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  • A brother from Andhra Pradesh marches to Delhi in a bullock cart in search of justice for his sister.

    On his bullock cart, a man from Andhra Pradesh’s NTR district has begun his march to Delhi. All of the major news outlets are reporting on this story. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this viral story.

    Durga Rao, a resident of Andhra Pradesh’s Muppalla village in Nandigama mandal, Durga Rao’s sister Navyatha married Kongera Narendra Nath in 2018. Durga Rao gave Narendra Nath a dowry of 23 lakh rupees and three acres of land. Sadly for Navyatha, her wedding did not go as planned. Navyatha was constantly tormented by Narendra Nath and his family, who were greedy and demanded more money from her brother. Durga Rao sought assistance from the police after becoming frustrated with Narendra Nath’s actions and greedy demands. He felt helpless as the cops ignored his complaint.

    Durga Rao made a desperate step to expose the public Narendra Nath’s vicious side. In the hope of obtaining justice for his sister, he began his journey to the supreme court in a bullock cart with his mother. He also affixed the posters to a bullock cart on which he featured images of Naredra Nath’s family as well as stories of the trouble they caused to his sister.

    As news of Durga Rao’s justice movement went viral on social media, the Human Rights Commission took notice. Dande Subramanyam, a member of the NHRC jury, has urged his department to take up the matter and bring justice to Navyatha.

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