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  • 2023 will be the come back year for Prabhas with ‘Adipurush,’ ‘Salaar’ and ‘Project-K’

    Rebel Star Prabhas has become a pan-Indian sensation after the Baahubali series. Baahubali: The conclusion came in 2017. Since then, Prabhas is not just a regional actor anymore. He has become the face of the masses. Prabhas has attained fame peaks that no other actor has ever attained. The highest openers of any Indian actor were for his films.

    Failure of “Saaho” and “Radhe Shyam” 

    However, Prabhas’ movies after the Baahubali series failed to succeed. His enormous popularity among Hindi-speaking viewers helped his movie “Sahoo” survive by making it a success in the Hindi-speaking region, although the movie did poorly in his own state. With a 350 crore budget, the movie made almost 450 crore. Fortunately, due to enormous openings, it is a non-loss venture for the producers and distributors. Despite Prabhas’ highly praised performance in “Saaho,” director Sujeeth was unable to deliver a movie that lived up to Prabhas’ stardom.

    The actor next decided to star in the love narrative movie “Radhe Shyam,” which was helmed by inexperienced director Radha Krishna Kumar. With negative public and critic reviews, this movie emerged as a box office failure. As the movie that caused the producers to lose 100 crore, this movie gave Prabhas his worst track record.

    What went wrong for Prabhas?

    What specifically went wrong for India’s biggest superstar? Despite the tremendous hype and thunderous openings, his most recent two films fell short of the audience’s expectations. Why?

    The directors are the issue. Prabhas and his team must acknowledge the fact that he is no longer a local celebrity. Compared to five years ago, his fame has grown significantly. He needs the ideal filmmaker to underline his terrifying mass vibe. His love boy or comedic roles are no longer appealing to the wider public. He serves as the body and face of larger-than-life movies. The fact that his popularity didn’t suffer even slightly after the failure of “Saaho” and “Radhe Shyam” is quite astonishing. This in and of itself illustrates the nationwide enthusiasm for this hunk. But, it’s high time that Prabhas and his team realize this and act accordingly.

    Prabhas’ film lineups for 2023. Can this be a comeback year for Prabhas?

    Thank goodness, some talented filmmakers will be directing Prabhas’ upcoming movies. Om Raut, a skilled director in Bollywood, is in charge of his upcoming film, “Adipurush.” He is collaborating on “Salaar” with brilliant filmmaker Prashanth Neel and “Project K” with acclaimed Tollywood director Nag Ashwin.

    If “Adipurush” is successful for Prabhas, no actor will be able to compete with him because his following movie, the much anticipated “Salaar,” is being produced and directed by the KGF creators, and we all know how successful the KGF franchise was. Without a doubt, “Salaar” director Prashanth Neel can work wonders with Prabhas.

    Om Raut hasn’t provided an update on “Adipurush” to this point, although the movie’s producers have announced that it will be released on January 12, 2023. The official release date for “Salaar,” which is September 28, 2023, has been revealed by the film’s producers. In the final quarter of 2023, “Project-K” is also anticipated to be released. All these films are made on a whooping budget over 300-500 crore for each project. In total, Prabhas has three enormous films in 2023. If all goes as planned, this pan-Indian actor’s three films will gross astronomical sums at the box office.

    Since Baahubali: The Conclusion was released five years ago, Prabhas’ followers across the globe are eagerly waiting for his comeback. We’re hoping this Rebel star makes a resurgence in 2023.

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