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  • ‘Adipurush’ special update on Prabhas’ birthday. Director Om Raut confirms.

    Fans of Prabhas are losing patience with the “Adipurush” makers. Even the hashtags associated with the movie are trending on Twitter, and Om Raut, the filmmaker, is being approached for an update.

    ‘Adipurush’ is one of the most expensive movies ever filmed in Indian cinema. The epic Ramayana was adapted into a film. Rama will be portrayed by Prabhas, and Sita will be played by Kriti Sanon. The movie’s production commenced in January 2021 and was completed in the middle of 2023. The project is now being worked on in America for VFX and post-production.

    Every now and then, famous people who were involved in the project discuss it, but no one ever brings up the film’s update. Om Raut, the director of “Adipurush,” was questioned by the media yesterday about  the film and Prabhas’ birthday celebrations, heightening the interest and excitement. In response to the inquiries, the director replied

    “I appreciate the patience of all the Prabhas and Adipurush fans. As a team, we are incredibly enthusiastic about this project. On Prabhas’ birthday, there will be a magnificent update on the movie.” Additionally, he said that he was just working on Adipurush, Adipurush, and Adipurush right now.

    Fans of Prabhas and Adipurush would find this information to be somewhat comforting. The movie will be released on January 12 across the globe. In addition to Adipurush, Prabhas has a number of high-profile movies in development, including Salaar, Project K, and Spirit.

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