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  • Adipurush: Is it More of a 3D animation film like ‘Avatar’?

    The much-anticipated teaser for Rebel Star Prabhas’ next film “Adipurush” was unveiled yesterday at a ceremony in the sacred city of Ayodhya. The whole “Adipurush” cast attended the event. The audience had high expectations when the teaser was unveiled, however there was a mixed reaction.

    Beginning with Prabhas doing underwater meditation and himself outlining the tasks he will complete, the teaser is amazing to look at. Prabhas appeared sturdy, yet his body appeared strange, as if he were in a 3D animated movie. Hanuman and his army, who served as the supporting character, made an animated impact on the audience. As Lankesh, Saif Ali Khan appears too contemporary. The audiences are not that happy with his appearance. The teaser featured Kriti Sanon as Janaki, who was breathtakingly lovely.

    Om Raut, the film’s director, was criticised by the general public for not making it plain to the audience that the movie was a hybrid rather than a straight live action production. The audience had anticipated Prabhas to have a strong, overtly male screen persona, but Om Raut had other ideas. It has also been claimed that the “Avatar” technology was utilized by the “Thanaji” director, although this in no way justifies it. Forget about ‘Avatar’ the netizens are comparing this one to Rajinikanth’s 3D animation movie ‘Kochadaiyaan’ which was released in 2014 and panned badly at the box office.

    The teaser left the Telugu audience incredibly underwhelmed, and some even began making fun of Om Raut, the filmmaker. Even Prabhas’s supporters expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome and urged their hero to alter the scripts he chose to star in. The bulk of the public has been waiting impatiently for the trailer, yet somehow, on social media, the backlash against this movie has exploded.

    Some audience members believe that because the movie was produced using new technology, it would take them some time to get used to it. They contend that people will begin to accept the shift and begin to perceive things as they should by the time the movie is released.

    The audience wasn’t expecting this from this  movie as typically this films dont run that great in India barring few exceptions.We need to wait to see how the makers react to the audience’s unexpected response.

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