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  • Akash Puri’s ‘Chor Bazaar’ trailer looks promising. Will he score his first hit with this one?

    The trailer for Akash Puri’s upcoming film ‘Chor Bazaar’ was released exclusively by Natasimham ‘Bala Krishna’ recently.

    With all of the commercial components, the trailer appears to be quite promising. The witty one-liners and Hyderabadi dialect are entertaining to watch. The trailer makes it appear to be a commercial film set against a heist plot. Akash’s screen presence appears to be genuine and convincing in comparison to his previous films. The music and songs in this film appear to be a big plus as well. Sunil plays the antagonist in this film, which will be released soon.

    This early preview sparked interest in the audience. In a short period of time, the trailer received nearly 3.5 million views. Gehnna Sippy plays Akash Puri’s love interest. ‘Chor Bazaar’ is directed by B. Jeevan Reddy of “George Reddy” and produced by V Productions. This film is being distributed by UV Creations. Will Aakash’s film be a commercial success? Let’s see what happens.

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