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  • Anupama Parameswaran: Bold Role in ‘Tillu Square’ – Will This Open a Floodgate of Opportunities for Her?

    Glamour doll Anupama Parameswaran recently shared photos of herself in a blue saree, looking enchanting with her captivating poses. Dressed in a blue sleeveless jacket, this Malayali beauty flaunted her curves.

    With her slender waist and mesmerizing looks, she’s making netizens swoon.

    Currently enjoying the success of “Tillu Square,” this sweetheart hopes the film’s success will be a turning point in her Tollywood career.

    Previously shy from showcasing glamour, Anupama hinted at a bold new look in “Tillu Square.”

    In this film, she acted in three lip-lock scenes with Siddu Jonnalagadda, stunning the audience.

    Anupama’s looks and bold attire in this film kept the audience glued to their seats, offering a feast for the eyes like never before.

    Even though she has acted in romantic scenes in “Rowdy Boys,” Anupama has upped the ante in “Tillu Square.”

    Rumors suggest producers are lining up to cast Anupama in bold roles following her performance in this film.

    Lacking significant success recently, Anupama’s role in this film could be seen as her comeback. Her portrayal of a bold character in the film led to trolls on social media.

    However, Anupama responded to the trolls by saying she did what the character demanded, reminding that star heroines in the past have also taken on bold roles for their characters.

    Currently seizing opportunities in the South Indian film industry, this Malayali beauty has made a name for herself in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam films. Her performance in “Karthikeya 2” was well-received, not just in Telugu but also on a pan-India level.

    Anupama’s acting in “Karthikeya 2” received good marks, where she competed with hero Nikhil with her performance.

    Following “Karthikeya 2,” Anupama acted in “Butterfly” and “18 Pages.” “18 Pages” has been a success. She has also allocated her dates for an upcoming Tamil film, “Siren,” and another project in Malayalam.

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