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  • Spotlight on Vivek Ramaswamy: What’s the Buzz All About?

    You might’ve heard Vivek Ramaswamy’s name echoing throughout America lately, but do you know the whole story behind the rising star? Of Indian descent, Vivek’s name is now on everyone’s lips in the U.S. Why? He’s making waves by throwing his hat in the ring for the upcoming presidential elections as a Republican candidate. Competing against familiar faces like former … Read more

    S.S. Rajamouli Joins Times 100 Influential Global Personalities along with American President, Elon Musk, Sharaukh Khan etc. First Indian Director to Achieve This Distinction

    Among the directors that make India proud, the ace filmmaker S.S. Rajamouli stands at the forefront. Each of his films can be called a masterpiece, as he consistently raises the bar, competing with his own previous works. When a Rajamouli film is in the making, the entire country will anticipate something big and also the breaking of existing cinematic records. … Read more