“Vyooham” Movie Review: RGV dishes out average fare.
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  • “Vyooham” Movie Review: RGV dishes out average fare.

    “Vyooham” Movie Review: RGV dishes out average fare.

    March 2, 2024

    Cast: Ajmal Ameer, Manasa Radhakrishnan, Rekha Nirosha, Surabhi Padmavathi, Dhanunjay Prabhune, Kota Jayaram, Elena Tuteja, and others.

    Director: Ram Gopal Varma

    Music: Balaji

    Cinematography: Sajish Rajendran

    Editing: Manish Thakur

    Producer: Dasari Kiran Kumar

    The movie “Vyooham,” directed by Tollywood’s sensational director Ram Gopal Varma, was released worldwide today (March 2). After overcoming numerous obstacles, this film has made its grand entry into theaters in Telugu states. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, this film stars Ajmal and Manasa as the main leads and is produced by Dasari Kiran Kumar under the banner of Ramadhutha Creations. Let’s see how the movie is and if it managed to impress the audience.


    The story of “Vyooham” is a compilation of events from the time of YS Rajasekhar Reddy’s death until YS Jagan became the Chief Minister. What were the efforts made by CBN (Dhanunjay Prabhune) and Pawan’s characters to discredit Jagan? How did Jagan withstand their conspiracies and ascend to the CM’s throne with the support of the people? The movie explores the dynamic changes in AP politics during this period.


    Ajmal Ameer, playing the role of YS Jagan, has completely immersed himself in the character. His acting and expressions brilliantly portrayed Jagan. The movie revolves around Ajmal, and his performance in emotional scenes is particularly commendable. Manasa Radhakrishnan, as Jagan’s wife Bharathi, also impressed. Dhanunjay Prabhune, appearing as Chandrababu, maintained a serious look throughout the movie. The actors who played Chiranjeevi and Pawan roles, among others, performed well within the scope of their characters.


    Director Ram Gopal Varma has attempted to expose the behind-the-scenes political plays from his perspective through this film. He showcased Jagan’s character positively while depicting Chandrababu and Pawan in a negative light. The dialogues between Chiranjeevi and Pawan’s characters are humorous. However, RGV focused more on criticizing than narrating the movie. Paying attention to the story and screenplay would have been beneficial, especially since the second half feels dragged. This movie might not appeal to those expecting commercial elements but will satisfy a certain audience segment.


    On the technical front, Balaji’s background score is captivating, and Sajish Rajendran’s cinematography is commendable. The production values are also quite good for the movie.

    Plus Points:

    – Ajmal Ameer’s acting

    – Background music

    Minus Points:

    – Lack of commercial elements

    – Dragged second half

    – Some overextended scenes

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 2.5/5

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