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  • Sonu Sood Offers Help to a 10 year old girl who walks 1 Km daily on her one leg to attend school

    We sometimes yell that our lives are really hard and demotivate ourselves. Have we ever thought about the people who take up odd jobs to meet their necessities, travel long miles to find work, or strive to live a self-sufficient life despite their physical limitations? When compared to the lives of these hardworking yet cursed people, our lives are just … Read more

    People’s Messiah Sonu Sood now has 12 million Twitter followers.

    The people’s hero, Sonu Sood, has just crossed 12 million followers on Twitter. This versatile actor joins the list of very few Indian celebrities to reach this figure on Twitter. Sood became the demigod of the poor during the Corona lockdown. His work as a humanitarian during the lockdown will forever be in our hearts. He arranged transport for migrant … Read more