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  • Alcohol Consumption in India as per NFHS 2019- 2021 report

    The National Family Health Survey 2019-2021 report has revealed statistics on alcohol consumption in various states across the country. Arunachal Pradesh has topped the list for both men and women in terms of liquor consumption.

    Telugu states, particularly Telangana, have a long-standing affinity with alcohol. Telangana’s alcohol production and consumption have increased dramatically under the present government rule. The tremendous expansion in the number of wine shops and bars, real estate money, costly festivals, marriages, and parties all helped to normalize alcohol consumption in Telangana families. Andhra Pradesh, on the other hand, did not cross its borders during Jagan’s reign. People in Andhra Pradesh can’t obtain their booz easily since Jagan’s administration restricts and regulates the sale of alcohol, and the increased prices of alcohol have had a significant impact on the state’s declining alcohol proportion.

    Take a look at the statistics

    Telugu States Alcohol consumption Statistics as per NFHS (2019-2021) report 

    StateMen %Women %

    ( 33.9% Urban, 49.0% Rural)
    6.7( 2.6% Urban, 9.0% Rural)
    Andhra Pradesh23.3 ( 20.5% Urban, 24.5% Rural)0.9( 0.3% Urban, 0.6% Rural)

    When compared to the NFHS 2015-16 data, the two Telugu states had marginally decreased percentages.

    Telugu States Alcohol consumption Statistics as per NFHS (2015-2016) report 

    StateMen %Women %

    ( 45.9% Urban, 61.2% Rural)
    8.7( 2.7% Urban, 14.3% Rural)
    Andhra Pradesh34.9 ( 29.6% Urban, 39.7% Rural)0.4( 0.1% Urban, 0.6% Rural)

    The Survey states that the Rural population of India is more into the liquor consumption than the Urban population. 

    Alcohol consumption percentage among the Women and Men who age 15 or above (INDIA)

    Women – 1 %  ( India )  

    • 1.6% Rural women
    • 0.6 Urban women

    Men – 19 % ( India)

    • 19.9 rural men
    • 16.5 urban men

    Arunachal Pradesh stands as the highest alcohol consumed state in India with 53% of men and 24% of women consuming alcohol. Rest of the list is as follows

    States with Highest Alcohol consuming Male Population

    StatePopulation %
    Arunachal Pradesh52.6
    Anadaman & Nicobar Islands38.8

    States with Lowest Alcohol consuming Male Population 

    StatePopulation %
    Jammu and Kashmir8.7

    States with Highest Alcohol consuming Female Population

    StatePopulation %
    Arunachal Pradesh24.2
    Andaman and Nicobar Islands5.0

    States with Lowest Alcohol consuming Female Population 

    Kerala – 0.2 %

    Jammu and Kashmir – 0.2%

    In 9 states and UT the alcohol consumption among the females is less than 0.3 %

    The survey also stated that alcohol consumption is higher among Scheduled Tribes than among members of other castes or tribes; this is true for both women (6 percent consumption among STs) and men (33 percent ). Men who consume alcohol are more likely to be from “other religions” (47%) than Hindus (20%), Muslims (5%), Christians (28%), Sikhs (23.5%), Buddhist/Neo-Buddhists (24.5%), and Jains (5.7%).

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