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  • A woman swam for an hour from Bangladesh to India to meet her lover.

    When two people are madly in love, nothing can stand in their way. Their love sees no distance, no hurdles, no region but they must adhere to the country’s border trespassing norms and regulations.

    A 22-year old Bangladeshi woman, Krishna Mandal, crossed the sunderbans forests and swam for an hour in the river to reach her boyfriend, Abhik Mandal, a resident of West Bengal.

    Krishna and Abhik first met each other on Facebook. Over a period of time, their Facebook friendship turned into love. Recently, they decided to get married, but Krishna doesn’t have a passport to come to India. This led her to choose other ways to meet her Indian boyfriend. She swam for an hour in the river and crossed the dense Sundarban forests to reach West Bengal. The couple got married on May 29 at Kalighat temple in Kolkata.

    However, her joy of getting married to her sweetheart was short-lived as the West Bengal police arrested her on May 30 for illegally trespassing and entering the Indian border.

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