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  • A woman is still alive on the tracks after a train travelling at 100 km/h

    The incident occurred at Mukundwadi railway station, which is close to Anurangabad. According to reports, a woman was discovered lying still on the tracks at 9 a.m. Jalna-Dadar Janshatabdi express was approaching on the same track at 100 kph. The drivers, Amit Singh and Deheeraj Throat, noticed someone lying on the track from a distance. They tried blowing horns repeatedly to wake her up, but she remained motionless. The incident prompted the train’s drivers, who were traveling at 100 kilometers per hour, to immediately brake the train.The sudden braking terrified the passengers, and some of them fell out of their seats, causing them great concern. Despite desperate attempts to stop it, the train proceeded to the women. The engine had passed over the women and three compartments by the time the train came to a halt. 

    Passengers and railway workers rushed down to rouse her. The woman responded after members of the public threw small stones at her. She was finally relocated to a secure location. According to the Mukundwadi station master, the woman was not sleeping on the track; rather, she was lying there ready to commit suicide. The women on the other hand, were not charged. The train began its journey after 13 minutes. The woman was returned to her husband and given counseling.

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