With the release of the F3 film tomorrow, here are the best F2 movie comedy scenes.
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  • With the release of the F3 film tomorrow, here are the best F2 movie comedy scenes.

    With the release of the F3 film tomorrow, here are the best F2 movie comedy scenes.

    May 26, 2022

    The F2 movie starring Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamannaah and Mehreen in the lead roles was a huge success with its release in 2019. Everyone, including families and children, enjoyed the film. Especially Venky comedy, Varun’s first attempt at comedy angle impressed the audience. The F3 movie is back in the same combination. The crew says the film will have three times more comedy than F2. The pre-release hype made the audience eagerly wait to see the movie. As the F3 movie is releasing tomorrow, some of the best comedy scenes from F2 are for you.

    Venky wedding look scene

    Venky’s wedding scene in F2 makes you laugh uncontrollably. Venky brings the MLA to the matchmaking ceremony with him. Venky even tells the MLA that “he doesn’t have any family except you. I’ll never break your word.” But,when the MLA starts grilling Tamannaah about her culinary abilities, work, dowry, and properties, Venky interrupts and says he’ll take care of everything after their wedding. Why are you examining them in this place? The MLA is irritated by Venky’s reply. In addition, Tamannaah’s father’s signature dialogue, “Anthe ga Anthe ga,” is an absolute rib tickler.


    Shopping Mall Scene

    This is a particularly memorable scene. Varun is in a pickle when he and his fiancée’s families had a furious dispute while out wedding shopping. Venky’s hysterical acting is an absolute blast for the comedy lovers.


    Honey is the best

    Honey is the main character in this scene who will keep you entertained. She’s the type of character who believes she’s an ace in all fields. Honey’s teacher turns her down for a dance competition, so she shows Varun her singing and dancing abilities. Varun and his buddies are giggling uncontrollably thanks to Honey’s abilities.


    Ladies Brain‌

    Varun, who is frustrated with Honey, gets consoled by Venky. Varun is briefed by Venky on women’s attitude.”Men think differently on each subject,” Venky continues, “but women’s perspectives are intertwined with numerous tiny things.” Venky’s narrative raises the bar for humour.


    Anthega Anthega

    The wedding scene, the surf excel scene, and the bridge scene are just a few of the numerous amusing scenes in F2. In this video, you can see a few of them.

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