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  • OTT Suggestion: A Beautiful Film ‘Mast Mein Rehne Ka’ That Teaches How to Live Life with Ease.

    Previously, in theaters, audiences would typically watch movies from genres they liked. Whether it was crime, action, science fiction, adventure, or horror, only fans of those specific genres would watch those films. The advent of OTT has changed this dynamic. Now, if the content is good, viewers are willing to watch movies of any genre. Particularly, family-friendly movies are in … Read more

    This Week OTT & Telugu Movie Releases (25th & 26th April)

    As always, this week brings a variety of films to theaters, poised to provide delightful entertainment to audiences. Additionally, OTT platforms are gearing up to introduce captivating films to viewers. Let’s explore the movies and web series slated for release this week. Movies Releasing in Theaters: Prathinidhi 2 Nara Rohit stars in ‘Prathinidhi 2‘, the sequel to the successful ‘Prathinidhi‘. … Read more

    OTT Suggestion: Police vs Naxalites, Vijay Sethupathi’s Viduthalai!

    There’s no shortage of content on OTT platforms nowadays. However, the big question remains: what to watch? From murder mysteries and crime thrillers to horror, socio-fantasy, and suspense, there are films in various genres available on OTT. But crime thrillers hold a special appeal for many. In this context, YouSay brings an excellent OTT suggestion for its viewers—a Tamil dubbed … Read more

    OTT Suggestion: Looking for the Best Investigative Thriller This Weekend? Check Out This Malayalam Film ‘Iratta’ !

    In the era of OTT platforms, crime and suspense thrillers have gained significant popularity. As the weekend approaches, Telugu audiences are increasingly eager to explore such films, often searching OTT platforms for thrilling content. For those looking for a top investigative thriller to watch this weekend, YouSay recommends a successful Malayalam film, which is also available in Telugu. Where is … Read more

    OTT Suggestion April 18 2024: Top 10 Trending Films on OTT This April!

    Each week, a variety of new films make their way onto OTT platforms. While some of these films originally premiered in theaters, others are released directly to OTT. Covering a range of genres including romance, family, crime, thriller, and suspense, these films engage and entertain OTT viewers. Now that we’re halfway through April, let’s explore the movies that have been … Read more

    OTT Suggestion: A Super Hit Tamil Mystery Thriller ‘Ranam’ Arrives on Telugu OTT

    With the arrival of OTT platforms, there’s a high demand for crime and suspense thriller films. OTT lovers are particularly keen on engaging content in this genre. Noticing this trend, prominent streaming platforms continue to surprise audiences with new thrillers every week. This weekend, another fresh mystery thriller is set to hit the OTT scene, centered around a serial killer. … Read more

    Daring Telugu Film on OTT Manmadhaleelai! Featuring Bold Bedroom Scenes and Illicit Affairs

    In the current era of OTT, all kinds of content are available at our fingertips. Whether it’s comedy, horror, action, science fiction, or romance, you can instantly watch films of any genre. However, films with romantic and comedic content are quite rare. There is always a segment of the audience ready to watch such films. For them, YouSay has brought … Read more

    OTT Suggestions: Did you watch this Sci-Fi movie that clinched 7 Oscars and is available in Telugu Language?

    OTT platforms release numerous films and series every week, leaving many viewers overwhelmed about what to watch. For those searching for a spectacular film, we bring a remarkable Hollywood film that shined at the 95th Academy Awards, promising to make your weekend fulfilling. What is this movie? Why should you watch it? Where is it streaming in Telugu? Let’s find … Read more

    Kaatera OTT: The Kannada Blockbuster That Gave Tough Competition to ‘Salaar’ Now in Telugu

    Regardless of language, Telugu audiences embrace movies with good content. This has led to the release of numerous films from Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam industries in Telugu, both in theaters and on OTT platforms. For instance, Malayalam films like ‘Premam’ and ‘Manjummel Boys’ have also become hits in Telugu. Recently, the Kannada blockbuster ‘Kaatera’ was released in Telugu and is … Read more

    This Week OTT & Telugu Movie Releases (19th April)

    For the past few weeks, star hero films have been released and creating buzz in theaters. However, this week will see a continuation of the trend for smaller films, ready to deliver delightful entertainment this summer. On the other hand, new films and series are arriving on OTT platforms to provide double the entertainment. Let’s see what special features these … Read more