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  • Come to office or resign says Elon Musk to his employees

    The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes in corporate and IT work structures. Due to the pandemic, almost all sectors have continued their operations by working from home. People have become more accustomed to working remotely, and many companies have found that they can operate just as effectively (if not more so) with a remote workforce. However, … Read more

    Indian content creators earn close to $10 billion; are you one of them

    Content creators are marketing machines these days. The social media stars are making some serious amounts of money by promoting the brands. The rise of social media and user engagement have shifted the television traffic to the social media platforms. Many people have turned their hobbies into their professions. The lock down had a significant effect on these digital platforms. … Read more

    Swiggy shuts down Supr Daily Services in 5 cities including Hyderabad.

    Swiggy, the food delivery platform, is scaling down the operations of Supr Daily, a subscription-based morning grocery delivery service. Phani Kishan, the CEO of Supr Daily, has made this official announcement via email. Puneet Kumar and Sheyas Nagwade, both IIT Bombay alumni, created Supr Daily in 2015. Swiggy bought this subscription-based delivery service in 2018. Phani Kishan was named CEO … Read more