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  • AICTE Is Set to Introduce Plumbing Course for the Engineering Students.

    The All India Council of Technical Education made a decision to introduce plumbing, including water sanitation courses, as a part of the academic curriculum for engineering, architecture, and interior design students. 

    According to the AICTE, plumbing will be taught in engineering and architecture institutes across India. Students specializing in Civil, Environmental, and Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, or Interior Designing will be able to take a 4-credit “plumbing” course.

    On Friday, April 14, 2022, in Goa, the All India Council of Technical Education and the Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) signed a memorandum of understanding. The major goal of this contract is to concentrate on plumbing vocational education. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, professor and chairman of the AICTE, and Gurmit Singh Arora, national president of the IPA, signed the agreement. This 4-credit course will have 50 hours of sessions that are 80% theoretical and 20% practical.

    “There is a strong felt requirement for the plumbing curriculum in the engineering and architecture curricula, as plumbing leads to the health of a building. The IPA and the AICTE have collaborated to create a 50-hour plumbing course that would be 80 percent theory and 20 percent practical, “said the AICTE Chairman at the MoU signing.

    “This is a fantastic opportunity for all plumbing sector stakeholders because plumbing will become more organised and structured as a result of this.” One of IPA’s goals is to educate and instruct engineers, architects, and students in these fields on the characteristics of excellent and proper plumbing techniques. Gurmit Singh Arora, IPA’s national president

    This programme would completely transform the plumbing industry in India. It’s exciting news for the plumbing profession since it’s about to become more mainstream. As the real estate industry is booming in the major parts of the country, We can clearly see the urge for the development of the plumbing industry.

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