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  • All set for Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa: The rule’

    Who isn’t looking forward to Pusha Raj’s party? The entire nation is anticipating the arrival of Allu Arjun’s powerful ‘Pushpa: The Rule’ Party.

    Director Sukumar and icon star Allu Arjun wowed the Indian audience in 2020 with their sensational blockbuster ‘Pushpa: The Rise.’ This film had a huge impact throughout India, and the dialogue ‘Pushpa thaggede le’ is still heard today. With the huge success of the first installment, there are high expectations for the sequel, ‘Pusha: The Rise.’ Allu Arjun fans across the country are eager to learn more about the upcoming sequel. 

    According to the latest update, filmmaker Sukumar has finalized the script for ‘Pushpa: The Rule,’ and his crew is looking for suitable locations in the Chittoor district’s jungles and other territories. It’s also been said that the sequel will have a big Tollywood and Bollywood star cast. In comparison to part one, the budget for this film has been doubled. The filming for this upcoming project could begin in the latter week of July or the first week of August.

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