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  • Believe it or not: A Japanese Man Turns into a Dog by spending 2 Million Dollars

    By turning himself into a dog, a Japanese guy fulfilled his dream. He spent two million dollars on this process. After hearing this story, netizens all over the world are bewildered. Zeppt is a company that makes sculptures and crafts for movie sets and exhibitions, according to a prominent Japanese news agency. Zeppt has recently begun producing mascots. Toco eevee … Read more

    A Labrador Dog preaching Love by Nursing the Tiger Cubs is getting viral on internet

    Love exists in all forms, whether it is between humans or animals. By adopting three newborn tiger cubs, a dog in China is teaching the locals what unconditional love looks like. This incident occurred in a Chinese zoo. A tigress recently gave birth to three baby cubs, but their cold-hearted mother refused to nurse them. The three abandoned freshly born … Read more