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    'Saripodhaa Sanivaram', starring Nani and directed by Vivek Athreya, marking their collaboration post 'Ante Sundaraniki'. Priyanka Arul Mohan plays the female lead, while SJ Suryah is seen in a crucial role. The film is set to release on August 29.
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    as Surya
    S. J. Surya
    Priyanka Mohan
    as Charu
    Aditi Balan
    as Bhadra
    P. Sai Kumar
    Subhalekha Sudhakar
    Vennela Kishore
    Vivek Athreya
    D. V. V. Danayya
    Vivek Athreya
    Jakes Bejoy
    Murali G
    Karthika Srinivas
    Saripodhaa Sanivaaram First Single: Nani's Mass Rampage in First Single
    Saripodhaa Sanivaaram First Single: Nani's Mass Rampage in First Single
    The excitement for the film 'Saripodhaa Sanivaaram,' featuring Natural Star Nani, is growing daily. Following the successes of 'Dasara' and 'Hi Nanna,' Nani is poised to achieve a hat-trick of hits. The promotional posters and previews hint that he will be starring in an outright mass entertainer this time. Directed by Vivek Athreya and produced by DVV Entertainment, this marks Nani's second collaboration with Athreya after the romantic comedy 'Ante Sundaraniki,' which was well-received. The duo is set to reunite for 'Saripodhaa Sanivaaram.' Recently, the filmmakers released the movie's first single, which has quickly become a sensation on social media. Saripodhaa Sanivaaram First Single The first single from 'Saripodhaa Sanivaaram,' titled 'Garam Garam,' has taken social media by storm. Packed with mass appeal elements, the song has caught everyone off guard. The catchy lyrics, written by Sahapathi Bharadwaj's son, effectively highlight the hero's persona in the film. With Jakes Bejoy's compelling composition and Vishal Dadwani's dynamic vocals, the song has reached new heights. Its energetic beats are captivating the audience. Overall, Nani's fans are thoroughly enjoying the track, hailing it as another definite hit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlbnA4pWwsQ&feature=youtu.be Will it Cross 100 Crores? Nani's film 'Dasara' grossed 100 crores. However, his subsequent film 'Hi Nanna,' despite receiving positive reviews, underperformed in terms of collections. Consequently, Nani has opted for a storyline rich in mass elements for his next film and is meticulously overseeing every detail. There is industry buzz suggesting that this film might also surpass the 100 crore mark, similar to 'Dasara.' Cast of the Movie Alongside Nani, Priyanka Mohan stars as the heroine. They previously collaborated in the movie 'Gang Leader.' After a considerable hiatus, they are teaming up again for a full-fledged mass entertainer. Tamil star director and actor S.J. Surya is cast in a role opposite Nani, heightening anticipation for the film among fans and audiences. Other notable actors, including Aditi Balan, Saikumar, and Shubhaleka Sudhakar, also feature in this movie. Shooting Wrap Up The shooting of the film is almost finished, with the majority taking place in Hyderabad. The posters released depict Nani in a striking mass look. Murali G serves as the cinematographer, and Karthik Srinivas is the editor. Mythri Movie Makers plan to release the film across Pan India languages on August 29.
    June 15 , 2024
    Nani HBD: What Did Star Heroes Say About Nani? Goosebumps Guaranteed!
    Nani HBD: What Did Star Heroes Say About Nani? Goosebumps Guaranteed!
    When it comes to self-made heroes of this generation, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is Nani. Entering the industry without any background, Nani has made his mark and stood among star heroes through his dedication and perseverance. Today, being Nani’s birthday (#HappyBirthdayNani), videos related to him are making rounds on the internet. Meanwhile, with Nani's upcoming movie ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’ (#SaripodhaaSanivaaram) gearing up for release, videos with the movie’s hashtag are also going viral. Let’s take a look at the videos that are shaking up social media about Nani. Nani is a hero admired by everyone in the industry. Videos of praises from celebrities like Mahesh, Rajamouli, Allu Arjun, Ravi Teja, and director Sukumar about Nani are going viral on the internet. Take a look at it here. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761065464669864301 At an event related to Nani’s movie, guest Pawan Kalyan expressed his fondness for the Natural Star’s personality and wished for God to grant him great successes. This video is being trending by Pawan's fans in celebration of Nani’s birthday. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761097491502772606 Sandeep Reddy Vanga, a sensational director in Tollywood, also praised Nani in an interview. Recalling the days when Nani, as an assistant director, would share a steel plate with others for meals, Sandeep admired how far Nani has come today. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761098448496115970 Director Hanu Raghavapudi, who worked with Nani on ‘Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha’, reminisced about the shooting days and lauded Nani for never stepping out of character, staying immersed throughout. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761214343755256110 Allu Arjun, at an audio function, mentioned that he was very impressed by ‘Shyam Singha Roy’ starring Nani and praised his acting. Currently, this video is also being trending by fans as part of Nani’s birthday celebrations. https://twitter.com/i/status/1480588099688153089 Another interesting video going viral on social media for Nani’s birthday involves healthy comments made by Nani about fellow stars Prabhas, Tarak, and other heroes. See what Nani said in the video below. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761060076645711983 A video inspiring the youth, where Nani talks about overcoming obstacles to achieve their dreams, is captivating netizens. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761106534715797807 Additionally, motivational videos of Nani are circulating with the #HappyBirthdayNani hashtag. Nani shares the challenges he faced at the beginning of his career on various platforms, and a video compiling all these is attracting fans. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761124945327747406 “Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth, Chiranjeevi, and then Nani...” goes a video showcasing Nani as an incredible actor in South India, with Ravi Teja praising him in the video. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761229505295745273 Another video compiling memorable moments and highlight scenes from Nani’s career so far is captivating the audience. https://twitter.com/i/status/1761018169005584453 For Nani’s birthday, an intriguing poster from his upcoming movie ‘Saripodhaa Sanivaaram’ was released. Nani looks aggressive in the poster, surrounded by flames and wearing a mask. There’s speculation in film circles that the movie might release on either August 14 or August 28. https://twitter.com/TheAakashavaani/status/1761255871374614584?s=20
    February 26 , 2024
    Nani HBD: From Assistant Director to Natural Star... Nani's Inspirational Journey!
    Nani HBD: From Assistant Director to Natural Star... Nani's Inspirational Journey!
    In Tollywood, when we talk about a young hero who made it without any film background, the first name that comes to everyone's mind is Natural Star Nani. With no connections in the industry, Nani carved a niche for himself with his acting talent. He climbed the ladder of success with each film, proving his mettle with unforgettable roles. Making his debut with the film "Ashta Chamma," Nani eventually rose to become a Pan India star with the success of "Dasara." Recently, with "Hi Nanna," he has etched an indelible mark in the hearts of family audiences. With these two films, Nani has proven that he is not just a Tier 2 hero but a major force in cinema. He is now ready to create a stir in theaters with his latest film, "Saripodhaa Sanivaaram." Nani's journey to success (Happy Birthday Nani) wasn't overnight. His choice of stories, the challenges he faced in the film industry, have all contributed to his standing today. On Nani's birthday, let's take a moment to revisit his cinematic journey, his hit films, and the roles that have helped him establish himself in the industry. Ashta Chamma (2008) Nani's natural acting talent was first introduced to Telugu audiences through "Ashta Chamma." This film not only showcased Nani's acting capabilities but also tagged him as the boy-next-door. His performance as Mahesh was so natural that it left a strong impression right from his debut film, opening doors to numerous opportunities. Ride (2009) In "Ride," Nani's portrayal of Arjun brought out his acting prowess. Playing a young man battling life's challenges, Nani's expressions and emotional depth were commendable. This role further established him as an emerging actor in the industry. Ala Modalaindi (2011) With "Ala Modalaindi," Nani made his mark as a solo hero for the first time. His role as Gautham, filled with comedy, introduced a new facet of Nani to the audience. His excellent comic timing was a major highlight, and the chemistry with heroine Nithya made the film a super hit, cementing Nani's career path. Pilla Zamindar (2011) "Pilla Zamindar" showcased Nani as a comedy star. His performance in every scene was notable for its humor and emotional depth, making the film a box office success. Eega (2012) Working with director Rajamouli in "Eega" was a turning point in Nani's career. Though he appeared on screen for a short duration, his role as a reincarnated fly was memorable and contributed significantly to the film's success. Bhale Bhale Magadivoy (2015) In "Bhale Bhale Magadivoy," Nani played a character with a forgetful nature, entertaining audiences with his impeccable comedy timing and emotional expressions. His role as Lucky received praise from critics, significantly boosting his fan following. Nenu Local (2017) "Nenu Local" elevated Nani to the league of leading heroes. His performance was a standout, making him a favorite among producers. The film's success proved that a movie with Nani is a guaranteed hit at the box office. MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) (2017) In MCA, Nani portrayed a middle-class boy, earning high praise for his performance. The film, made on a budget of Rs. 25 crores, grossed Rs. 70 crores at the box office, thanks to Nani's popularity. Ninnu Kori (2017) "Ninnu Kori" took Nani's acting to another level. Playing a lover and a heartbroken man, he captivated the audience, especially in the climax, where his performance was emotionally stirring. Jersey (2019) "Jersey" showcased Nani's full potential as an actor. Playing a failed cricketer, he delivered a performance so convincing that it was hard to imagine anyone else in the role. His portrayal in emotional scenes was particularly powerful, earning him widespread acclaim. Gang Leader (2019) In "Gang Leader," Nani appears as a person who assists a group of five women, a character completely different from the one he played in "Jersey" released the same year. As Pencil Parthasarathy, Nani brings laughter and in the second half, excites as a young man who outsmarts the antagonist. V (2020) In the film "V," Nani is seen in a negative role, delivering a performance that does justice to the challenging character. This film proved Nani's versatility, showcasing his ability to excel in any given role. Tuck Jagadish (2021) Nani fully embodies the character in "Tuck Jagadish," once again proving his unparalleled skills in emotional scenes. In a nutshell, Nani carried this film on his shoulders. Shyam Singha Roy (2021) In "Shyam Singha Roy," featuring a reincarnation storyline, Nani performs dual roles as Vasu and Shyam Singha Roy, excelling in both. His appearance, dialogue delivery, and expressions in this film are refreshingly new. Ante... Sundaraniki! (2022) In "Ante... Sundaraniki!" released last year, Nani plays a young man from a Brahmin family, fully immersing himself in the character of Sundar Prasad. His impeccable comedy timing once again wins over the audience. Dasara (2023) In "Dasara," Nani portrays a rustic character, capturing hearts with his portrayal of Dharni. This pan-India film has won over Bollywood audiences as well, with expectations high for it to become one of the best in terms of collections and performance in Nani's career. Hi Nanna (2023) "Hi Nanna," directed by young director Shauryuv and starring Nani and Mrunal Thakur, is filled with heart-touching emotions, greatly appealing to family audiences. Nani's exceptional performance has once again captured hearts. From "Ashta Chamma" to "Hi Nanna," Nani's cinematic journey is nothing short of remarkable. Utilizing every opportunity to grow, Nani's rise serves as an inspiration to current and future generations of actors. His string of successes in the industry stands as a testament to his dedication, hard work, and talent. Here's wishing Natural Star Nani to reach even greater heights in his career, with heartfelt wishes from YOUSAY.
    February 24 , 2024
    Exclusive: The Rise of Telugu Cinema's stars: Actors Who Achieved Stardom Through Talent and Determination
    Exclusive: The Rise of Telugu Cinema's stars: Actors Who Achieved Stardom Through Talent and Determination
    The Telugu industry is replete with numerous heroes. Offspring from illustrious star families and children of directors and producers have made their mark as heroes. Nonetheless, some individuals have ascended to stardom in Tollywood without any prior industry connections, winning over Telugu audiences through their exceptional acting prowess. These young heroes demonstrate that with dedication and persistence, anyone can climb the ladder of success in the industry. Who are these self-made heroes? How did they begin their cinematic journey? What films propelled them to stardom? Let's delve into these questions in this special feature. Nani When you think of a self-made hero of this generation, Nani often stands out. He began his career behind the scenes as an assistant director and first gained attention as a leading man in "Ashta Chamma". Nani's captivating performances in films such as "Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu", "Ala Modalaindi", "Pilla Zamindar", "Eega", "Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu", "Bhale Bhale Magadivoy", "Nenu Local", "Jersey", "Shyam Singha Roy", and "Dasara" have solidified his status as a star. His latest film, "Hi Nanna", Saripodhaa Sanivaaram is scheduled for release on August 29th. Vijay Devarakonda Young hero Vijay Devarakonda faced numerous challenges early in his career, often playing supporting roles while waiting for the right opportunities. He entered the industry with "Nuvvila" and appeared in minor roles in "Life is Beautiful" and "Yevade Subramanyam". His career took a significant turn with Tharun Bhascker’s "Pelli Choopulu", marking his establishment as a lead actor. Vijay then became an overnight sensation with Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s "Arjun Reddy", quickly gaining a massive youth following. "Geetha Govindam" expanded his appeal to family audiences, and his recent film "Family Star" further solidified his status in Telugu cinema. Siddhu Jonnalagadda Born and raised in Hyderabad, young hero Siddhu Jonnalagadda entered the industry driven by his passion for acting. He started with small roles in films like "Josh", "Orange'', and "Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu", without gaining much recognition initially. However, his transition to a leading actor began with Praveen Sattaru’s "LBW". "Guntur Talkies' ' later helped him gain more recognition as a lead actor. Despite intermittent successes, it wasn't until the 2022 hit "DJ Tillu'' that Siddhu's career truly soared, establishing him as a star. The success of its sequel, "Tillu Square'', further cemented his status, with box office earnings exceeding 100 crores, leading to plans for "Tillu Cube". Naveen Polishetty Naveen Polishetty, another self-made star, faced numerous challenges with minor roles at the beginning of his career. He was introduced to the industry in Shekar Kammula's "Life is Beautiful". Despite his involvement in films like "D for Dopidi" and "1: Nenokkadine", widespread recognition was slow to come. His breakthrough came with the 2019 hit "Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya", which propelled his name throughout the industry. His role in "Jathi Ratnalu" significantly boosted his popularity, and his recent film "Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty" alongside star actress Anushka was also a success, solidifying Naveen as a dependable leading actor in Tollywood. Teja Sajja Young hero Teja Sajja, originally a beloved child actor, captivated Telugu audiences in films alongside stars such as Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu, Venkatesh, and Jr. NTR. He made his debut as a lead actor with the 2019 hit "Zombie Reddy", which was a significant success. His following films, "Ishq" and "Adbhutham", also received positive responses. Recently, Teja starred in the Pan-India film "Hanu man", directed by Prashanth Varma, which garnered substantial attention, particularly in northern India, significantly boosting his popularity. He is currently working on "Super Yodha", continuing his upward trajectory in the film industry. Adivi Sesh Star hero Adivi Sesh, without any industry background, first appeared as a hero in "Karma" and quickly garnered recognition. He played supporting roles in films like "Panja", "Balupu", "Run Raja Run", "Baahubali", and "Ami Thumi". His career trajectory changed with the spy thriller "Goodachari", which was a hit with Telugu audiences. He solidified his status with successful films such as "Evaru", "Major", and "HIT: The Second Case", marking him as a star in the industry. Adivi Sesh is currently engaged in the sequel to "Goodachari". Priyadarshi Actor Priyadarshi, who had a deep interest in films from a young age, tirelessly pursued opportunities without any industry connections. He achieved his breakthrough with the 2016 film "Terror," where he played as a terrorist. That same year, "Pelli Choopulu" earned him significant recognition. Known for his humorous dialogue delivery, Priyadarshi gained further popularity with "Jathi Ratnalu." His recent performances in lead roles in "Balagam" and "Mangalavaaram" have cemented his status as a star actor in the industry.
    April 18 , 2024
    Ugadi Special Movie Posters: New Movie Posters Shaking Up Social Media.. Take a Look!
    Ugadi Special Movie Posters: New Movie Posters Shaking Up Social Media.. Take a Look!
    On the occasion of Ugadi, posters of several new movies have been released, creating quite a buzz on the internet. Various production houses have released posters related to their movies, extending Ugadi greetings to Telugu audiences. Along with the posters, they have brought forward some exciting updates about their films. Let's now take a look at the new movie posters released specially for Ugadi. Saripodhaa Sanivaram A captivating poster from 'Saripodhaa Sanivaram', starring Nani as the hero, was released. Renowned actor Saikumar is seen alongside Nani in this poster. Directed by Vivek Athreya, the film features Priyanka Arul Mohan as Nani's co-star. The makers have announced through this poster that the movie is set to release on August 29. RT 75 Ravi Teja, who recently appeared before the audience with the movie ‘Eagle’, has announced his next project on the occasion of Ugadi. A poster for the movie, with the working title ‘RT75’, has been released. Prominent writer Bhanu Bogavarapu is directing this film. Love Mouli The movie ‘Love Mouli’, starring famous actor Navdeep under the direction of Avaneendra, has released its trailer as an Ugadi special. Pankhuri Gidwani is playing the female lead in this film. The trailer has garnered attention from the viewers. https://twitter.com/i/status/1777920829575078381 Aranmanai 4 An Ugadi special poster from ‘Aranmanai 4’, starring Raashii Khanna, Tamannaah, and directed by Sundar. C, was also released. Extending festival greetings, the makers have launched this poster, which is currently captivating movie enthusiasts. Committee Kurrollu Under the presentation of Niharika Konidela, the first production titled 'Committee Kurrollu' was announced for Ugadi. Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej announced this title and congratulated the film unit. The special thing about this movie is that it is being directed by Yedu Vamsi with new faces. https://twitter.com/i/status/1777941376782786758 Dhoom Dhaam The new poster from 'Dhoom Dhaam,' starring Chaitanya Krishna and Hebah Patel, has also grabbed attention. The main cast of the movie is featured in this poster. The movie is directed by Sai Kishore. A Master Peace A new movie titled 'A Master Peace' directed by Suku Purvaj has released a festive poster featuring Aravind Krishna, Jyothi Purvaj, and Ashu Reddy in the lead roles. This mythology and science fiction genre movie poster has captivated the audience. The makers plan to release this movie within this year. Devaki Nandana Vasudeva The latest movie 'Devaki Nandana Vasudeva' starring Mahesh Babu's nephew Ashok Galla released a poster extending Ugadi greetings. Ashok Galla's look in the poster is captivating. Bhale Unnade! A poster from 'Bhale Unnade,' starring young actor Raj Tarun, was released. In this poster, Raj Tarun is seen drawing a rangoli in front of a house. Pratinidhi 2 'Pratinidhi 2,' starring Nara Rohit and directed by renowned journalist Murthy Devaguptapu, also released a poster on Ugadi, making rounds on social media. Krishnamma A solid update came from Satya Dev's latest movie 'Krishnamma' for Ugadi. The makers announced through a poster that the song 'Durgamma' from the movie will be released on April 11 at 11:11 AM. In it, Satya Dev is seen holding a trishul, looking very powerful.
    April 10 , 2024

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