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  • Sonu Sood Offers Help to a 10 year old girl who walks 1 Km daily on her one leg to attend school

    We sometimes yell that our lives are really hard and demotivate ourselves. Have we ever thought about the people who take up odd jobs to meet their necessities, travel long miles to find work, or strive to live a self-sufficient life despite their physical limitations? When compared to the lives of these hardworking yet cursed people, our lives are just a walk in the park.

    Seema Kumari, a 10-year-old girl from Jamui, Bihar, walks one kilometer on her one foot to get to school. An accident two years ago resulted in the amputation of one of her legs. Her disability didn’t stop her from pursuing her education. Seema says that she wants to become a teacher in her future. Despite her disability, Seema never gave up hope. She regularly walks to school on one foot while carrying a school bag on her back, adopting a long jump technique. 

    Some of the locals have shot the video and uploaded the clip in the hope of receiving any help. Their hopes didn’t go for a toss. Seema’s video has gone viral on social media. Many news outlets have published articles about her struggles. 

    In his tweet, Sonu Sood came forward to help Seema. In his tweet, he said that “Now she will go to school by jumping on not one but both feet.” I am sending the ticket. The time has come to walk on both feet. ” 

    Seems Kumari said that Jamui District Magistrate Awinash Kumar and other officials have extended their help to Seems Kumari by donating a tricycle.

    Conclusion: Before declaring that your life is difficult, think a hundred times.

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