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  • Akshay Kumar comments on South Vs North debate

    Bollywood vs. South Cinema debate is now the most heated debate in India. To be honest, this argument is not new, but it has recently gained media attention due to South films’ dominance in the north belts, while Hindi films are performing poorly even in Hindi-speaking states.

    This debate started with Ajay Devgan reacting badly to Kiccha Sudeep’s views on how South cinema is taking over the country. The majority of the public rebuked Ajay for claiming Hindi as a national language when it is not. From then on, this debate about North vs. South was making a stir in every actor’s mouth at press meetings.

    Recently, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar made some interesting comments when he was asked about this issue. Akshay said

    “I despise it when people say “south industry” or “north industry,” since we are all part of the same business. I believe we should no longer raise this question. It is critical that we comprehend how the British split us, invaded us, and dominated us in this manner. We don’t appear to have learned our lesson, and we still don’t get it. I believe things will improve dramatically if we realise we are all part of the same industry. ” Akashay even added that 

    “This word ‘pan-India’ films and all, I don’t understand it. All I want is for all the films to work, and that’s about it. “

    Many people believe that remaking South films has cost Bollywood supremacy. Several South Indian films have recently been remade in Hindi. Even big stars like Akshay and Salman tasted success with south remakes. But Bollywood people didn’t predict that tides may change anytime. With OTT platforms viewers were more exposed to original content from all languages which ultimately led the Hindi movie lovers to go for originals on OTT than remakes in theaters.This resulted in a disastrous period for Bollywood, with all big and small films bombarded at the box office. Finally, the time has come in Bollywood where a Kannada film, KGF:chapter-2, has grossed more than a Bollywood new release on its 15th day.

    The reporter questioned Akshay about why he remade many South Indian films in Hindi. He said 

    “I was asked recently why I’m doing two remakes.To which I say, why shouldn’t I? What is the problem? My  ‘O My God’ was remade in Telugu. The film worked here as well as there. I did their ‘Rowdy Rathore’ . It worked there as well as here. So, why does anyone have an issue with that? People have a problem with songs being remixed. Why? We are also making originals and remakes. If there is a good South Indian film and we are taking the rights and remaking it here, what’s the issue? People are saying we don’t have talent here. Of course we have talent here, but if we have liked a story, then why can’t we remake it in Hindi? “

    Akshay Kumar’s upcoming historical war drama film “Prithviraj” is set for release on June 3. Prithviraj stars Manushi Chhillar, Sanjay Dutt, Sonu Sood, and Ali Fazal in the main roles. It is produced by Yash Raj Films and directed by Chandraprakash Diwvedi.

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