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  • Swiggy shuts down Supr Daily Services in 5 cities including Hyderabad.

    Swiggy, the food delivery platform, is scaling down the operations of Supr Daily, a subscription-based morning grocery delivery service. Phani Kishan, the CEO of Supr Daily, has made this official announcement via email.

    Puneet Kumar and Sheyas Nagwade, both IIT Bombay alumni, created Supr Daily in 2015. Swiggy bought this subscription-based delivery service in 2018. Phani Kishan was named CEO of Supr Daily after the acquisition. By mid-2018, Supr Daily had grown from 6,000 daily orders to 200,000 daily orders in six cities.

    However, due to the surge in demand, Supr Daily’s operations were negatively affected, resulting in significant losses for investors and owners. The company’s operations have been halted as a result. This termination effect can also be seen on some of Swiggy employees as the company seeks to cut costs in order to remain profitable.

    “While we are now an inalienable part of our consumers’ life,” Supr Daily’s CEO stated in an email, “we unfortunately have yet to provide a clear route to profitability.” Today, we find ourselves in a situation where we spend a substantial amount of time and money managing the business, diverting our attention away from our core goal of building market fit for the organization. As we begin the new year, it’s critical that we organize ourselves in a way that best positions us to achieve our objectives, ” He also added that Supr Daily will end its operations from May 12 in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai, but it will continue its operations in Bangalore.

    In addition to Supr Daily, Swiggy’s pick-up and drop service ‘Genie’ has temporarily ceased operations in various areas due to surge in demand, resulting in a shortage of delivery partners.

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