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  • Allu Arjun: The king of brand endorsements

    Stylish star Allu Arjun is currently the most in demand face of the country. The actor’s jaw-dropping portrayal of Pushpa Raj in “Pushpa: The Rise” cemented his status as a swag icon. Following the huge success of “Pushpa: The Rise,” Allu Arjun’s career entered a brand-new chapter. The new chapter brought him new fans, new offers, new status, and, of course, new brand endorsements.

    The Icon Star has been signed as an ambassador for numerous brands following his Pushpa breakthrough. It’s not as if Bunny hadn’t previously signed with any companies. Even before his pan-India popularity , he was an established brand face, albeit only in the country’s south. But now the entire country was lit up by Bunny’s mayhem. All the major companies waited in line to appoint him as their ambassador as a result.

    Recently Allu Arjun has shot ads for four renowned brands in different locations with different styles. He still has a list of five additional companies for which he will be filming commercials soon. The actor’s fame and demand around the country are evident from the list of endorsements.

    The internet is ruled by Allu Arjun’s most recent transformation for brand advertising. The actor looks stunning with stylish hair, a hint of grey on his head, and a beard. The fancy jewellery, the two silver rings, and the black shades all offer their own distinct flavours. The cigar in his mouth took his look to the next level.

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