• Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu
    Vijay (Sohail) aspires to become a great director and falls in love with Hasini (Mrunalini). Venkataramana (Rajendra Prasad) is not only wealthy but also a staunch traditionalist. He disapproves of his daughter Hasini's love affair with Vijay. The rest of the story is about how they succeed in their love.
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    Syed Sohel
    as Vijay
    Rajendra Prasad
    as Venkatramana
    Varun Sandesh
    as Actor in Vijay's film (cameo appearance)
    Rashmi Gautam
    as Actress in Vijay's film (cameo appearance)
    as Shakuntala
    as Munikonda
    as Reporter
    Ajay Ghosh
    as Gajula Gangarao
    as Haasini's prospective groom
    as Simham
    as Munikonda's mother
    Raja Raveendar
    as Mr. Ramesh
    Shanoor Sana
    as Haasini's prospective groom's mother
    Prudhvi Raj
    as Haasini's prospective groom's father
    Harsha Chemudu
    as Raghu, Vijay's friend
    Babu Mohan
    as Mohan
    Shanmukh Jaswanth
    as Haasini's prospective groom
    Rocket Raghava
    as Munikonda's assistant
    Kotesh Manava as Dr. Dhanraj Chakravarthy
    S. V. Krishna Reddy
    Koneru KalpanaProducer
    S. V. Krishna Reddy
    S. V. Krishna Reddy
    Ram Prasad
    Prawin Pudi
    Mirnalini Ravi: Did You Know These facts of  'Love Guru' Fame Mirnalini Ravi?
    Mirnalini Ravi: Did You Know These facts of  'Love Guru' Fame Mirnalini Ravi?
    Young beauty Mirnalini Ravi is making waves in both Telugu and Tamil cinemas. Her latest film 'Love Guru' is set to release in Telugu on April 11. Tamil star hero Vijay Antony has played the lead role in it. Recently, Mirnalini's acting in the trailer, especially a scene where she pours liquor into a glass for her husband Vijay Antony in the honeymoon room, has captivated everyone. This has led audiences to eagerly search for more information about this beauty. Here are the full details about her. Where was Mirnalini Ravi born? Mirnalini was born in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu. What is Mirnalini Ravi's date of birth? May 10, 1995 Where did Mirnalini Ravi complete her education? Bangalore Which school did Mirnalini Ravi attend? Lake Montfort School, Bangalore What did Mirnalini Ravi study? Mirnalini completed her B.Tech at the East Point Group of Institutions in Bangalore. She also worked in an IT company. Who are Mirnalini Ravi's parents? Her father's name is Vishal Ravi. Her mother's name has not been mentioned anywhere. How old is Mirnalini Ravi? 29 years (as of 2024) What is Mirnalini Ravi's weight? 60 kg How tall is Mirnalini Ravi? 5 feet 7 inches How did Mirnalini Ravi become famous? She caught everyone's attention by making reels on TikTok and Dubsmash. What was Mirnalini Ravi's first film? The 2019 Tamil film 'Super Deluxe' was Mirnalini's debut film. Director Thiagarajan Kumararaja gave her a chance after seeing her videos on social media. What was Mirnalini Ravi's first Telugu film? Gaddalakonda Ganesh What Telugu films has Mirnalini Ravi done so far? Gaddalakonda Ganesh, Organic Mama Hybrid Alludu. What Tamil films has Mirnalini Ravi done so far? ‘Super Deluxe’, ‘Champion’, ‘Enemy’, ‘MGR Magan’, ‘Jango’, ‘Cobra’... What are Mirnalini Ravi's hobbies? Traveling, reading, singing Is Mirnalini Ravi married? No Does Mirnalini Ravi eat non-vegetarian food? Yes, she enjoys non-vegetarian items. Who are Mirnalini Ravi's favorite actor and actress? She hasn't revealed her favorite actors or actresses. What is Mirnalini Ravi's Instagram account link? https://www.instagram.com/mirnaliniravi/
    April 10 , 2024
    Sohel in Tears Asking Why People Aren't Watching His Movie?
    Sohel in Tears Asking Why People Aren't Watching His Movie?
    Sohel, who captivated the audience with his performance in the Telugu reality show Bigg Boss Season 4, went on to act as the hero in several films after the show. Despite these films receiving average feedback, his latest movie 'Bootcut Balaraju' was released in theaters on Friday (February 2nd). Sohel's emotional comments following the movie's release went viral on the internet, as he opened up about his feelings, visibly upset. While some supported Sohel's remarks, many disagreed, leading to various comments. Let's delve into the matter. 'Why won't you go watch my movie?' Despite 'Bootcut Balaraju' being a film with a good storyline, Sohel was emotionally affected by the lack of audience turnout. "Don't people want to watch family movies anymore? I make movies that can be watched with brothers, sisters, and all family members. This movie ('Bootcut Balaraju') is such a film. Everyone who has seen the movie enjoyed it. Please go watch my movie. Why aren't you going to the theaters? What happened? Didn't you all support 'Sohel, Sohel' when I was in Bigg Boss? Why aren't you supporting me now?" Sohel questioned everyone. https://twitter.com/i/status/1753489890397098009 Netizens' Reaction is Just This! With even Bigg Boss host Nagarjuna's movies lacking viewers, netizens comment, "Who will watch your movie, Sohel Saab?" Many netizens criticize Sohel's demand for audience attendance at his movie, suggesting that such statements might deter even those considering going. Netizens argue that even star hero Pawan Kalyan's content-rich movies are struggling with attendance, reminiscing how audiences didn't turn up for Mahesh's 'Guntur Mirchi' either, as stated by the producer back then. A netizen suggested that Sohel should change his approach, questioning, "Did we ask you to make a movie? How can everyone become a hero and ask us to watch their movie?" One commented on the necessity of patience for success in the industry, noting how even well-backed actors like Bellamkonda Sreenivas and Akhil Akkineni haven't scored a definitive hit yet, asking if they've ever publicly lamented this. Another advised Sohel to reflect on why audiences might not be watching his movies, noting that neither crying nor threatening will work. The Cause of Sohel's Frustration! After exiting Bigg Boss, Sohel worked on three movies - 'Lucky Lakshman', 'Organic Mama.. Hybrid Alludu', and 'Mr. Pregnant'. However, the lack of significant success with these films pinned all his hopes on the latest 'Bootcut Balaraju', for which Sohel is also the producer. The pre-release event faced financial constraints, leading to anchor Suma hosting it for free. Despite overcoming numerous challenges to make the film, the lack of audience support on the opening day left Sohel devastated as he expressed his heartfelt emotions.
    February 03 , 2024

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