The success of “Vikram” has turned into a hurdle for Ram Charan’s RC15. Check it out
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  • The success of “Vikram” has turned into a hurdle for Ram Charan’s RC15. Check it out

    The success of “Vikram” has turned into a hurdle for Ram Charan’s RC15. Check it out

    August 18, 2022

    Ram Charan has become a national celebrity with the roaring pan-India success of “RRR.” For his follow-up film to “RRR,” Charan chose S. Shanker project. The project went on to the floors with the working title RC15. Dil Raju funded this project under his home banner, SVC.

    According to insider information from the Tamil and Telugu film industries, 50% of RC15’s filming has already been completed. However, according to recent reports, Shanker opted to postpone RC15 for an undisclosed reason. As a result, the renowned filmmaker is once again concentrating on his and Kamal Hassan’s movie “Indian-2.”

    We must return to Indian-2 to determine the cause of Shanker’s abrupt change in commitment.  “Indian-2” is the sequel to the 1996 film “Indian,” which featured Kamal Hassan in the lead role.  The sequel started production in 2017 and was 50% complete when it was put on hold because of a legal dispute between the producers and Shanker about the budget overrun and extended filming. Then, Kamal switched to the lead roles in Lokesh Kanagraj’s “Vikram,” which also features Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil. “Vikram” was released on June 3 and became a smash hit at the box office by collecting almost 400 crores in revenue worldwide. If “Indian-2” had continued without a break, Kamal Hassan might have made a comeback, but surprisingly, “Vikram” assisted the Universal Hero in making a strong comeback.

    That’s when RC15’s actual problems began. The public anxiously anticipated “Indian-2” after the smash of “Vikram” It has also been stated that LYCA productions was removed from this project and that it has since been continued under the control of another production firm. The producers of “Indian-2” have reportedly resolved their legal disputes with director Shanker. Therefore, Shanker has made the decision to put a hold on Ram Charan’s movie in order to finish “Indian 2” as soon as feasible with Kamal Hassan. According to reports, the Ram Charan-Shankar project may not resume for a few months.

    Ram Charan reportedly responded favourably when Shanker brought up all of these topics with him. Now, Charan wants to begin and finish Gautham Thinnanuri’s movie before returning to Shankar’s pan-Indian project. The Ram Charan and “Jersey” director’s movie will be financed under the UV Creations banner. Let’s check to see when # RC15 is back on the floors.

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