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  • Allu Arjun: Sensational Comments on ‘Pushpa 3’… Fans in Full Josh!

    The storm that the movie ‘Pushpa’ created in the Telugu film industry is undeniable. Through this film, Allu Arjun ascended to pan-India fame, securing both a national award and a global image. The film also brought great recognition to its heroine, Rashmika Mandanna. Currently, the shooting for this movie’s sequel is progressing at a swift pace. In this context, comments made by Allu Arjun have gone viral on the internet, energizing fans.

    ‘Pushpa 3’ is a Possibility!

    Allu Arjun attended the prestigious ‘Berlin European Film Festival’ in Germany, where he provided an update on the Pushpa movie. He mentioned that if conditions are favorable, there could be a chance for Part-3. They plan to continue the story and have some fantastic ideas for filming. Compared to the first part, ‘Pushpa 2’ will have characters facing more intense conflicts. Especially the characterizations of Pushparaj and Bhanwar Singh Shekhawat, their execution on screen, and the challenges they face will be thrilling, he said. Bunny concluded his speech by saying that there are many exciting projects lined up after this movie.

    ‘Pushpa is an Endless Story’

    National crush, Rashmika Mandanna, who played as heroine in Pushpa, delivered an exceptional performance embodying the character of Srivalli with her unique dialect and charm. Recently, she responded to queries about ‘Pushpa 2’ in an interview, expressing confidence that the sequel will entertain everyone. “We are aware of the high expectations from the audience and are determined to meet them. Pushpa is an endless story that can be developed in any direction,” she stated. Rashmika’s comments also hinted at positive developments regarding Part 3.

    Bunny’s Plans Turned Upside Down!

    Initially, director Sukumar intended to make Pushpa as a single part. However, as the shooting commenced, the idea to split it into two parts emerged. With Bunny’s agreement, the sequel for Pushpa 2 was set in motion. But, Pushpa’s success completely overturned Bunny’s plans. Allu Arjun had announced that he would work on a film with Trivikram Srinivas right after Pushpa. However, the sudden decision to proceed with Pushpa 2 pushed the Trivikram movie aside. Now, if Pushpa 3 goes on floors, Bunny might have to dedicate another year to Sukumar.

    Bollywood Beauty for an Item Song

    The songs from ‘Pushpa’ became massive hits, particularly the item song ‘Oo Antava Mava Oo Oo Antava’ which became a national sensation. Samantha mesmerized with her beauty, and the dance steps by Bunny and Sam enthralled the youth. Director Sukumar is planning to include a similar item song in ‘Pushpa 2’. Despite many heroine names being considered, the opportunity has finally been bagged by Bollywood star heroine Disha Patani.

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