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  • Telugu Comedy Horror Movies: Films That Will Both Scare and Make You Laugh!

    While most movies aim to impress, Telugu horror-comedy films stand out for their ability to both frighten and amuse audiences. They evoke laughter while also sending shivers down your spine. Certain Tollywood productions go above and beyond, intensifying the scare factor. These films entertain by seamlessly blending laughter with fear, captivating even those who typically avoid horror. Let’s explore some … Read more

    YouSay 2024 Must-Watch Web Series: The Best Series of the Year You Need to See!

    Web series have carved out a unique niche on OTT platforms. This year has seen a diverse array of genres including crime, thriller, comedy, suspense, and political series made their way to viewers. Unlike films that conclude in about two to three hours, each episode of a series usually spans around an hour. Some series comprise 8 episodes, while others … Read more

    Telugu Dumb Charades(Damsharas): Top 100 Movie Titles, Songs, Dialogues

    Summer has arrived, and now both children and adults will be spending more time at home. They enjoy themselves at family functions and get-togethers with friends. During such occasions, they have fun playing light-hearted games like Dumb Charades with neighbors. In this game, one person whispers the name of a movie, song, or hero into another’s ear, and then that … Read more

    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (10th  May)

    As usual, this week is packed with a variety of movies set to create a buzz in theaters, providing delightful entertainment to audiences. Additionally, several captivating films are scheduled to premiere on OTT platforms. Let’s take a look at the films and web series ready for release this week. Movies Releasing in Theaters Krishnamma The new film ‘Krishnamma’, starring Tollywood … Read more

    Heeramandi Facts:  ‘Heeramandi’ is rocking on OTT, read why its trending?.

    Directed by the esteemed Bollywood filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, ‘Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar‘ is a web series that debuted on Netflix on Wednesday (May 1) and has garnered positive reviews. Featuring Bollywood actresses Manisha Koirala, Sonakshi Sinha, Aditi Rao Hydari, Richa Chadda, and Sanjeeda Sheikh, the series is set against the backdrop of the lives of courtesans in Lahore, now … Read more

    Family Star OTT: ‘Family Star’ Makes Waves on OTT, Ranking No. 1 Nationally!

    The recent movie ‘Family Star,’ starring Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur and directed by Parasuram, debuted in theaters on April 5 but failed to impress audiences. The film flopped at the box office, resulting in significant financial losses for producer Dil Raju and attracted considerable negative attention on social media. In particular, Vijay became a prime target for criticism from … Read more

    This Week’s OTT &  Telugu Movie Releases (3rd May)

    Over the past few weeks, films starring lesser-known actors have been creating a buzz in theaters. This trend looks to carry on into this week, providing enjoyable entertainment for the summer season. Simultaneously, new movies and series are also debuting on OTT platforms, enhancing the entertainment options. Let’s explore what they are in this special report. Movies Releasing in Theaters … Read more

    I Saw The Devil: A Korean Crime Thriller on OTT, For Adults Only!

    Korean dramas and films are currently enjoying immense popularity on OTT platforms, celebrated for their unique concepts and excellent screenplays. The content is often lauded for its realism, which has helped Korean cinema garner a nationwide fanbase, increasingly so in the Telugu-speaking regions. For those looking to dive into a good Korean movie this weekend, YouSay offers a recommendation suited … Read more

    OTT Suggestion: Tremendous Response to ‘Em Chestunnav?’

    Previously, small films rarely captured the audience’s interest, and theater owners were hesitant to screen them due to the fear of low turnout, despite good content. However, the arrival of OTT platforms has changed this, allowing small films direct access to streaming where they thrive if the content is good. The latest to join this trend is ‘Em Chestunnav?‘, a … Read more

    Weekend OTT Suggestion: Thrilling Films Coming to OTT This Weekend!

    Friday is like a festival for movie lovers, as new films get released in theaters and on OTT platforms, providing entertainment.  As usual, this week also brings a lineup of films ready to entertain on OTT platforms. Some films are set to release a day earlier (Thursday), while others will be accessible throughout the weekend. Let’s explore these upcoming films. … Read more