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  • Ruhani Sharma: A Dazzling Display Without a Jacket

    Glamour doll Ruhani Sharma has captivated social media with her latest hot photoshoot, showcasing her captivating figure. Wearing a saree without a jacket, she has added more heat to the summer.

    In recent photos, appearing in a stunning outfit, she has mesmerized viewers with her appealing waist and bust.

    Ruhani Sharma herself shared these photos on her Instagram account, leading to them being widely shared and trending among netizens.

    Starting her career as a model, Ruhani Sharma stepped into the film industry with the Tamil movie ‘Kadaisi Bench Karthi’.

    In 2018, she made her debut in Tollywood with the movie ‘Chi La Sow‘ directed by Rahul Ravindran, where she impressed alongside actor Sushanth.

    Despite ‘Chi La Sow’ not performing well at the box office, Ruhani quickly shifted her focus to the Malayalam industry.

    In 2018, she acted in a Malayalam film named ‘Kamala’, gaining appreciation from the audience there for her commendable acting.

    In 2020, she got a chance in the Telugu film ‘HIT’, directed by Sailesh Kolanu, where she captured the hearts of the Telugu audience with her role as Neha.

    She also played the lead in ‘Nootokka Jillala Andagadu‘ starring Avasarala Srinivas, but the film failed to impress the audience, though Ruhani received good reviews for her performance.

    Last year, she appeared in ‘Her – Chapter 1‘, a lady-oriented film, where she impressed as a police officer.

    Recently, she played Dr. Renu in the film ‘Saindhav‘, acting alongside Venkatesh and received acclaim for her performance.

    Ruhani Sharma also played a key role in Varun Tej‘s latest film ‘Operation Valentine‘. Although the film was not successful, Ruhani’s performance was praised by critics.

    She also acted in the web series ‘Sriranga Neethulu‘, which received average reviews. Despite her films not performing well, Ruhani Sharma continues to receive opportunities in Tollywood.

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