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  • Big Update from ‘Pushpa 2 The Rule’,  Item Song with Bollywood Beauty!

    Icon Star Allu Arjun, under the direction of Sukumar, brought to the screen the blockbuster movie ‘Pushpa’. Released on a pan-India level, this film showered earnings at the box office and established Bunny as a national-level actor. Allu Arjun was awarded the National Award for Best Actor for his performance in this film. Currently, a sequel is being developed for this movie, titled ‘Pushpa 2’, with ‘The Rule’ as its caption. A thrilling update regarding this sequel has recently surfaced, creating a buzz on social media.

    Item Song with Bollywood Beauty

    There’s no need to specifically mention how big a hit the songs from ‘Pushpa’ movie were. Especially the item song ‘Oo Antava Mava.. Oo.. Oo Antava’ became a nationwide sensation. Samantha mesmerized everyone with her beauty, and the steps performed by Bunny-Sam thrilled the youth. Director Sukumar is planning to include a similar type of item song in ‘Pushpa 2′. Despite several heroines’ names being floated around, the opportunity has finally gone to Bollywood star heroine Disha Patani. Moreover, it is reported that the item song featuring Disha will be shot this week.

    Rapid Pace Shooting

    The makers have already announced that ‘Pushpa 2’ will be released on August 15. Accordingly, the shooting is progressing at a rapid pace. Currently, the movie’s shooting is actively underway at ‘Ramoji Film City’, according to reports. Yesterday (February 12), Rashmika Mandanna, the heroine of ‘Pushpa 2’, captured director Sukumar on the set. Sukumar was seen smiling over a lion’s sculpture. The film’s unit shared this photo, indicating that it was taken by Srivalli (Rashmika), and mentioned that shooting activities are proceeding briskly.

    Just One Change

    The film ‘Pushpa’ garnered more fans in the North than in the South, raising high expectations for ‘Pushpa 2’. Keeping these elevated expectations in mind, Sukumar has taken all kinds of precautions regarding the script. Amidst rumors that new stars would appear in ‘Pushpa 2’, it’s been clarified that there is no truth to them. The cast from ‘Pushpa 1’ will be seen in Part 2 as well, with only Jagapathi Babu being a new entry. Alongside Bunny, Sunil, Anasuya, and Fahadh Faasil play key roles in the film.

    Pushpa 2 Dialogue Leak..!

    A poster released from Pushpa 2 shows Bunny in a Gangamma Jatara getup, which received a massive response from the audience. Recently, there were rumors about a dialogue leak from the movie, where Pushpa (Bunny) gives a warning to Mangalam Srinu (Sunil). The dialogue goes like, ‘To shoot a bullet in Pushpa’s heart, not just any gun will do, Srinappa. The heart of the one holding the gun must also be like a gun,’ Bunny supposedly says to Sunil. However, the film’s unit has not provided any clarity on this promotion.

    Leaks Issue..!

    ‘Pushpa 2’ is being followed by the issue of leaks. Recently, a photo of Allu Arjun in a saree from the shooting spot was leaked, causing serious concerns for Sukumar and the team. Latest leaks from the shooting spot include flex banners of ‘Praja Chaitanya Party’ featuring Rao Ramesh. Sukumar himself has stepped in to stop these leaks. The team has been warned to prevent any further leaks of crucial information related to the movie.

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