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  • OTT Suggestion: A Beautiful Film ‘Mast Mein Rehne Ka’ That Teaches How to Live Life with Ease.

    Previously, in theaters, audiences would typically watch movies from genres they liked. Whether it was crime, action, science fiction, adventure, or horror, only fans of those specific genres would watch those films. The advent of OTT has changed this dynamic. Now, if the content is good, viewers are willing to watch movies of any genre. Particularly, family-friendly movies are in high demand on OTT platforms. YouSay introduces one such film that you must not miss. What is this film? Where is it streaming?

    What movie is it?

    The film ‘Mast Mein Rehne Ka’ from Bollywood has captivated audiences as a wonderful family entertainer. Directed by Vijay Maurya, this film was released on Amazon last December and has been garnering good views ever since. Notable actors like Jackie Shroff, Abhishek Chauhan, Neena Gupta, Monika Panwar, and Faisal Malik have played key roles in this movie. It currently holds a rating of 7.1 on IMDb.

    Why should you watch it?

    Nowadays, everyone, regardless of age, is caught in a non-stop hustle from dawn to dusk. But is there more to life than just rushing around? This film presents a compelling answer for those who find themselves questioning this on a daily basis. It explores the joys of life and offers insights for those who find themselves easily distressed by minor issues and find it challenging to manage their stress.

    What is the story?

    V.S. Kamath (Jackie Shroff) from Mumbai lives a challenging life in retirement. Since his wife passed away 12 years ago, he has been living alone, his life marked by despair and listlessness. He then meets Neena Gupta, who is also living alone after her husband passed away, and a strong friendship forms between them. How joyfully do they spend their old age? What new paths do they choose? How do they start to see their lives from a new perspective? What happens in the end? This is the story.

    Telugu.yousay.tv Rating: 3/5

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