Vishwambhara: Chiranjeevi in the guise of a 75-year-old man… This is key in the movie!
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  • Vishwambhara: Chiranjeevi in the guise of a 75-year-old man… This is key in the movie!

    Vishwambhara: Chiranjeevi in the guise of a 75-year-old man… This is key in the movie!

    February 27, 2024

    Megastar Chiranjeevi’s name alone is enough to set his fans into a frenzy. The craze for Chiru in the Telugu states needs no new introduction. Last year, Chiru captured a great success with “Waltair Veerayya.” However, his next film “Bhola Shankar” under the direction of Meher Ramesh turned out to be a disaster. Cautious from the result of this film, Chiru has chosen a socio-fantasy story for his next project. He is set to act in “Vishwambhara,” directed by Vashist, who is known for “Bimbisara.” The pre-production work for this film is already completed, and the shooting is scheduled to start from April. Meanwhile, there is buzzing news in the film industry about Chiranjeevi’s character in this movie. Let’s delve into what it is.

    “Vishwambhara” is being produced by the prominent production company UV Creations, with Chota K. Naidu handling the cinematography and Keeravani providing the music. Trisha has been confirmed as the heroine alongside Chiranjeevi. This marks a repeat of the crazy combo since the movie “Stalin,” sparking interest among fans. Discussions are ongoing about the kind of chemistry this duo will bring to the screen. However, the talk of the industry is Chiranjeevi’s character in “Vishwambhara.” It’s said that the movie will have a significant twist at the interval, and the second half will include a flashback. 

    On the other side, recently, director Vashisht made several interesting comments about this crazy project. He mentioned that the character in this movie has been designed exactly how Mega fans want to see Chiranjeevi. He hinted at a fantastic characterization along with a fantasy drama aspect. This has made Mega fans very excited to see Chiranjeevi in a crazy get-up. There are plans to release the film “Vishwambhara” during the Sankranti festival next year.

    Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi is specifically toning his body for the film “Vishwambhara”. He is working out more to appear young, doing various exercises in the gym. A video of Chiru working out is currently going viral on the internet. Fans are amazed to see Chiru, at the age of 68, working out in the gym with such intensity.

    After this movie, it is known that Chiranjeevi’s next film will be with star director Anil Ravipudi. This movie is said to be a complete comedy entertainer with a strong message. It is reported that Dil Raju will be producing this film.

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