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  • Phanindra Narsetti’s short films

    Phanidara Narsetti is a well-known name in short films. Phanidara Narsetti directed a well-known Telugu movie Manu(2018) after directing a number of popular shorts. Watch his short films below. 1. MADHURAM by Phanindra Narsetti Madhuram is one kind of short film that revolutionized the Telugu short film industry. With ‘Madhuram’ Telugu audiences tasted one of the very first mainstream short … Read more

    The telugu short film ‘Manasanamaha’ is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most awarded short film

    Deepak Reddy directed the 17-minute Telugu short film ‘Manasanamaha.’ The story revolves around a young man who contemplates the meaning of love while recalling three previous relationships. Deepak created this short film with brilliant screenwriting and storytelling. This film temporarily freezes our hearts with its heartbreaking and incredibly memorable dialogues. After screenings at various film festivals around the world, “Manasanamaha” … Read more