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  • A burglar in Vishkapatnam learned gold chain snatching by watching YouTube videos.

    Social media is regarded to be the most influential medium. There are several instances where good content has had such an impact on people that it has permanently changed their lives. Explicit content like as violence, blood, killings, and heists, on the other hand, has the potential to negatively influence people. From the second group, a 30-year-old man from Visakhapatnam has emerged. He revealed this on his own.. What, when, and why? Let’s have a look.

    Adi Narayana, also known as Ashok, was arrested for burglary. Ashok and his family are having financial difficulties. Her mother lost a lot of money in the chit fund business. Ashok turned to a chain snatcher in order to make money quickly. He began robbing jewellery. He executed his first two missions effectively, but his third mission did not go as planned. When Ashok tried to take a gold chain from a woman, she yelled for aid. Ashok was so enraged by the woman’s surprise move that he sought to harm her with weapons. Locals gathered and apprehended Ashok, who was then turned over to the police.

    In response to the police probe, Ashok stated that he mastered chain snatching abilities by watching movies and watching Youtube videos. He also threatened individuals with a fake gun. This incident created a stir in Visakhapatnam circle.

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