hit films like 'Kotha Bangaru Lokam', 'Mukunda', and 'Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu', served as an assistant director on ‘Arya’. He even made a cameo appearance in one of the scenes. Initially, there was some confusion about the film's title. The team considered various options before finally deciding to name the film after Bunny’s character. https://twitter.com/i/status/1787674074585714980 Rapid Completion of the Shoot The shooting of ‘Arya’ was completed swiftly over 120 days, starting on November 19, 2003. This was the first collaboration between Sukumar and music director Devi Sri Prasad, whose soundtrack became a massive hit, especially the song ‘Aa Ante Amalapuram,’ which became immensely popular across diverse audiences. Arya's Impact on Stardom The success of ‘Arya’ was a significant milestone in the careers of director Sukumar, actor Allu Arjun, producer Dil Raju, music director Devi Sri Prasad, and cinematographer Rathnavelu, transforming their lives and careers. As the film completes 20 years, Allu Arjun reflected on the impact of ‘Arya’ on his life, expressing eternal gratitude for the role that changed his trajectory.
    May 07 , 2024
    12 Apr 2024 Weekend OTT Suggestions: A Festive Weekend for OTT Lovers with Blockbuster Movies Streaming!
    12 Apr 2024 Weekend OTT Suggestions: A Festive Weekend for OTT Lovers with Blockbuster Movies Streaming!
    Once upon a time, when the weekend arrived, viewers would ponder over which movie to watch in theaters. However, with the advent of OTT platforms, their choices have shifted. Now, comfortably from their homes, they eagerly watch new movies and series. This weekend in particular offers some of the best content for Telugu viewers. Several films that were hits in theaters are now making their way to OTT platforms. Choose a movie that suits your taste to watch over the weekend. Gaami A recent experimental film starring Vishwak Sen, "Gaami", directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, received positive reviews in theaters. As of April 12, this film is streaming on Zee5. Regarding the plot of the movie: Aghora Shankar (Vishwak Sen) suffers from a bizarre problem. A sage tells him that the solution lies in the Himalayas. Shankar then embarks on a quest. Meanwhile, a parallel narrative involving a devadasi and human trials unfolds. What connection does Shankar have with these? What challenges does he face on his journey to the Himalayas? Premalu Starring Naslen K. Gafoor and Mamitha Baiju, "Premalu" has also arrived on the OTT platform Aha. This film, a blockbuster in Malayalam, has also captivated Telugu audiences. It is a good choice for those looking to watch a romantic comedy entertainer this weekend. The story follows Sachin, who dreams of going abroad for higher education. When his visa application is rejected, he moves to Hyderabad for coaching. He falls in love at first sight with Reenu, a software employee. How does Sachin, who has already failed in love once, confess his feelings to Reenu? Who is Adi, who also loves Reenu? Do Sachin and Reenu end up together? Om Bheem Bush "Om Bheem Bush", a comedy entertainer featuring Sri Vishnu, Priyadarshi, and Rahul Ramakrishna, was a hit in theaters and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video as of April 12. The film stars Preeti Mukundan, Ayesha Khan, Sreekanth Ayyangar, Manish Kumar, and Racha Ravi in key roles. Regarding the plot of the movie: Krish, Vinay, and Madhav spend their time engaging in silly activities. Amid dramatic events, they find themselves in a village called Bhairavapuram. How do the local circumstances change them? Why do they enter a haunted castle? What experiences do they encounter in the castle? Lal Salaam The movie "Lal Salaam", featuring superstar Rajinikanth in a guest role, is set to stream this weekend on Sun NXT. Directed by Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth, this film received unfavorable reviews in theaters. Returning to direction after nine years, Aishwarya disappointed audiences with this film. The story revolves around two cricketers, one Hindu and the other Muslim, who have been rivals since childhood. Though they play for the same team for some time, one of them eventually establishes a new team. This leads both teams to represent their respective religions. A match then becomes a turning point in the lives of these two cricketers. What does the Muslim cricketer's father (Rajinikanth) do? This is the story. Yatra 2 "Yatra 2", based on the life of Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan, will also be available on OTT this weekend, streaming on Amazon Prime. What motivated CM Jagan, the son of Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, to enter politics? What were the obstacles created by the leaders during the condolence tour? How did Jagan overcome them? This is the story. Kajal Karthika Starring Kajal Aggarwal and Regina in lead roles, the horror movie "Kajal Karthika" is streaming on Aha OTT. Premiering on April 9, this anthology movie, directed by DK, is gaining good viewership. For those who enjoy horror entertainers, "Kajal Karthika" is a great choice this week. The story follows Karthik (Regina) who visits an old library to pass time and reads a century-old book. One by one, the characters of five ghosts appear before her. Who is Karthik (Kajal)? Why were the villagers responsible for her death? What about the other four ghost characters? This is the story. Adrishyam Streaming on ETV Win since April 4th, the lady-oriented crime thriller "Adrishyam" has been receiving positive responses on OTT. A great option for those looking for a good suspense thriller to watch over the weekend. Aparna Balamurali played the lead role, under the direction of Sudheesh Ramachandran. The story begins when Janaki (Aparna Balamurali) goes to the police station and tells CI Karunan that she has killed her friend, even showing him the burial site. However, the plot thickens when Janaki claims to the media that CI Karunan committed the murder, shocking everyone. Further intrigue unfolds when two bodies are found at the burial site. Whose bodies are they? What happened to Janaki’s lover, Ashwin? This is the story. Chari 111 "Chari 111," the latest film starring comedian Vennela Kishore as a spy agent, received poor reviews in theaters but is now streaming on Amazon Prime from April 5th. However, it has been well-received by OTT audiences and is trending fourth nationwide on Amazon. In this movie, Chari (Vennela Kishore) is an agent at a spy agency called Rudranetra, where he is constantly reprimanded by his boss for silly mistakes. Chari is assigned to solve a human bomb blast case. How does he solve the case? Who is the criminal behind the crime? This is the story.
    April 12 , 2024
    MEGA HEROES: Mega Family's Domination in Tollywood... So Many Heroes?
    MEGA HEROES: Mega Family's Domination in Tollywood... So Many Heroes?
    Once upon a time in Tollywood, names like NTR, Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, and Superstar Krishna were synonymous with the industry. However, with the arrival of Chiranjeevi, the Telugu film industry saw a significant shift. Chiru, who delivered numerous superhits, established himself as the leading hero and paved the way for the younger generation in his family. Today, Mega Heroes reign supreme in Tollywood, with a minimum of one movie from them hitting the screens every 5 to 6 months. Let's have a glance at the Mega Heroes who are currently dominating the Tollywood scene. Pawan Kalyan Pawan Kalyan, Chiranjeevi's younger brother, stepped into Tollywood and quickly gained a massive fan following. Making his debut with the movie "Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi" (1996), Pawan rose to the top with hits like Suswagatham, Tholi Prema, and Kushi. Recently, his films Vakeel Saab and Bheemla Nayak have been successful at the box office. Currently, Pawan is busy shooting for his upcoming movies, Ustaad Bhagat Singh and Harihara Veera Mallu. Ram Charan Ram Charan, the son of Chiranjeevi, entered the industry and has now reached pan-India stardom with the movie RRR. Charan made his debut with the film Chirutha and later consolidated his position in Tollywood with the movie Magadheera. His fame grew exponentially with the film Rangasthalam, which was further elevated by RRR. Currently, Charan is working on the movie Game Changer, directed by Shankar. After that, he has a movie lined up with Uppena director Buchi Babu. Allu Arjun As Chiranjeevi's nephew and Allu Aravind's son, Allu Arjun entered the world of cinema. With his debut movie "Gangotri," Allu Arjun made a strong impression. Following that, films like Arya, Bunny, and Desamuduru solidified Allu Arjun's status as a leading hero. With the release of the Sukumar-directed film Pushpa, Allu Arjun gained pan-India recognition. He currently holds the top spot among Telugu heroes with the highest number of Instagram followers. Presently, Allu Arjun is busy shooting for Pushpa 2. Sai Dharam Tej Chiranjeevi's nephew, Sai Dharam Tej, also entered the industry as a Mega Hero. He captivated Telugu audiences with his 2014 film "Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham." He then garnered superhits through movies such as Subrahmanyam for Sale, Supreme, and Chitra Lahari. Sai Dharam Tej's latest movie, Virupaksha, is set to hit the screens on April 21st. Varun Tej As the son of Mega Brother Nagababu, Varun Tej made his entry into the film industry. With his debut film 'Mukunda,' Tej captivated everyone's attention. His films 'Kanche,' 'Antariksham,' 'Tholi Prema,' and 'Fida' became successful at the box office. Currently, Tej is acting in VT13 and 'Gandivdhari Arjuna’ films.   Panja Vaishnav Tej Panja Vaishnav Tej, another nephew of Chiranjeevi, also made his way into the industry. He achieved great success with his debut film 'Uppena.' His subsequent film 'Konda Polam' received critical acclaim as well. However, his recent film 'Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga' failed to impress Telugu audiences. Allu Sirish As Chiranjeevi's nephew and Allu Arjun's younger brother, Allu Sirish stepped into the film world. Sirish, who made his debut with 'Gouravam,' managed to win audiences over with films like 'Okka Kshanam,' 'ABCD,' and 'Kotha Janta.' His film 'Srirastu Subhamastu' was well-received by family audiences, but his latest movie 'Urvasivo Rakshasivo' fell flat at the box office. Kalyaan Dhev Chiranjeevi's son-in-law and Sreeja's husband, Kalyaan Dhev, also tried his luck as a hero. With the film 'Vijetha,' Kalyaan Dhev made his first appearance in Telugu cinema but failed to make a mark. His subsequent films 'Super Machi' and 'Kinnerasani' also failed to captivate Telugu audiences.
    April 15 , 2023
    Telugu Dubbed Movies: Don't Miss These Movies.. Must Watch at Least Once!
    Telugu Dubbed Movies: Don't Miss These Movies.. Must Watch at Least Once!
    Indian cinema has become more accessible recently. Audiences from one language are embracing movies released in other languages. If the content is good, the language barrier doesn't matter, and audiences are showering their love on these movies. In the past two years, many films from various languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi have been dubbed into Telugu. Let's see which super hit movies are available on which OTT platforms. [toc] Best Malayalam Movies in Telugu Premalu This recent film created a storm at the box office, captivating the youth with its unique storyline. It especially garnered significant collections in Telugu. The film is set in Hyderabad, which resonated well with the Telugu audience. Moving into the story of the film. Sachin dreams of pursuing higher education abroad, but after his visa gets rejected, he comes to Hyderabad for GATE coaching. He falls in love with Renu, a software employee, at first sight. Having already experienced failure in love, how does Sachin express his love to Renu? Who is Adi, who is also in love with Renu? Do Sachin and Renu end up together? That is the story. Manjummel Boys This film is a suspense thriller set against an emotional backdrop. It has achieved substantial collections nationwide across all languages. Moving into the story of the film. From Kochi, Kerala, Kuttan, Subhash, and their friends, together known as Manjummel Boys, go on a trip to Kodaikanal to explore the Gun Caves. There, Subhash accidentally falls into the dangerously deep Devil's Kitchen cave. What unfolds next? Why didn’t the police and rescue teams help? How did his friends attempt to rescue Subhash? This forms the crux of the story. Aavesham Recently, the Malayalam blockbuster "Aavesham" continued its impressive run across all languages. The film grossed over ₹150 crores, offering great entertainment in the comedy-action genre. Diving into the story of the film... In Kerala, three friends, BB (Mithun Jay Shankar), Aju (Hipster), and Shanthan (Roshan Shanawaz), study in an engineering college in Bangalore. They are frequently harassed by seniors without any reason. Deciding to teach the seniors a lesson, they inadvertently befriend a gangster named Ranga (Fahadh Faasil). The story unfolds around how Ranga's friendship transforms their lives. The Goat Life This film received critical acclaim and achieved success at the box office. Moving into the story of the film... Najeeb (Prithviraj Sukumaran), living happily with his wife Sainu (Amala Paul), decides to go to Dubai to earn money on a friend's advice. In Dubai, Najeeb finds himself trapped by Khalip and is forcibly confined to a desert where he must herd goats. The story continues with the struggles Najeeb faces to escape from there and whether he reunites with his family or not. RDX This martial arts-themed film became a blockbuster hit in Malayalam. 2018 Set against the backdrop of the Kerala floods, this emotional drama achieved great success at the box office. The film was directed by Anthony Joseph. King of Kotha Khanna Bhai (Dance Rose Shabeer), a drug dealer in Kotha town, and CI Shahul Hasan (Prasanna) vows to eradicate the drug mafia in the town. Shahul learns that Kotha was once under the control of Raju (Dulquer Salman) and that Khanna Bhai used to be a close friend of Raju. However, they fell out due to certain reasons. What caused their separation? What did CI Shahul Hasan do then? Romancham "Romancham" is a Malayalam comedy horror film directed by Jithu Madhavan. The film is based on real-life events. Diving into the story... It revolves around seven bachelor friends living in a house in Bangalore. Among them, one is employed, another repeatedly fails in his business ventures. Two manage to crack interviews but haven't received their offer letters yet. One works at a petrol station, and the remaining two drift through life without much activity. Into their ongoing lives, an unexpected event occurs. What is this event? How does it change their lives? This forms the crux of the story. Bramayugam Thevan, a singer, travels through a forest and comes across an abandoned mansion. The mansion is inhabited only by the owner, Mammootty (Kudumon Potti), and a cook. After a series of dramatic events, Thevan decides to flee the mansion. Why did Thevan want to escape? Who is Kudumon Potti? What is he doing in the forest? Anweshippin Kandethum  This film carries a good suspense and unfolds the narrative in an engaging manner. SI Anand Narayan gets suspended due to an incident. A young woman's murder turns into a mystery, bringing Anand back into action based on his track record. The story unfolds around how he solves the case and the lack of cooperation he faces from the public. Malaikottai Valiban This movie was made based on the story of a leader who fought against the British for independence. What challenges did Valiban (Mohanlal) face in this fight? How did he become a hero to the people of that region? This forms the plot of the story. Neru Sara Mahmud, a visually impaired young woman, becomes a victim of assault by the son of a wealthy businessman. Although the police arrest him, he quickly secures bail through his influential connections. Following this, Sara's parents turn to lawyer Vijay Mohan (played by Mohanlal) for help. The story then unfolds around how he ensures justice for Sara. Malikappuram Eight-year-old Shannu is a devoted follower of Lord Ayyappa. Unexpected events in Shannu's family lead her to embark on a journey to Sabarimala with her brother Bujji. What happens next? How does a gang involved in kidnapping children cause trouble for Shannu? What role does Mukundan play in the story? Best  Tamil movies in telugu DeAr Arjun (GV Prakash) strives to make a name for himself as a newsreader. However, he wakes up startled by even the slightest noise while sleeping. Into Arjun's life comes his wife, Deepika, who has a problem with snoring. How has this affected Arjun? This is the story. OTT:- Netflix Siren Although this film did not succeed at the box office, it received critical acclaim. Moving into the story of the film… Tilagan (Jayam Ravi) goes to jail for the murder of his wife (Anupama). Upon his release on parole, Tilagan starts killing politicians. Police officer Nandini (Keerthy Suresh) makes a concerted effort to catch him. Why is Tilagan committing these murders? Did he really kill his wife? OTT:- Hotstar LEO In a small town in Himachal Pradesh, Parthiban (Vijay) runs a coffee shop. His life with his wife Satya (Trisha) and two children is happy and content. Parthiban gains fame in the local newspaper for protecting the town's people from hyenas and vice versa. Meanwhile, Anthony Das (Sanjay Dutt) & his gang from Andhra Pradesh arrive in Himachal Pradesh searching for Leo Das. Who is Leo Das? What is his past? These questions form the rest of the story. OTT:- Netflix Jailer This film provided a solid success for Rajinikanth, who had been lacking a hit. It brought a rain of money at the box office. After a long time, fans will see the vintage Rajinikanth in this movie. Muthu Velu (Rajinikanth), a retired police officer with integrity and honesty, has a son, ACP Arjun, who also earns a reputation as an upright police officer. Arjun is killed by Varma (Vinayakan), the leader of an idol theft gang. What did Muthu Velu do next? How did he take revenge on Varma? OTT:- HotStar Vikram This film brought back the vintage Kamal Haasan once again. In every frame, Kamal Haasan's acting was spectacular. The movie achieved a massive success at the box office. Moving into the story of the film... After being suspended, agent Vikram goes underground to investigate a drug mafia case. He searches for a missing large drug container belonging to the drug mafia don Santanam. While underground, Vikram kills the person responsible for his son's death. Who killed Vikram's son? How did Santanam display cruelty in acquiring the drug container? What caused the enmity between Vikram and Santanam? The rest of the story unfolds these events. OTT:- Hotstar, Zee5 Kalvan In a forest, murders occur at night. Kemban, living like an orphan near this forest, commits thefts during the night. The story takes a turn when the heroine enters his life and discovers a truth about Kemban. What happens next? OTT:- Hotstar Ayalaan Aryan (Sharad Kelkar), realizing the future need for fuel, decides to dig deep into the earth. An alien, understanding the threat to the life forms on Earth due to this, lands in India. What situations does this alien encounter? What is the relationship between the hero Sivakarthikeyan and the alien? That's the story. OTT:- Sun Nxt Merry Christmas After seven years, Albert (Vijay Sethupathi) returns to Bombay, where he meets Maria (Katrina Kaif) and her daughter at a movie theater. She invites him to her home for Christmas celebrations. However, Maria's husband is found murdered. Who killed him? What is Albert's past? This forms the story. OTT:- Netflix Annapoorani: The Goddess of Food This film became somewhat controversial. While it was a hit in Tamil, it did not perform well in other languages. Moving into the story of the film... In the Srirangam temple in Tamil Nadu, Rangaraj is a chef. His daughter Annapoorani wants to become a chef like her father. Being born in a Brahmin family, her father considers it a sin to even touch non-vegetarian food. Did Annapoorani fulfill her dream of becoming a chef? This is the story. Japan This film is Karthi's 25th acting role. In this movie, Karthi excellently portrays a notorious thief. His character is hilariously crafted. In Hyderabad, jewels worth ₹200 crores are stolen from Royal Jewellery. Everyone suspects Golden Star Japan (Karthi) of committing the robbery. The Hyderabad police search for Japan, while the Kerala and Karnataka police are also on his trail. Japan is caught while trying to meet his girlfriend. However, investigations reveal that Japan did not commit the robbery. Who is the real culprit behind the jewelry theft? OTT:- Netflix Captain Miller The story is set in the backdrop of the 1930s. Eesa (Dhanush) is a young man belonging to a lower caste. Unable to bear the caste discrimination in his village, he joins the British Army for respect and dignity. He changes his name to Captain Miller. In a series of unexpected events, Miller joins a gang of robbers and steals a box needed by the British. Consequently, a British Army officer captures the people of Miller's village to apprehend him. What happens next? Does Miller return for the sake of his village people? What is inside the box that Miller stole? What roles do Shivarajkumar and Sandeep Kishan play in the movie? That forms the rest of the story. OTT:- Prime Video Chinna  Chinna (Siddharth), who holds a minor job in the municipality, takes responsibility for his niece Chitti (Sahasra Shree) after his brother's death. During this period, Munni (Sabiya), a friend of Chitti, becomes a victim of sexual assault. A video emerges, suggesting Chinna as the perpetrator. Meanwhile, Chitti goes missing. Was Chinna really behind the assault on Munni? How does Chinna find the missing Chitti? 800 Initially, Vijay Sethupathi was cast in this film, but due to significant protests from Tamil Nadu, he withdrew from the project. Moving into the story of the film... Muttiah Muralitharan is born into a Tamil family working in tea plantations. The family sets up a biscuit factory in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, conflicts between Sinhalese and Tamils escalate. Fearing for their son's life amid the 1970s clashes, Muttiah's parents take a crucial step. How did Muttiah develop an interest in cricket? How did he make his place in the Sri Lankan cricket team? What humiliations and challenges did he face as a player? OTT:- Prime Video Mark Antony Mark (Vishal), a mechanic, and his friend Chiranjeevi (Selva Raghavan) discover a telephone machine that can communicate with people from the past. Mark decides to call his deceased father, Antony.   OTT:- Prime Nayakudu Maharaju Ramapuram, an MLA from an oppressed community, and his son Raghu have not spoken to each other for years. A particular incident in Maharaju's life motivates Raghu to fight for his father. What is this issue? Why did they stop talking to each other? The rest of the story unfolds these events. OTT:- Netflix Sir Balagangadhar (Dhanush), a junior maths lecturer, goes to teach at a junior college in Siripuram village. The college management promises him a promotion to senior maths lecturer if all the students pass. However, the situation in Siripuram is not favorable for Balu. Still, with his words and actions, he influences the students of Siripuram. Subsequent dramatic events bring changes in Balu's life. What are those changes? OTT:- Netflix Best Kannada movies in telugu  Kabzaa Arkeshwar (Upendra), an officer in the Indian Air Force, was born into a family of freedom fighters. He falls in love with a wealthy girl, Madhumati (Shriya Saran). They decide to get married. Meanwhile, dangerous goons and political leaders turn Amarapur into a realm of crime for their control. How does Arkeshwar enter this world of crime and become a leader for the area? The rest of the story revolves around the challenges he faces. Sapta Sagaralu Dhaati Side B After returning from jail, Manu (Rakshit Shetty) joins a job. Haunted by memories of his beloved Priya (Rukmini Vasanth), he searches for her. Priya's husband, Gopal Deshpande, becomes an alcoholic due to business losses and neglects his home. Priya struggles to manage the household. Knowing his beloved isn't happy, what did Manu do to make her happy? How did he solve their problems? That is the rest of the story.  OTT:- Prime Video Ghost Big Daddy alias Ghost, along with his gang, takes over a prison and kidnaps former CBI officer Vaman Srinivas. The government sends Charan Raj to solve the case. Who is Big Daddy? What is his past? Why did he become Ghost? The rest of the story answers these questions. OTT:- Zee 5 Boys Hostel Ajit (Prajwal), living in a boys hostel with his friends, prepares a script for a short film. He writes a script about murdering their hostel warden with his friends. However, the warden actually dies, and a suicide note implicates Ajit and his friends, leading to a twist in the story. OTT:- Etv Win Kaatera This film achieved great success at the box office in Karnataka and received critical acclaim. Moving into the story of the film...  Kaatera (Darshan), serving a jail sentence for killing a landlord, is released on parole. Many then try to kill Kaatera. Who are they all? Why did Kaatera kill the landlord? What is the conflict between Kaatera and the landlords? That is the story. OTT:- Zee5 Toby Toby has been subjected to numerous harassments since childhood and reacts violently when angry. Unbeknownst to him, the innocent Tony is manipulated by village head Anand to commit murders. Upon realizing he's being used, what does Toby do? How does he seek revenge? OTT:- Sonyliv Best Hindi movies in telugu Amar Singh Chamkila This film is based on the life story of the folk singer Amar Singh Chamkila. Born into a poor family, how did he rise to become a singer with sheer determination? Who killed him when he became famous at the age of 27? The rest is the story. OTT:- Netflix Animal This film achieved a sensational success. Despite controversies over certain scenes, it overcame all obstacles and secured a substantial victory. The success of this film significantly expanded Ranbir Kapoor's market nationwide. Balbir Singh (Anil Kapoor) is one of the wealthiest people in the country. His son, Ran Vijay Singh (Ranbir Kapoor), has immense love for his father. However, his aggressive nature leads him to become distant from his father, and he moves to America. One day, Ran Vijay returns to India upon learning about an assassination attempt on his father. What happens next? How does the hero avenge the attack on Balbir? This is the story. OTT:- Netflix Maidaan The story revolves around the Indian football team's failure in the 1952 Olympics, leading to widespread criticism. How coach Syed Abdul Rahim (Ajay Devgn) addresses this situation, initiates his journey with new players, and their performance in the Olympics, and what he achieved as the coach of the Indian team forms the crux of the story. OTT:- Netflix Lust Stories 2 In "Lust Stories 2," the film unfolds through four distinct narratives. The first narrative involves Mrunal and Angad Bedi, who plan to marry with their families' approval. Yet, Mrunal’s grandmother insists that physical compatibility is more crucial than love in a marriage, setting the stage for the story's developments. The second story features a housemaid who, in her employer's absence, invites her husband over for intimate encounters, leading to unforeseen reactions from the homeowner. The third tale reunites Vijay Varma with his ex-girlfriend, Tamannah, years after their breakup, exploring the consequences of their renewed physical intimacy. The fourth narrative focuses on Kajal as she navigates her relationship with her passion-driven husband. Despite some criticism, the film was well-received by viewers. OTT:- Netflix Murder Mubarak A dead body is discovered in the Royal Delhi Club, creating a frenzy. ACP Singh dives into the investigation to unravel this mystery. Suspicions fall on the club members: Bambi (Sara Ali Khan), actress Shehnaz Noorani (Karishma Kapoor), Royal Ranvijay (Sanjay Kapoor), and lawyer Akash (Vijay Varma). But who committed the murder? What do the clues reveal? This is the story. OTT:- Netflix Bhakshak Journalist Vaishali, through her YouTube channel, delivers local news. She learns about sexual assaults happening in a local orphanage for girls, operated by a politically influential person. How did Vaishali expose his atrocities? What challenges did she face in the process? That's the story. OTT:- Netflix Gangubai Kathiawadi This film garnered national acclaim for Alia Bhatt's performance, winning her a Best Actress award at the national level. Delving into the plot... Gangubai Harjivandas (Alia Bhatt) grows up in a large family in Gujarat with a fervent love for cinema from a young age. Capitalizing on her dreams, her lover deceitfully takes her to Mumbai and sells her into a brothel. Trapped by her circumstances, she is forced to continue as a prostitute. Following several dramatic turns, Gangubai reaches a pivotal decision. What is this decision? And how does she work to improve the lives of fellow prostitutes? The story continues to explore these questions. OTT:- Netflix 83 This film portrays the background of India's victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup. It explores the challenges faced by the players, the hurdles posed by competitors, and how they overcame them to win the cup. The rest of the story details their journey to victory. OTT:- Hotstar Jawan A man, severely injured at the border, is saved by a mother and son. While in a coma, he's taken to their village for treatment. At the same time, the village is attacked by armed assailants. Emerging from the coma, the man fights them off, leading the villagers to worship him as a deity. He then asks about his identity and his connection to the boy. The boy promises to find out as he grows older. Who is this man? The rest of the story explores his identity and connection. OTT:- Netflix Gadar 2 Amidst a string of flops in Bollywood, this movie emerged as a success and provided a much-needed breath of fresh air to the industry. It achieved significant success at the box office. Moving into the story of the film... Tara Singh (Sunny Deol) disappears from the Indian borders. His son, thinking that Pakistan has captured him, ventures into the enemy country in disguise. Unexpectedly, Tara Singh returns home and learns that his son is in Pakistan. He goes to Pakistan to save his son, facing numerous challenges. This is the story. OTT:- Prime video
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    Top 25 Telugu Actresses in Bikini: Sizzling Heroines in Bikinis, Can you handle it?
    Top 25 Telugu Actresses in Bikini: Sizzling Heroines in Bikinis, Can you handle it?
    The Telugu film industry is renowned for its glamorous heroines who bring an undeniable allure to the screen. These talented actresses confidently embrace bold and steamy scenes, from intense sequences to bedroom moments. Beyond their cinematic presence, they also captivate fans on social media with stunning displays of beauty, including appearances in bikini suits that raise the temperature. It's not just the emerging stars; even the veteran actresses are proudly flaunting their curves. Here's a look at these dazzling beauties. [toc] Samantha Samantha is a leading actress in South India. Starting her career in modeling, Samantha made her Telugu cinema debut with Gautam Menon's "Ye Maaya Chesave" (2010), earning critical acclaim for her performance and achieving commercial success, which opened many chances for her in Telugu cinema. Following that, she starred in hit films like "Brindavanam," "Dookudu" (2011), "Eega" (2012), "Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu" (2012), "Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu" (2013), "Attarintiki Daredi" (2013), "Manam" (2014), "Majili" (2019), and "Kushi" (2023). She also gained recognition in the Hindi web series "The Family Man" Season 2 as Raji. While initially distancing herself from glamour roles, Samantha is now open to item songs, lip-lock scenes, and bedroom scenes. She actively engages her fans on social media and wows them with her hot photo shoots. She has a special fan base for her bikini photos. Take a look at Samantha in bikinis. Samantha Bikini Images Kajal Aggarwal Kajal Aggarwal has made her mark in the Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil film industries, debuting with "Lakshmi Kalyanam" in 2007. She rose to fame with her role in S.S. Rajamouli's "Magadheera," which was a major breakthrough in Tollywood. Following this, she starred in a string of successful movies including "Arya 2," "Darling," "Brindavanam," "Mr. Perfect," "Business Man," "Khaidi No. 150," and "Nene Raju Nene Mantri." For her performance in "Nene Raju Nene Mantri," she won the SIIMA award for Best Actress. Kajal Aggarwal is celebrated for her beauty, effortlessly gracing both traditional and contemporary outfits. While she generally chooses not to wear bikinis in public or in films, declining roles that require bikini scenes, there is a video that surfaced of her swimming in a bikini during her birthday celebrations. Kajal Agarwal bikini video https://twitter.com/TCINEUpdate/status/1670989988929077250 Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia is a distinguished actress who has made significant contributions to Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi cinema, appearing in over 70 films. She started her Telugu career with "Sree" in 2005 and rose to prominence with the success of "Happy Days" in 2007, which opened doors to many more roles. Notable Telugu films in her career include "Konchem Ishtam Konchem Kashtam," "100% Love," "Oosaravelli," "Racha," "Tadakha," "Baahubali: The Beginning," "Bengal Tiger," "Oopiri," "Baahubali 2: The Conclusion," "F2: Fun and Frustration," "Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy," and "F3: Fun and Frustration." In the Tamil film industry, she has enjoyed success in movies such as "Kallori," "Ayan," "Paiyaa," "Siruthai," "Veeram," "Dharma Durai," "Devi," "Sketch," and "Jailer." Tamannaah has also ventured into web series, starring in "November Story," "Jee Karda," and "Aakhri Sach," and has received mixed reviews for her roles in "Lust Stories 2." Despite the varied feedback, she continues to enchant audiences with her glamorous screen presence and captivating appearances in bikinis. Tamannaah Bhatia Bikini images View this post on Instagram A post shared by Think Music India (@thinkmusicofficial) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Tamannaah Bhatia (@tamannaahspeaks) Anushka Shetty Anushka Shetty made her entry into Tollywood with a blockbuster film ‘Super’ directed by Puri Jagannadh, co-starring Nagarjuna. She quickly ascended to stardom in Telugu cinema, featuring in major hits such as "Vikramarkudu" (2006) and "Lakshyam" (2007). Her fame continued to grow with remarkable performances in "Arundhati" (2009), "Billa" (2009), "Mirchi" (2013), "Baahubali: The Beginning" (2015), "Rudhramadevi" (2015), and "Baahubali: The Conclusion" (2017). With over 50 films to her credit, Anushka Shetty is esteemed as the only actress since Vijayashanthi to achieve the status of a female superstar in Telugu cinema. Anushka shetty Bikini Images Disha Patani Disha Patani began her acting career with the Telugu film "Loafer" (2015) and entered Hindi cinema with the biopic "M.S. Dhoni." She became closer to Telugu audiences with the film "Saaho." Disha captivates not only with her acting but also with her beauty. She has a separate fan base for her glamour show, regularly exciting young fans with her bikini photos. Disha Patani Bikini images Pragya Jaiswal Pragya Jaiswal primarily works in Telugu films. She gained recognition with the Telugu period drama "Kanche" (2015), winning the Filmfare Award for Best Debut Actress with her first film. Although currently lacking significant opportunities, she continues to attract attention with her glamour show. Take a look at her beauty. Pragya Jaiswal bikini Images Shweta Tiwari Shweta Tiwari is a Hindi cinema and television actress who first appeared in the serial "Aane Wala Pal" in 2000. Tiwari gained fame as the winner of "Bigg Boss 4" (2010-11) and "Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur" (2011). She knows no bounds when it comes to flaunting her beauty. Take a look for yourself. ShwetaTiwari Bikini Images Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone primarily works in Hindi films and is one of India's highest-paid actresses, with three Filmfare Awards to her name. She's listed among the country’s most popular personalities; TIME named her one of the most influential people in the world in 2018 and awarded her the TIME100 Impact Award in 2022. Deepika Padukone Bikini Images Pooja Hegde Pooja Hegde was introduced to Telugu cinema with "Oka Laila Kosam" (2014) and gained recognition with "Mukunda." She has since starred in hit films like "Duvvada Jagannadham," "Rangasthalam," "Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava," "Gaddalakonda Ganesh," "Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo," "Most Eligible Bachelor," "Radhe Shyam," "Beast," and "Maharshi," earning several awards including the G-Cine Awards for Best Actress for "Maharshi" and SIIMA Awards for Best Actress for "Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo" and "Most Eligible Bachelor." She has quickly become a goddess of beauty for Telugu audiences. Delight in her charms. Pooja Hegde Bikini Images Pooja Hegde Hot Videos https://twitter.com/RakeshR86995549/status/978983052364808194 View this post on Instagram A post shared by Pooja Hegde (@hegdepooja) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Pooja Hegde (@hegdepooja) Raashii Khanna Raashii Khanna has made a name for herself in both the Telugu and Hindi film industries. Originally aspiring to be an IAS officer, she shifted her focus to modeling and then acting, gaining fame with "Oohalu Gusagusalade" in Telugu. She has since appeared in hit films like "Prati Roju Pandage," "Jil," and "Jai Lava Kusa." As opportunities in Telugu declined, she turned to Hindi cinema where she continues to be the talk of the town with her hot glamour show. Raashii Khanna has a strong following, and her photos quickly gather hundreds of thousands of likes. Raashii Khanna Bikini Images Dimple Hayathi Dimple Hayathi, a Telugu cinema actress, debuted with "Gulf" (2017). However, she gained recognition with the super hit item song in "Gaddalakonda Ganesh." She later starred alongside Ravi Teja in "Khiladi" and Gopichand in "Rambanam," although both films were unsuccessful at the box office. Dimple is known for her dance skills, captivating audiences with her moves. Her beauty is also on par with her dance, and saying her bikini looks are unmatched by any other actress is no exaggeration. Take a thorough look at her allure. Dimple Hayathi Bikini Images https://twitter.com/PicShareLive/status/1525365506471231488 Ketika Sharma Ketika Sharma is a Telugu film actress who first caught the attention of Tollywood audiences with her role in a romantic film released in 2021. Although the film did not succeed at the box office, Ketika was praised for her compelling performance. Known for her charm, grace, and versatility, she quickly won over Telugu cinema fans. Active on social media, Ketika has become a glamorous icon, frequently captivating her followers with her stylish photoshoots. Prior to her film career, she gained initial fame with her viral video 'Thug Life' in 2016. Her engaging YouTube content, modeling pursuits, and Dubsmash videos earned her a significant online following. Her striking photoshoots continue to enchant fans, showcasing her ability to adapt various looks. Ketika Sharma Bikini Images Catherine Tresa Catherine Tresa is a dynamic actress known for her work across Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Tamil cinema. She initially made a significant impact in Telugu films with a standout performance and gained further recognition through a notable role in a Kannada film with Upendra. She has also starred in a film alongside Allu Arjun. Among her acclaimed performances are roles in successful films such as "Sarrainodu," "Nene Raju Nene Mantri," "Bheemla Nayak," and "Vadaladu." Before entering the film industry, Catherine was a model, endorsing well-known brands like Nalli Silks, Chennai Silks, Fastrack, and Deccan Chronicle. Her acting skills and magnetic screen presence have consistently drawn accolades from critics and fans alike. Catherine Tresa Bikini images Mrunal Thakur Mrunal Thakur entered the limelight with the Hindi film (2018). Her role in the Telugu remake of Jersey opposite Shahid Kapoor further solidified her position in Bollywood. She later appeared in Telugu cinema with the film Sita Ramam, garnering praise for her performance. The film's success across languages established her as a versatile actress. She won two awards for her role in the film. Following this, Mrunal starred in Nani's Hi Nanna (2023), which also fared well at the box office. With each project, she continues to expand her horizons and captivate audiences with her acting skills. Mrunal Thakur Bikini images Mrunal Thakur hot video https://twitter.com/MassssVishnu/status/1786566946600988750 https://twitter.com/MrunalThakur143/status/1788433120221401193 https://twitter.com/SastaJasoos/status/1788498532162236427 Anasuya Bharadwaj Anasuya Bharadwaj, known for her impactful anchoring and glamorous persona, made her acting debut with the film Naaga(2003). She gained attention for her role in the film Soggade Chinni Nayana alongside Nagarjuna. Her glamorous avatar in the film earned her accolades. Anasuya received widespread acclaim for her performance in Rangasthalam, where she portrayed a pivotal role. Her contributions to films like Kshanam, Pushpa, and Ranga Maarthaanda have been lauded by audiences and critics alike. Apart from her acting prowess, Anasuya is also known for her stint as a television anchor, particularly in the show Bigg Boss. Her bold choices and impactful performances continue to impress audiences. Anasuya Bharadwaj Bikini images View this post on Instagram A post shared by Anasuya Bharadwaj (@itsme_anasuya) Nidhhi Agerwal Nidhhi Agerwal is primarily known for her work in Telugu and Hindi cinema. She made her debut in Telugu with the film Savyasachi, followed by a successful stint in Bollywood with the film Munna Michael. Her performance in the Telugu film iSmart Shankar catapulted her to fame. She also starred opposite Pawan Kalyan in Hari Hara Veera Mallu. Nidhhi is widely recognized as a glamorous icon on social media. Alongside her film career, she has also made appearances on various talk shows, showcasing her charm and wit. Her bikini photoshoots, though few, have left a lasting impact. Those who have seen them have praised her beauty and confidence. Nidhhi Agerwal Bikini Images Mehreen Kaur Pirzada Mehreen Kaur Pirzada is a Telugu film actress who gained recognition with the film Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha. Her pairing with actor Nani received acclaim. Later, she starred alongside Ravi Teja in the film Raja The Great. Following its success, she acted in a film alongside the legendary actor Chiranjeevi. Mehreen's performances have been appreciated by both critics and audiences. With her talent and charm, she continues to make strides in the Telugu film industry. Mehreen Kaur Pirzada Bikini Videos View this post on Instagram A post shared by MEHREEN 🌟🧿 (@mehreenpirzadaa) View this post on Instagram A post shared by MEHREEN 🌟🧿 (@mehreenpirzadaa) View this post on Instagram A post shared by MEHREEN 🌟🧿 (@mehreenpirzadaa) Manushi Chillar Manushi Chhillar is a prominent model and was crowned Miss World 2017, becoming the sixth Indian woman to achieve this title. She entered the Tollywood scene with the film "Operation Valentine" and has also appeared in Bollywood, notably in "Bade Miyan Chote Miyan." Her bikini photos are quite self-explanatory. Manushi Chillar Bikini Images Manushi Chillar Bikini videos View this post on Instagram A post shared by Manushi Chhillar (@manushi_chhillar) https://twitter.com/ManushiChhillar/status/1787462061280166182 Sobhita Dhulipala Sobhita Dhulipala is an Indian actress renowned for her work across Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam cinema. She clinched the title of Femina Miss India Earth 2013 and subsequently represented India at the Miss Earth 2013 pageant. Sobhita made her film debut in Anurag Kashyap's "Raman Raghav 2.0" (2016) and gained prominence with her role in the Amazon Prime Video series "Made in Heaven" (2019). Known for her glamorous presence, Sobhita exudes a timeless elegance in both traditional and contemporary outfits, providing a visual feast of her refined style. Sobhita Dhulipala bikini images View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sobhita (@sobhitad) Tripti Dimri Tripti Dimri made her film debut in the comedy movie "Poster Boys" (2017) and landed her first lead role in the romantic drama "Laila Majnu" (2018). She further established herself with her roles in Anvita Dutt's period films "Bulbbul" (2020) and "Qala" (2022). Her national recognition increased significantly with her performance in the film "Animal." Tripti has received critical acclaim for her acting, was listed in Forbes Asia’s 30 Under 30 in 2021, and was ranked eighth in Rediff.com’s 2020 list of Bollywood's best actresses. Explore the charm of her performances. Tripti Dimri Bikini images View this post on Instagram A post shared by Triptii Dimri (@tripti_dimri) Shirley Setia Shirley Setia made her Telugu cinema debut with "Krishna Vrinda Vihari" (2022), which garnered decent recognition despite the film's moderate success. Previously, she was known for her appearance in the web series "Lockdown" (2018). Shirley showcases a versatile array of talents, excelling not only as an actress but also as a singer. Her captivating charm and beauty are undeniable, adding to her appeal as a performer. Shirley Setia Bikini Images
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