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  • 2023’s Top 8 Convection Microwaves: Your Kitchen’s New Best Friend!

    You know, we’re living in a time when convenience is king. And, with technology advancing at a breakneck pace, our kitchens aren’t left behind. Enter microwaves, the saviors of our busy lives! Almost every home now boasts one, right? But with so many types and brands, how do you pick the perfect one? You’ve got your ‘Standard Microwaves and then the ‘Convection Microwaves’. Let’s break it down and also because we love making your choices easier, let’s list down the top 8 convection microwaves you should be eyeing in 2023!

    Convection Microwave vs. Standard Microwave: The Battle of the Ovens

    How They Work:

    While your regular microwaves use radiation to heat up that leftover pizza, convection microwaves take it up a notch. They come with a heating element and fan, circulating the hot air to give your food that perfect cook. Ideal for baking that chocolate cake or making crispy bread!

    Cooking Capabilities:

    Your standard microwave is your go-to for reheating and maybe some basic cooking. But convection microwaves? They’re the multi-taskers Think roasting, baking, and even grilling.

    Quality and Time:

    Standard microwaves are quick, but they might not cook evenly all the time. Convection microwaves may take a tad longer, but hey, perfectly cooked food is worth the wait!

    Electricity Consumption:

    Here’s a win for convection microwaves – they’re more energy-efficient. So, while you dish out those scrumptious meals, you save on electricity too!

    Price Point:

    Basic microwaves are generally lighter on the pocket. Convection ones might cost a bit more, but they come packed with features that justify the price.

    Hot Picks: 2023’s Top Convection Microwaves

    LG 28 L Charcoal:

    Best for big families, this 28-liter microwave is a showstopper. And guess what? It’s on a sweet deal at Rs.17,920 on Amazon right now!

    Samsung 28L Slim Fry:

    A trusted name like Samsung at a price of Rs.12,390? What’s not to love? And with a kid-safe lock, it’s perfect for homes with curious little ones.

    IFB 30 L Convection Microwave: 

    This powerhouse has it all – from baking to defrosting. And with a limited-time 23% off on Amazon, it’s a steal at Rs.14,990.

    LG 32 L Convection Microwave: 

    This isn’t just another microwave. It’s your culinary companion, ready to whip up a storm with its 211 Indian auto-cook menu options. Need to ferment some dough for that perfect bread? This microwave’s got your back. Priced at Rs 17,990, it promises a culinary adventure.

    Whirlpool 29 Litres: 

    The beauty of this microwave is its 300 auto-cook menus. Imagine the dishes you could experiment with! From delightful starters to delectable desserts, it’s your ticket to becoming the home chef you’ve always dreamed of. It’s available for Rs.12,190 on Amazon.

    Panasonic 27L:

    Compact yet powerful, the Panasonic 27L is the answer for smaller families. With its 101 auto-cook menu, you’re set for culinary adventures without the hefty price tag. Currently, it’s a bargain on Amazon at Rs.11,990. Why wait? Dive into the deal!

    Morphy Richards 30 MCGR Deluxe: 

    You’re not just getting a microwave; you’re investing in quality and elegance. Flaunting an eye-catching mirror glass door, this microwave is the kitchen upgrade you deserve. Initially priced at Rs 19,595, it’s now up for grabs for just Rs.10,990 thanks to a 44% discount on Amazon. Snag this deal before it’s gone!

    Haier 22L Convection Microwave: 

    If you’re on a budget but refuse to compromise on quality, this is your match. Tailored for families of three or four, this microwave boasts 195 auto-cook menus and the added bonus of oil-free cooking. At a price of just Rs. 9,490 on Amazon, it offers unbeatable value. Hop on this budget-friendly option now!

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