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  • Pawan vs Jr NTR: Tarak’s ‘Devara’ Challenges Pawan’s ‘OG’.. Why?

    The Tollywood industry has now become synonymous with pan-India films, with almost all star heroes’ films being released nationally. In this context, Pawan Kalyan’s ‘OG’ and Jr NTR’s ‘Devara’ are also gearing up for a pan-India release. Priyanka Mohan stars opposite Pawan in ‘OG’, directed by Sujeeth, known for ‘Saaho’. On the other hand, ‘Devara‘ is directed by Koratala Siva. Currently, both films are highly anticipated in the industry. Recently, the release dates of these two films were announced which has ignited the industry.

    How did the clash happen?

    It’s well known that ‘Devara’ and ‘OG’ have garnered significant attention at the pan-India level. Glimpse videos related to these films have already received a positive response, making it hard to say which has more craze. The makers of both films have announced their release dates. According to the announcements, Pawan’s ‘OG’ is set to release on September 27, while Tarak’s ‘Devara’ movie will hit the screens on October 10. Despite the nearly two-week gap between these star heroes’ movies, the competition between them has become quite interesting.

    Just like before!

    In the past, films of Pawan Kalyan and Tarak were released within a short interval. In 2013, Pawan’s ‘Atharintiki Daaredi‘ was released on September 27 and became an industry hit despite the original print being leaked before its release, thanks to Pawan’s mania. However, NTR’s ‘Ramayya Vasthavayya‘, released shortly after, ended up as a disaster, making Pawan the winner. This time, the competition seems even more exciting as both Sujeeth, following the flop of ‘Saaho’, and Koratala Siva, after the disaster of ‘Acharya’, are taking these films very seriously.

    Will two weeks be enough?

    There’s only a two-week gap between Pawan’s ‘OG’  movie and Jr NTR’s ‘Devara’. As ‘OG’ is releasing first, it might not face any issues with theater allocation. However, with ‘Devara’ releasing just two weeks later, it seems poised to take over many of OG’s theaters, potentially impacting its collections significantly. Last year, ‘Salaar‘ faced a similar issue, losing a significant number of theaters to big releases during the Sankranti festival, which led to the film grossing only ₹700 crores against an expected ₹1000 crores. So, will ‘OG’ face a similar fate?

    “Release them on the same day”

    The clash between ‘Devara’ and ‘OG’ is going viral on social media, drawing fans of both heroes into the debate. Some suggest that both movies should be released on the same day to truly test their strength. Fans of both Pawan and Tarak are confident about their hero’s movie success, believing that these films will shatter industry records. Meanwhile, neutral fans think a two-week gap is better and beneficial for the industry.

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