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    The story of Skanda revolves around a village where hero Ram's family devoutly worships Lord Subrahmanyeswara Swamy. However, a theft occurs in the temple, and the blame falls on Ram's family. Does Ram clear their name? Meanwhile, a love track develops between Ram and Sreeleela. How does the animosity between the hero and the villain start?
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    Skanda Movie Review: Ram Pottineni Shines in a Powerful Role - A Surefire Hit!

    The dynamic duo of Ram Pottineni and director Boyapati Srinu have presented 'Skanda', a movie that has hit theaters across the globe. Launched in mult...read more

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    8 months ago

    Ram Pothineni
    as Bhaskar Raju
    as Sreeleela Reddy
    Ajay Purkaras Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Rayudu
    Saiee Manjrekar
    as Rudrakanti Parineeta "Ammulu", Rudrakanti Ramakrishna Raju's daughter and Skanda's love interest
    as Rudrakanti Ramakrishna Raju
    Sharath Lohithaswa
    as Ranjith Reddy, Chief Minister of Telangana and Sreeleela's father
    Prince Cecil
    as Sanjay Reddy
    as Manikanta Raju, Bhaskar's father and Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju's best friend
    as Chinnappa
    as Pradeep Malhotra
    as Rudrakanti Bharathi, Ramakrishna Raju’s wife
    Nithya Das as Sreeleela’s Mother
    Urvashi Rautela
    as in a cameo appearance for the song "Cult Mama"
    Boyapati Srinu
    Srinivasaa ChitturiProducer
    Pavan KumarProducer
    Boyapati Srinu
    Santosh DetakeCinematographer
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    Skanda Movie Review: Ram Pottineni Shines in a Powerful Role - A Surefire Hit!
    Skanda Movie Review: Ram Pottineni Shines in a Powerful Role - A Surefire Hit!
    Cast: Ram Pottineni, Sreeleela, Srikanth, Prince, Indraja, Saimanjrekar, Sarath Lohitashwa Producer: Srinivas Chitturi Director: Boyapati Srinu Music: SS Thaman Editing: Tammiraju Cinematography: Santhosh Detake The dynamic duo of Ram Pottineni and director Boyapati Srinu have presented 'Skanda', a movie that has hit theaters across the globe. Launched in multiple languages including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi, does this film mark a triumphant return for Ram after a few previous missteps? Has Boyapati, after his success with Akhanda, delivered another stellar product? Let's dive into the review. The Plot In a village, Ram's family holds a profound reverence for the temple of Lord Subrahmanyeshwara. But when a theft occurs at the temple, suspicions fall on them. The movie delves into Ram's quest to vindicate his family, the blossoming love story between him and Srileela, and the challenges with a formidable foe. To experience the full story, one must head to the cinema. How it Fared? It's refreshing to see Ram Pottineni embracing a powerful character, previously unseen by his fans. The romantic storyline between Ram and Sreeleela is beautifully balanced with comedic elements. The second half is rich in emotional family sequences, which might even bring a tear to your eye.  The powerful dialogues by Ram, along with the spirited dance and music featuring him and Sreeleela, amplify the film's intensity, particularly in the climax. Performances Ram Pottineni truly dominates in this film, showcasing his versatility and energy. His on-screen charisma is undeniable, and his dialogues, especially the punchy ones, will surely draw applause. Srileela, paired with Ram, delivers a commendable performance in both acting and dancing. Sai Manjrekar, Srikanth, Gautami, Indraja, and Prince also play their parts well. Direction Boyapati, known for his flair for action sequences, has once again demonstrated his expertise. He masterfully navigates from light-hearted romance to intense drama, keeping the audience glued. He transforms a simple family narrative into a thrilling commercial movie by infusing it with action-packed sequences. Technical Aspects From a technical standpoint, the film is polished. Thaman's background score is commendable, and the cinematography by Santhosh Detake captures every moment vividly. The editing by Tammiraju is tight, ensuring a smooth cinematic experience. Strengths Boyapati's Directional Touch Ram's Power-packed Performance Srileela's Charm Thaman's Musical Brilliance Weaknesses A few over-the-top action scenes Conclusion 'Skanda' is a treat for those who love action-packed dramas. Apart from a few hiccups, it promises an engaging cinematic journey. Rating: 4/5
    September 29 , 2023
    25 OTT Releases and Big Screen Bangers: Movies releasing in Theaters / OTT this week ( Sep 15th )
    25 OTT Releases and Big Screen Bangers: Movies releasing in Theaters / OTT this week ( Sep 15th )
    Seems like theaters are taking a little breather this week, huh? Yet, some hot picks like Skanda, Chandramukhi 2, and  Mark Antony are  releasing this week. As for OTT, pop some popcorn, as over 25 movies are queued up! Curious? Let's dive in! Skanda Ever heard of a dynamite combo? That’s Skanda for you! Our young sensation Ram Pothineni (affectionately known as RAPO) teamed up with the iconic director Boyapati Srinu. Set your reminders for September 15, that's when this epic hits the big screen. And if the trailer is anything to go by, oh boy, we're in for a show! Ram’s electrifying look has us all talking, and with Srileela as the leading lady and Thaman's tunes, we’re already grooving. Chandramukhi 2 Flashback to 2005, remember the blockbuster Chandramukhi? Well, it's got a sequel, and it's dropping on September 15 too. With Raghava Lawrence and the fiery Kangana Ranaut leading the charge, you know it’s going to be spicy! Directed by P.Vasu and with MM Keeravani setting the musical vibe, it's a film you won't want to miss. Mark Antony Vishal fans, assemble! Our favorite Tamil star is all set to dazzle us on (you guessed it) September 15 with Mark Antony. This pan-India marvel, directed by Adhik Ravichandran and musical beats by GV Prakash Kumar, promises to be a treat. Whether you speak Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, or Kannada, there's a version for you. On the flip side, OTTs are spoiling us rotten this week! Brace yourself, 25 movies and web series are heading your way. With titles like Ramabanam, Bholashankar, Anithi, Barbie, and Mayapetika creating a stir, it's bound to be a binge-worthy week. Ready for a list? Stay tuned as we unravel the OTT goodies lined up for you. TitleCategoryLanguagePlatformRelease DateJourney of Love 18+ MovieMalayalam Sony LivSeptember 15Dil Se MovieTeluguEtv winSeptember 16Wife Like  movieEnglishNetflixSeptember 11Wrestlers seriesFrenchNetflixSeptember 13ErengardMovieDanishNetflixSeptember 14RambanamMovieTeluguNetflixSeptember 14Bhola Shankar) MovieteluguNetflixSeptember 15Love at First SightMovieEnglishNetflixSeptember 15Miss EducationSeriesEnglishNetflixSeptember 15Surviving Summer: Season 2 SeriesEnglishNetflixSeptember 15Kelsey September 12   MovieEnglish PrimeSeptember 12  The Kidnapping Day SeriesKorean PrimeSeptember 13Bombay Mary SeriesHindi primeSeptember 14A Million Miles Away MovieEnglish PrimeSeptember 15 Wilderness SeriesEnglishPrimeSeptember 15 Aneethi movieTelugu Dubbed Movie PrimeSeptember 15Mayapethika Movie TeluguPrimeSeptember 15Animals Up Close with Bertie Gregory SeriesEnglishHotstarSeptember 13 Elemental MovieEnglishHotstarSeptember 13 Han River Police SeriesEnglish  HotstarSeptember 13 Welcome to the Wrexham Season 2(Documentary) English HotstarSeptember 13KaalaSeriesHindiHotstarSeptember 15Lang Place Movie EnglishHotstarSeptember 15 The Other Black Girl movieenglishHotstarSeptember 15Barbie MovieEnglish Book My ShowSeptember 12A Honeymoon to RemembermovieenglishBook My ShowSeptember 15Pappachan Olivilan MovieMalayalamSaina playSeptember 14
    September 14 , 2023
    Double iSmart: Will Double iSmart Gross 100+ Crores?
    Double iSmart: Will Double iSmart Gross 100+ Crores?
    The forthcoming movie Double iSmart stars the dynamic pair of the energetic actor Ram Pothineni and the popular director Puri Jagannadh. This action-packed film plays a crucial role in the careers of both Puri and Ram. After the underwhelming results of Puri's 'Liger' and Ram's less impactful roles in 'Red' and 'Skanda', their renewed partnership is seen as vital. Their earlier collaboration, iSmart Shankar, was a major hit, known for its unique premise involving a brain-implanted chip that affects human thoughts. Recently, a significant announcement set the release date of Double iSmart for May 15, generating substantial excitement among fans. 100 Crore Potential iSmart Shankar, a complete mass entertainer, was a box office sensation, amassing a global share of 80 crores, with 66 crores from India alone. With such impressive figures, the sequel, Double iSmart Shankar, is surrounded by high expectations. The film industry is abuzz with speculation about whether this sequel can hit or even near the 100 crore mark. Despite being categorized as a Tier 2 star in Tollywood, Ram Pothineni commands a fan base comparable to Tier 1 heroes, largely due to his strong mass acting and dancing prowess, as demonstrated in his movies. The success of iSmart Shankar and the high expectations for its sequel are positive indicators for Double iSmart. This anticipation is likely to result in substantial theater attendance in the first few days following its release. iSmart Shankar, entering the fray with modest expectations, clinched a resounding success, grossing 80 crores and highlighting Ram Pothineni's box office appeal. Building on this momentum, Puri Jagannadh is back directing its sequel, Double iSmart, anticipated to be a Pan-India release. Bollywood stalwart Sanjay Dutt features in a pivotal role, enhancing the film's allure. The recently unveiled teaser promo has received positive feedback, especially for Ram's striking appearance and style. The official teaser is scheduled for release on May 15, and its reception could significantly influence the film's pre-release business dynamics. Industry buzz suggests that Double iSmart could amass over 100 crores in pre-release earnings, spurred by the successful Puri-Ram collaboration. Additionally, OTT platforms are vying to secure streaming rights for a hefty sum, reflecting the film's high market anticipation. Is This the Story? Currently, there's considerable interest in the storyline of Double iSmart. According to the source the film includes a compelling flashback sequence featuring Ram Pothineni in an entirely new look. Set within an action-thriller context, this sequel is expected to incorporate more family-oriented elements than its predecessor, which could serve as a key highlight of the movie. Puri's Determination Director Puri Jagannadh is handling Double iSmart with considerable ambition. Following the box office disappointment of his previous film 'Liger', which drew intense criticism partly due to his comments before its release, Puri is now determined to redeem himself with Double iSmart. He is ambitiously producing this movie for a Pan-India audience, planning to release it in multiple languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi, aiming to broaden his appeal across the national market. Crucial for Hero Ram For Ram Pothineni, Double iSmart is particularly critical. His recent film 'Skanda' underperformed at the box office and encountered significant trolling, particularly for its excessive action sequences directed by Boyapati Srinu. Additionally, his earlier movie 'Warrior' also struggled to engage audiences. Given these setbacks, Double iSmart has become increasingly vital for his career.
    May 15 , 2024
    Do You Know These Top Secrets About Sreeleela?
    Do You Know These Top Secrets About Sreeleela?
    Sreeleela has quickly risen to stardom in Telugu cinema within a short span of time. With her cute looks and acting skills, she has grabbed numerous opportunities. Making her debut in Telugu with "Pelli SandaD", this young heroine has gained recognition through hit films like "Skanda", "Dhamaka", and "Guntur Kaaram". Currently, she is acting alongside Pawan Kalyan in the film "Ustaad Bhagat Singh". Let's now learn some more interesting facts about Sreeleela. What is Sreeleela famous for? Sreeleela is known for her roles in Kannada and Telugu films, notably in "Dhamaka," "Pelli SandaD," and "Guntur Kaaram." How old is Sreeleela? Born on June 14, 2001, Sreeleela is 23 years old. What is Sreeleela's nickname? Her nickname is Leela. How tall is Sreeleela? She stands 5 feet 5 inches tall. Where was Sreeleela born? She was born in Detroit, USA. What are Sreeleela's hobbies? Her hobbies include participating in charity events and dancing. What is Sreeleela's favorite food? She is a vegetarian. Who are Sreeleela's parents? Her mother's name is Swarnalatha, a renowned gynecologist based in Bengaluru. Who is Sreeleela's favorite actor? Her favorite actor is Pawan Kalyan. What is Sreeleela's favorite color? Her favorite color is red. Who are Sreeleela's favorite actresses? Her favorite actresses are Sridevi and Rekha. What was Sreeleela's first movie in Telugu as a heroine? Her debut Telugu film was "Pelli SandaD." What did Sreeleela study? She is studying MBBS. What is Sreeleela's remuneration? She charges between 2 crores to 3 crores per film. What did Sreeleela do before entering films? Before entering films, Sreeleela performed Bharatanatyam shows and was practicing to become a doctor. Sreeleela's Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/sreeleela14/?hl=en How many awards has Sreeleela won? She won the SIIMA Award for Best Actress for her role in "Dhamaka." How many children does Sreeleela have? Sreeleela has adopted two disabled children. The boy's name is Guru, and the girl's name is Shobitha. More about Sreeleela: Sreeleela made her debut as a heroine in the Kannada film "Kiss." She has been learning Bharatanatyam since she was three years old. After announcing a break from films, she plans to practice as a doctor. Sreeleela loves pets.  There were rumors that her father was industrialist Surapaneni Subhakar Rao, which he denied, stating that Sreeleela was born after he and her mother had separated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4Zdl7slKZc
    April 18 , 2024
    This Week's OTT Movie Releases (Sep 28/29): Gear up for a movie bonanza with over 30 films streaming!
    This Week's OTT Movie Releases (Sep 28/29): Gear up for a movie bonanza with over 30 films streaming!
    The past week, given the Vinayaka Chavithi Navratri celebrations, saw a lull in theater releases. But this week, there's a major movie lineup set to thrill fans, with over 30 films gearing up for OTT streaming and a few in theaters. Let’s dive into some of the highlights: Skanda Energetic star Ram Pottineni teams up with renowned director Boyapati Srinu for "Skanda". Scheduled to hit the screens on September 28th, the already-released trailer promises a captivating watch. Ram will spot dual roles in the film, with Srileela and Saiu Manjrekar as the leading ladies. Given the catchy tunes already out, the buzz is positive. Ram, looking for a hit after a slump, pairs with the hit machine Boyapati. Produced by Srinivasa Chitturi and with Thaman's music, "Skanda" is set for a multilingual release. Chandramukhi 2 "Chandramukhi 2", starring Raghava Lawrence and Bollywood diva Kangana Ranaut, is generating excitement. Directed by P. Vasu, this sequel to the iconic "Chandramukhi" starring Rajinikanth teases a plot revolving around the return of the titular character. Set for a September 28th release, while Jyotika portrayed Chandramukhi in the original, Kangana takes the reins in this sequel. Produced by Lyca Production. The Vaccine War From the acclaimed director of "Kashmir Files", Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, comes "The Vaccine War". Pegged as a tribute to the frontline warriors during the COVID era, this science fiction, based on real events, will be released on the 28th. The movie promises a thrilling tale, highlighting the challenges faced by medical professionals. Peddha Kapu 1 Popular for his family dramas, Srikanth Addala is now venturing into the action genre with "Peddha Kapu 1", following his stint in "Narappa". Known for hit "Kota Bangaru Lokam", he's all set to engage the audience on September 29th. With Virat Karna leading and Pragathi Srivastava opposite him, the released trailer has piqued interest and promises a gripping narrative. This week OTT releases TitleCategoryLanguagePlatformRelease DateLittle Baby Bum: Music Time SeriesEnglishNetflixSept 25The Devil's Plan SeriesKoreanNetflixSept 26Forgotten LoveMoviePolishNetflixSept 27OverhaulMoviePortugueseNetflixSept 27Sweet Flow 2 MovieFrenchNetflixSept 27The Wonderful Story of Henry SugarMovieEnglishNetflixSept 27Castlevania: NocturneSeriesEnglishNetflixSept 27Ice Cold: Murder, Coffee and Jessica Wangso MovieEnglishNetflixSept 28Love is in the AirMovieEnglishNetflixSept 28Fair Play MovieEnglishNetflixSept 29Choona SeriesHindiNetflixSept 29Nowhere MovieSpanishNetflixSept 29Reptile MovieEnglishNetflixSept 29Khushi MovieTeluguNetflixOct 01Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VerseMovieEnglishNetflixOct 01The Fake ShakeSeriesEnglishAmazon PrimeSept 26Hostel Days Season 4SeriesHindiAmazon PrimeSept 27Doble DiscourseMovieSpanishAmazon PrimeSept 28Kumari SrimatiSeriesTelugu Amazon PrimeSept 28Jen WeiSeriesEnglishAmazon PrimeSept 29El-PopSeriesSpanishHotstarSept 27The Worst of EvilSeriesEnglishHotstarSept 27King of KotaMovieTelugu Dubbed HotstarSept 28Launchpad Season 2SeriesEnglishHotstarSept 29Tum Se Na Ho Payega MovieHindiHotstarSept 29Papam Pasivadu SeriesTeluguAhaSept 29Dirty HariMovieTamilAhaSept 29Charlie ChopraSeriesHindiSony LivSept 27Bye! MovieTamilSony LivSept 29Agent MovieTeluguSony LivSept 29Angshuman MBA MovieBengaliZee5Sept 29Blue BeetleMovieEnglishBook My ShowSept 29
    September 25 , 2023
    Muscle and Might: Tollywood Stars Who Underwent Dramatic Physical Transformations
    Muscle and Might: Tollywood Stars Who Underwent Dramatic Physical Transformations
    In today's cinematic world, mere acting and dancing prowess do not suffice for one to ascend to hero status; an exceptional physique has become equally crucial. The sight of a hero flaunting a chiseled body on the big screen ignites a unique thrill among audiences. Consequently, leading actors are enduring rigorous training to carve out six-pack abs and tailor their physiques to embody their characters perfectly. At times, roles demand that they bulk up, only to slim down again for subsequent projects. Such unwavering commitment underscores the profound dedication of these stars to their craft. Let's explore some of the Tollywood actors renowned for their remarkable physical transformations. Chiranjeevi Until the movie 'Indra', Chiranjeevi was known as the hero with the best fitness in Tollywood. After venturing into politics post 'Shankar Dada Zindabad', Chiru let his fitness slide a bit. However, making a comeback in movies, even in his sixties, Chiru has been working hard on his fitness. Recently, for the movie 'Vishwambhara', he's been seen undergoing rigorous workouts. https://twitter.com/i/status/1752914245170364419 Prabhas When you think of a mesmerizing body in Tollywood, Prabhas comes to mind first. Since his first movie 'Eeshwar', Prabhas has maintained a fit physique, but for 'Bujjigadu', he sculpted a six-pack for the first time. For 'Baahubali', he bulked up even more, transforming into a warrior. Recently, in 'Salaar', Prabhas again flaunted a muscular body. Rana After Prabhas, Rana is known for his serious physique. In his debut film 'Leader', Rana appeared lean but fully transformed for 'Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum', surprising everyone with his muscular body. For 'Baahubali', he gained weight, standing toe-to-toe with Prabhas. Sudheer Babu Introduced to Tollywood through the movie 'SMS', Sudheer Babu mesmerizes with his physique. Being a professional badminton player turned actor, he maintains a six-pack in every movie. Ram Charan As the heir of the Mega Star, Ram Charan made his industry debut with 'Chirutha', looking fit. By the time 'Magadheera' came around, he had transformed his physique in a way no one expected. In 'Dhruva', he impressed everyone with a six-pack. Recently, in 'RRR', he played a robust British police officer, earning praise. Allu Arjun Entering the industry as a young man with 'Gangothri', Allu Arjun became a Pan-India star with 'Pushpa'. First showing off a six-pack in 'Desamuduru', Bunny has continued to maintain his fitness in every film. For his role in the recent 'Pushpa', he gained weight. Jr NTR Jr NTR, known for his fitness, slimmed down significantly from his earlier, more rounded appearance for 'Yamadonga'. Then, for 'Temper', he amazed everyone with a six-pack. Recently, in 'RRR', he impressed with a solid physique. Ram Pothineni Known for his boy-next-door looks, Ram stunned everyone with a six-pack in 'iSmart Shankar'. Recently for 'Skanda', he had to gain weight and reportedly sculpted a six-pack again for 'Double iSmart'. Naga Shaurya Starting his career with decent films, Naga Shaurya transformed into a mass hero for 'Lakshya' by sculpting a six-pack. Vijay Devarakonda With his tall frame and physique, Vijay Devarakonda dazzled in 'Liger' with his mesmerizing body, transforming himself to fit the boxing-themed role. Akkineni Nagarjuna Among senior actors who prioritize fitness, Nagarjuna leads the pack. Maintaining a consistent physique from the start of his career, Nagarjuna showed off a six-pack in 'Damarukam'. Sunil If there's an unexpected body transformation in Tollywood, it's comedian Sunil's. Known for playing chubby characters, Sunil turned hero and sculpted a six-pack, shocking the audience in 'Poola Rangadu'."
    February 23 , 2024
    2023 Tollywood Heroines Trending: Google's Top Searched Actresses in Telugu Cinema
    2023 Tollywood Heroines Trending: Google's Top Searched Actresses in Telugu Cinema
    Every year, Tollywood introduces numerous new heroines, but only a few achieve success. Beauty, acting skills, and performance are key to sustaining as a leading actress in the industry. Currently, many Tollywood actresses have a significant fan following. It's tough to say who tops the list, but the 2023 Google search data has revealed the most searched Telugu heroines. Let's find out who they are. Rashmika Mandanna Rashmika Mandanna tops the list of most searched Telugu heroines on Google. Her recent success in the movie 'Animal' has skyrocketed her popularity. Previously, her deepfake videos went viral, sparking nationwide discussions, leading to an increase in searches about her. Mrunal Thakur Mrunal Thakur, with her performance in 'Sita Ramam,' has risen to stardom. This year, she also appeared in Bollywood's 'Selfie' with Akshay Kumar and garnered attention in movies like 'Gumraah,' 'Lust Stories-2,' and 'Pippa,' increasing her nationwide popularity and social media presence, making her the second most searched heroine. Sree Leela Sree Leela, known for acting in multiple major films this year, became the most active heroine in Tollywood. Her films 'Skanda,' 'Bhagavath Keerthi,' 'Adi Keshav,' and 'Extraordinary Man' attracted audience attention, leading to her being highly searched on Google. Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia also garnered a lot of searches, especially after her relationship with Bollywood actor Vijay Varma became a national talking point. Their on-screen chemistry in 'Lust Stories-2' went viral, contributing to her popularity in searches. Samantha Samantha was another popular search this year, especially after announcing a break from movies. Her recent film 'Kushi' was a hit, enhancing her popularity. Her regular glamorous social media posts have also kept her in the public eye. Anushka Shetty After a long hiatus, Anushka Shetty returned to the silver screen this year in 'Miss Shetty Mr. Polishetty.' From the start of the film's shooting to its release, she stayed in the news, making her a popular search topic. Kajal Aggarwal Kajal Aggarwal made a strong comeback this year with 'Bhagavanth Kesari’ alongside Balakrishna and other films like 'Ghost' and 'Karungaapiyam,' contributing to her being frequently searched. Keerthy Suresh Keerthy Suresh's performance in 'Dasara' earned her critical acclaim and a blockbuster hit, making her popular nationwide. Her pan-India presence led to a significant number of searches. Rakul Preet Singh Rakul Preet Singh was also among the most searched, despite not doing any Telugu movies this year. Her glamorous social media posts kept her in the trending topics. Kriti Shetty Kriti Shetty, who rose to fame with 'Uppena,' continued to bag film opportunities and was widely searched. Her film 'Custody' with Naga Chaitanya received a lukewarm response, but her presence remained strong in the digital world.
    December 14 , 2023
    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (Nov 3rd)
    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (Nov 3rd)
    Hey, movie buffs and binge-watchers! If you thought last week was a quiet one for the theaters, you're in for a treat. The silver screen is lighting up with a mix of indie hits and promising web series this week. Whether you prefer the cinema experience or lounging with your favorite OTT services, let's dive into what's new and noteworthy. Keeda Cola Young Director Tarun Bhaskar brings us "Keeda Cola". The film boasts a star-studded lineup including Brahmanandam, Chaitanya Rao, and Tarunbhaskar himself, among others. With production led by a team including K. Vivek Sudhanshu and Upendra Varma, and Rana Daggubati lending his charm as a presenter, "Keeda Cola" is all set for its November 3 debut. Maa Oori Polimera 2 Director Vishwanath's "Maa Oori Polimera 2" is ready to charm Telugu audiences come November 3. This sequel, featuring Satyam Rajesh and Getup Srinu, rides the wave of its predecessor's success, which had made a splash on OTT. Promising even more thrills, the movie has raised the bar of expectations. Vidhi "Vidhi", starring Rohit Nanda and Anandi, and helmed by Srikanth Ranganathan, explores the twists of fate in a couple's life. Catch this intriguing narrative in theaters starting November 3. 12 Fail From the desk of Vidhu Vinod Chopra, "12 Fail" brings Vikrant Massey's portrayal of Manoj Kumar's life to the big screen. The inspiring journey of a village lad who, despite failing the 12th grade, claws his way up to become an IPS officer. The Hindi version has already won hearts, and the Telugu version is set to follow suit on November 3. Ghost Get ready for a Pan-Indian spectacle with Kannada superstar Shiva Rajkumar's "Ghost". Directed by Srini, this action thriller that debuted as a Dussehra treat in Kannada, is primed to captivate Telugu audiences on November 4. The climax is tipped to be a showstopper. From the Comfort of Your Couch: OTT Releases Skanda Ram, the heartthrob of the youth, is back with "Skanda" on the OTT stage. Originally slated for an October 27 release, it’s now premiering on November 2 on Disney+Hotstar. This action-packed entertainer, featuring Srileela, promises a riveting watch with a directorial nod from Boyapati hinting at a sequel. Ready your popcorn and settle in for a week of cinematic adventures and digital delights! This week OTT releases Please check for More OTT movie & web series releases https://telugu.yousay.tv/en/tfidb/ott TitleCategoryLanguagePlatformRelease DateP.I. MeenaWeb SeriesHindiAmazon PrimeNov 3Scam 2003 ; Part-2Web SeriesHindiSony LIVNov 3Are You Ok Baby?MovieTamilAhaOctober 31Locked InMovieEnglishNetflixNov 1JawanMovieHindiNetflixNov 2
    November 02 , 2023
    Telugu Hero Hair Styles: Hairstyles Trends set by Tollywood heroes.
    Telugu Hero Hair Styles: Hairstyles Trends set by Tollywood heroes.
    Boys often emphasize hairstyles to look handsome, frequently adopting the styles sported by their beloved heroes. Likewise, in films, heroes captivate their audiences with fresh looks and consistently experiment with their hairstyles. Let's explore the recent trendy hairstyles from our Tollywood heroes. [toc] Jr Ntr Hair styles In his 25-year film career, Junior NTR has transformed significantly in terms of looks and style. Starting with curly hair in the early days of his career, Tarak has set trends with changing hair styles and looks in each film. Let’s now see which films featured Junior NTR with which hairstyles. Baadshah In the movie 'Baadshah,' Tarak's look was a trendsetter. In this film, Jr. NTR sported a 'downward flicks' hairstyle that gave him a stylish look and garnered a great craze among the youth.  Janatha Garage In this film, Tarak appeared stylish with a 'semi crew' cut hair style. Temper For the first time in this film, Junior NTR transformed with a six-pack body. In 'Temper', he was stylish with a spiked hairstyle. Yamadonga In 'Yamadonga', Tarak was stylish with long straight hair, which became a style that fans competed to emulate after the film. Nannaku Prematho In 'Nannaku Prematho', Tarak charmed everyone with a stylish look. This hairstyle was widely followed by many fans. In this film, Junior NTR’s hairstyle is called pompadour with side fade, which enhanced Tarak's look significantly. Jai Lava Kusa In this film, Junior NTR appeared in two different hair styles. As Jai, NTR showcased a classic side parting, and as Lava Kumar, he appeared in a long straight hairstyle. Devara Fans are matching Tarak’s look in 'Devara' with Nandamuri Ramarao's appearance in Patala Bhairavi. Upon closer inspection, everyone seems to agree with this observation. In 'Devara', Tarak is playing a dual role, one of which features long hair with curls. In this look, Tarak resembles Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, which was pointed by netizens as well. Mahesh Babu Hair Styles Bobby At the beginning of his career, Mahesh was known as the 'Milky Boy'. Until the movie Pokiri, he maintained a consistent hairstyle. In this film, he sported a childish look hairstyle. Pokiri Pokiri is well-known as a blockbuster hit and set a trend. Mahesh completely changed his looks, style, and swag up to that point. His hairstyle from this movie became very famous, and following this film, many of Mahesh's fans adopted this hairstyle. Sainikudu In this film, Mahesh Babu impressed everyone as a student character. He looked handsome with a funky hairstyle. Athidhi In Athidhi, Mahesh appeared in a different look. He captivated in a rugged look with long, brown-colored hair. 1: Nenokkadine In this movie, Mahesh Babu mesmerized with a trendy look, featuring spiked hair. Although the film didn’t do well at the box office, Mahesh Babu's performance received critical acclaim. SSMB29 A photo shared by Mahesh in the context of 'SSMB 29' has captured everyone’s attention. On his Instagram, he shared a new photo with the caption 'Laser Focus', showing him with a clean shave and long hair. Siddhu Jonnalagadda Hair Style DJ Tillu & Tillu Square Siddhu Jonnalagadda's hairstyle in the movie DJ Tillu became very popular among the youth. In Telugu, this hairstyle is playfully called 'Pichuka Gudu' style. Siddhu appeared in the same hairstyle in Tillu Square as well. Icon Star Allu Arjun Hair Styles Badrinath In this film, Allu Arjun appeared as a warrior. Bunny's hairstyle was quite crazy, captivating with man buns and ponytails. Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo In this film, Allu Arjun attracted attention with long waves hairstyle. He appeared in a pop top and wavy hair look at the bottom. Many of his fans tried out this hairstyle. Happy In Happy, Bunny charmed with a spiked hairstyle, which became very popular among the youth. Duvvada Jagannadham In this movie, Allu Arjun impressed with a 'forehead semi fringe' hairstyle, which also gained a good following among fans. In the same film, Bunny appeared in another stylish hairstyle called fringe bangs. Sarrainodu In this film, Allu Arjun appeared in a classic hairstyle called the pompadour look. Other Hairstyles of Bunny Allu Arjun often appears outside with a thick beard and long wavy wet hair look. This hairstyle is known to be Bunny’s favorite. Ram Charan Hair Styles Govindudu Andarivadele In this film, Ram Charan stylishly appears in a ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle was also followed by Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh. Cherry's fans crazily followed this hair cut. Game Changer In the latest film "Game Changer," Ram Charan looks perfect with a gelled hairstyle. In this movie, Ram Charan will appear as an IAS officer. Other Hairstyles of Ram Charan Ram Charan often appears in a good boy look, especially with a "side parting" hairstyle during non-shooting periods and at various events including pre-release events and media meetings. This hairstyle, known as the 'messy hair look,' has also become trendy. Many of Cherry's fans have followed this style. Sometimes, with a light beard and short sides, he has been seen in a heavy "pompadour" look, which has suited him well. However, Ram Charan has not acted in any movie with this hairstyle. Vijay Deverakonda Hair Styles Liger In Liger, Vijay Deverakonda's hairstyle sparked much talk. He shined in a "long wavy" hair cut, which many of his fans followed. In the same movie, Deverakonda also appears in a 'man bun' hairstyle. Though many celebrities have followed this style before, it suited Vijay uniquely. Dear Comrade In Dear Comrade, Vijay Deverakonda dazzled in a curly & messy hair style look. This hairstyle also perfectly suited him. The movie was a super hit. Khushi In this film as well, Vijay Deverakonda appears in a manly look. The chemistry between Samantha and Vijay worked out very well. Family Star In this film, Vijay Deverakonda sports a decent look with a light beard and thick mustache paired with a simple hairstyle. This look attracted many fans, and many followed this hair cut. Ram Pothineni Hair Styles Skanda Before filming Skanda, Ram Pothineni (RAPO) wowed in a 'spiky' hairstyle, which created a buzz during the film. Many fans followed this hairstyle afterward. iSmart Shankar In iSmart Shankar, Ram Pothineni's looks, hairstyle, and swag set trends. Particularly, his hairstyle brought a lot of craze among the youth. Many fans followed this hairstyle after the movie. In this film, Ram Pothineni’s hairstyle is named "high-volume quiff with a fade," which looks best with a thick beard.
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