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    Top 10 Telugu Movies of Hero Nani
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    Nani, an actor who rose to stardom in Tollywood without any film industry background, is known as the 'Natural Star' for his authentic performances. He has delivered numerous superhits, portraying the 'boy next door' in each film, captivating audiences with his genuine and touching acting style. Nani's performances are so immersive that viewers often forget they're watching an act. Here are the top 10 superhit Telugu movies of Nani.

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    1 . Yevade Subramanyam(March 21 , 2015)
    U|150 minutes|Drama,Romance
    Subramanyam, who has a materialistic attitude towards life, travels to the Himalayas to fully understand the meaning of life. In the process, he changes his perspective towards relationships.
    2 . Ninnu Kori(July 07 , 2017)
    U|137 minutes|Drama,Romance
    Pallavi invites her ex-boyfriend Uma to stay at her house along with her husband. Uma tries to create troubles in their marital life, hoping to marry Pallavi again.
    3 . Ante Sundaraniki!(June 10 , 2022)
    UA|176 minutes|Comedy
    Sundar (Nani), belonging to a Brahmin family, falls in love with Leela (Nazriya Nazim), who is from a different religion. To marry her, they lie to their respective families, leading to various complications. What troubles did they face, and how did they resolve them? This is the story of the film.
    4 . Ala Modalaindi(January 21 , 2011)
    U|135 minutes|Romance
    A man, heartbroken from a failed romance, meets a woman and falls in love with her. However, the twist in the tale begins when he discovers that she is already engaged.
    5 . Shyam Singha Roy(December 24 , 2021)
    UA|157 minutes|Thriller,Drama,Action
    Vasu (Nani) dreams of becoming a director. His film titled 'Uniki' became a blockbuster. However, Vasu gets arrested in a copyright case. What's the connection between the movie story and the writer Shyam Singha Roy? That's the story.
    6 . Bhale Bhale Magadivoy(September 04 , 2015)
    U|145 minutes|Comedy,Romance
    Lucky is a young botanist who suffers from forgetfulness. He falls in love with a girl named Nandana and struggles to hide his flaw from her.
    7 . Pilla Zamindar(October 14 , 2011)
    U|147 minutes|Comedy,Drama
    Praveen, a carefree heir to a large estate, goes to a boarding college to complete his education to inherit his grandfather's property. There, he learns valuable life lessons. That forms the rest of the story.
    8 . Eega(July 06 , 2012)
    UA|134 minutes|Fantasy,Romance
    Nani and Bindu love each other, but Sudeep, who also desires Bindu, kills Nani. Reborn as a fly, Nani seeks revenge on Sudeep. What happens next? That's the story.

    'Eega', a visually stunning movie by Rajamouli, may have Nani in a brief role, but his impactful performance is pivotal. The film, released in 2012, created a sensation with its unique storyline and visuals. Samantha plays a memorable role as a lovelorn character. Sudeep, Aditya, Srinivasa Reddy, and Thagubothu Ramesh are significant contributors. The music is by MM Keeravani.

    9 . Dasara(March 30 , 2023)
    UA|156 minutes|Action,Adventure,Drama
    Dharani, along with his friends, indulges in coal theft and drinking, often getting into fights with others, but forgets everything the next day. One day, Dharani gets into a fight at Silk Bar with Chinni Nambi (Shine Tom Chacko) and forgets about it, but Chinni Nambi takes it seriously. One night, masked assailants kill Dharani's close friend. Who killed Dharani's friend, and how did he seek revenge?

    'Dasara', directed by Srikanth Odela, features Nani in a versatile performance that resonated with the mass audience. Keerthy Suresh stars alongside him, delivering an equally impressive act. This film marked Nani's entry into the Rs 100 crore club. The cast includes Dixit Shetty, Shine Tom Chacko, Shamna Qasim, Samudrakhani, Saikumar, and Jhunsi in pivotal roles.

    10 . Jersey(April 19 , 2019)
    U|160 minutes|Drama,Sport
    The story revolves around a former cricketer who struggles to fulfill his son's wish to get selected for the India team.

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