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  • Gaami Prabhas: Prabhas’s Crazy Comments on the Visual Treat of ‘Gaami’.. Do You Know what is Gaami?

    Starring young hero Vishwak Sen as the protagonist and directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, the film ‘Gaami’ has become a hot topic in the industry. Vishwak Sen is playing an Aghora role for the first time in this film. The posters and teasers released so far have spiked interest in the movie. Recently, the film’s trailer was released by the movie unit, receiving a special response. It’s being showered with praises from all quarters for its Hollywood-level quality. Many believe this film will be a milestone for Vishwak Sen and are anticipating that ‘Gaami’ will elevate Tollywood to another level. On the other hand, Pan India star Prabhas made interesting comments after watching the ‘Gaami’ trailer.

    What Prabhas Said!

    The trailer of ‘Gaami’, released as a visual wonder, is currently shaking Tollywood. Responding to the ‘Gaami’ trailer, hero Prabhas released a video clip, expressing how much he liked the trailer. After watching the trailer, he felt compelled to personally release a video bite to wish everyone the best. He praised Vishwak Sen for always trying something new. He mentioned that the trailer looks exciting and he is eagerly waiting for March 8. He wished the movie team all the best, saying everyone’s hard work is visible in the trailer. The video related to Prabhas’s comments is going viral on the internet, creating more hype for the movie.

    ‘Gaami’ is a Unique Film

    Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the chief guest at the ‘Gaami’ trailer release event, launched the trailer. Speaking later, Sandeep made interesting remarks. He said, “The ‘Gaami’ trailer is very good. It seems like a very unique movie. It’s not common to work on a movie with dedication for six years. Such a thing is possible only if actors, the director, and producers are highly passionate. The movie’s sound design and color grading are extraordinary. Watching this movie in theaters will be a great experience,” said director Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

    The Meaning of ‘Gaami’ is This!

    Since the announcement of this film’s title, there has been a lot of curiosity about the meaning of ‘Gaami’. Many were confused, thinking it was a meaningless title, and some even criticized it. However, director Vidyadhar Kagita clarified the meaning during the trailer event. He explained that ‘Gaami’ means the one who reaches the destination. He mentioned that ‘Gaami’ started small but became a big movie with the encouragement of Vishwak and the producer. He boasted about creating a visual wonder of a movie. He expressed his hope that audiences will get to see a new kind of Telugu cinema on March 8.

    ‘I Didn’t Believe It Was a Feature Film’

    Actress Abhinaya played a key role in ‘Gaami’, appearing as a Devadasi. Even though she couldn’t speak, her sign language speech at the trailer launch event sparked interest. “There’s no need to say much about Vishwak Sen’s films. Your acting is very natural. I have seen you many times. I like your expressions a lot. Initially, I didn’t believe ‘Gaami’ was a feature film. During the Vizag shooting, the director completed my shoot in 15 days with a small camera,” recalled Abhinaya, reminiscing about the shooting days of ‘Gaami’.

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