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  • Bindu Madhavi, the winner of BiggBoss’s Non-Stop, pictures have gone viral

    Bindu Madhavi, the winner of BiggBoss Non-Stop, is overjoyed with her victory. Bindu was the first female BiggBoss competitor to win the title. With her honest and mature character, the actress outperformed her opponents. Her conflicts with Natraj and Akhil demonstrated her maturation in demeanour. Her friendship with Shiva has provided some beautiful insights of her compassion. Bindu took no … Read more

    The AP High Court is not pleased with the Bigg Boss Telugu show.

    The reality show Bigg Boss is back in the news. Telugu Yuvashakti President Kethireddy Jagadeeshwar Reddy filed a case against the show in 2019. According to Kethireddy, the reality show is guiding young people down the path of vulgarity. Mr. Reddy requested an urgent hearing on his petition after the issue had been on hold for several months. The court … Read more